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  1. I will echo what Dee says, as we are also on the March 2022 TA cruise. I think Viking is "parceling" out the cancellations month by month to stagger the refunds and FCV's processing. If this current cancellation is a guide (mid-Nov for Jan cancels), it might be mid-Jan before Viking cancels this cruise - unless of course, they do it earlier for logistical reasons.
  2. What would you like to know? How people used them? or plan to use them? How long they last? Options available? Ask a couple questions.
  3. I am glad that you are going to get away to Hawaii, but maybe I'm missing something. If the rough incubation time of carriers is 14 days, then how does a 72 hour negative test prove anything? It seems more realistic that people would need to hole up for 2 weeks in a hotel or something (like they do in Australia) ahead of their flights. But, money (revenue) talks.
  4. I do feel your pain . . . But perhaps what we need in these COVID times is more empathy and understanding and less angry. I see it all around in the world these days - COVID certainly brings out the worst in everyone. Things are not great to be sure. Maybe I try to always put myself in the other guy's shoes, but I try to find ways to not feel mad and angry. It serves little purpose in this crazy world. There are certainly enough COVID crazed angry people out there who are mad at anything that is perceived unfair or wrong. Certainly that is often true, but how will we get through thi
  5. I can only speak to what just occurred for us the past days. We had a June 2020 cruise that Viking cancelled back in April. We had special OBC's on it, and some good discounts. We took the 125 % voucher and applied it to the same cruise in summer 2021. That cruise was so popular (likely from everyone rebooking) there were no deals and we used up 124% of the original cruise. Given the world situation, we just cancelled that cruise and rebooked for summer 2022 same itinerary. Our original voucher was "reissued" as a new voucher with new numbers, amount based on the very original amount
  6. Peregrina - We had always discovered this to be this case (having 1 cruise on the books and the next booking is 6 months out). However, a new exception (at least to us) seems to be in place. If you are booking one of those special fare, promo, and discount cruises (like have been occasionally cropping up), then Viking is now telling us and our TA, that the 6 months thing is not valid. We did get them to agree to one year in advance though.
  7. Viking is very demand pricing oriented. I've wanted to do the Iceland trip, but it always appears to be the most popular in demand cruise, so I'm not surprised. The transatlantic cruises, on the other hand, don't seem as popular, and you can get great deals on them, before and after COVID. Demand and supply rules. Companies are too sophisticated now and can figure out how much they can charge and make depending on how many people are interested. This is the future - NOW. Everywhere.
  8. Interesting article in Forbes about Viking and the huge personal losses that Torstein Hagen has suffered. Wondering what the ramifications are, especially for those of us who have Future Cruise Credits . . . I guess we'll just have to see. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidnikel/2020/09/24/viking-cruises-founder-loses-66-of-wealth-as-pandemic-hits-norways-richest/#7b05b9ed38e0 Sept 24, 2020: Viking Cruises Founder Loses 66% Of Wealth As Pandemic Hits Norway’s Richest
  9. Yes OTJ - love those cups to have latte's in. And accompanied by that amazing "almond-like" Mamsen's Norwegian cake! And, sitting up in the Explorer's lounge on a sea day late morning.. ahhhhh....
  10. The Plot Thickens! Perhaps Viking is scheduling 2 identical itineraries and planning on cancelling one of them, or combining them if not many people on them. Would be interesting to see if Bergen, and other ports actually show the Viking Sky and Venus in their schedules for those various dates.
  11. That's a good one. I had forgotten you were on that Sky cruise. . . .
  12. Dee - we were on the Sky and then the Sea for our first 2 Viking Cruises and I don't remember them at all on either. In fact, I took a lot of exterior pics on the Sky (our first cruise - Homelands) and the equipment doesn't show up.
  13. That's wonderful. That will mean one less couple vying for the mostly full Viking cruise itineraries! I do hope you enjoy it, but I do agree with Heidi13, don't just base your decision on one post. Everyone has different opinions about the same topic! I would encourage you to read as many as possible.
  14. Hi PasadenaDave - Glad you were able to get out! We just finished a 3 week long drive up through California to Oregon and Seattle to see primarily relatives - along with different scenery from our car! We were quite amazed at how nice people were (other than the very bad, mad, and fast drivers) in all the towns we visited! Just a change of pace helped our moods so much! Hope you are enjoying Pasadena. I grew up there and went to school there but live up the coast now. Always enjoy visiting though (but perhaps after COVID)... Meanwhile - here's to thinking about cruising ag
  15. CharTrav - I totally understand you! I also enjoy spreadsheets - use them all the time for everything now, even though retired! I also have many well meaning friends who have the Apple Mac religion, but I've spent so many years with Windows, just feel comfortable with it!
  16. OTJ - On Viking's own web site (today) with all the new schedules, I see they STILL show Viking Venus for the Iberian Explorer that you are on in January - and also the Venus for all 4 of the "In search of the Northern Lights" cruises in February 2020. They now show the Star doing the Trade Routes of the Ages in April 2020 (Bergen to Barcelona). Of course, they probably have contingencies in place if the Venus is not ready in time.
  17. Back to naming of the ships . . . anyone heard anything about future ships status? probably depends on how things turn out the next couple of months and years. Surprised that the Mars is actually on the itinerary schedule already. So, if not planets, perhaps galaxies or other objects? Andromeda, Quasar, Nebulae, .... Or perhaps famous ocean explorers? (though nowadays likely not politically correct) such as Magellan, Columbus, Vespucci, Cabot, Drake, Amundsen, Cousteau, . . . .
  18. I had to file a dispute with CitiBank, who put the credit on my account, for the outbound flight. (The one that was supposedly processed by TAP on July 25). Strangely a week later I got the actual refund posted from TAP for the return flight (but not the outbound flight). Citi notified me that the dispute is still ongoing under investigation. Bizarre.
  19. One can't help but wonder if they are embarking on a "solar system" naming scheme. Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, . . . Perhaps a Mercury, or Saturn, or Neptune in the future? Pluto may be too controversial and Uranus will get mispronounced all the time!
  20. This sounds like such a fun group on this cruise (Barcelona to San Juan)! Makes us want to take it. Would be our 5th VOC. I'm still a little concerned that fall 2021 is a little early, but this cruise sure has a fantastic itinerary (except they don't go to Lisbon!). The wife doesn't want to be in masks the whole trip! And don't know how long that will be in effect when Viking opens up again. On the other hand, We're so anxious to get back out to sea again! Even if we had to take all the Viking Excursions that would be fine! Who knows how long we all have anyways. We enjoy
  21. Verified. We just did use 2 FCC's for one cruise booking. (Have to do something with that $100 cancellation FCC left over from otherwise full cash refund!) And you cannot use a large FCC for example to be applied to 2 different cruises.
  22. This has always been Viking's policy in our experience. On nearly half of our bookings, this has occurred (a better rpomo or price). In all cases, the savings was WAY more than the penalty to cancel and rebook ($100 pp). So we always did just that - cancelled and then rebooked. Often even got our old room back although Viking says it takes a day to go back into inventory. In fact, I always keep looking at our current bookings just to see if there are better deals in case we want to cancel/rebook.
  23. Sadly, our Travel Agency didn't do that for us. Didn't even tell us. I need to again talk with them. We were on our 4th VOC last January. We had booked the 2021 Midnight Sun in April and we got $100 pp past guest discount. So I guess it doesn't automatically apply. The TA must have to ask for it. Good to know though - this forum helps keep the TA's honest I suppose. Will be going back and asking for the additional $100 pp . It does amaze me how there is such an amazing variety of competence among TA's who work with Viking. From reading Cruise Critic, you would think that
  24. Hmmm.... I didn't know there was EVER anything more than a $100 past guest discount. Are people getting more than that? We have 4 Viking cruises done and still the next one is just a $100 pp past guest discount. And we lost our promos - but are totally OK with that (I very much agree with Peregrina's reasoning and like the Sweater analogy). Yes - Viking Loyalty program may not be what the other cruise lines are, but Viking is also very different in all ways from the other cruise lines - and that's what we like!! We even had our 125% voucher BARELY cover rebooking the exact
  25. Now there's a VERY interesting theory! You know, that might just be what Viking is thinking for Plan B. It would make sense and allow the Venus to be completed and not so much pressure. Hmmm....
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