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  1. Has anyone experienced the Sunday brunch at King Henry VIII?
  2. Flight - My favorite scene was the alien at the farmhouse! Loved the music choices in this show.
  3. The best thing I did was to join the CC Roll Call for my date. We did the ice show on night 1, Day 2 saw hairspray at 2pm and Hiro at night. Day 3 was in Cozumel and did the comedy show at night and I think Quest was that night. Then day 4 saw Flight at I think it was 5pm?
  4. I really liked Flight. As a matter of fact I enjoyed all the shows on our November Symphony cruise. Good luck on the slot pull!
  5. Thats exactly how we got out of there, DH was saying WHERE ARE YOU GOING???
  6. We did the Hidden Gems tour last June. Our guide was the the owner Ashley. Regarding the cave swimming area - She took us to a section of the jungle that only her company is said to have access to. While there there was another tour from Hidden Gems and both Ashley and that tour guide made sure to let other people on there own that this part was a restrictive area that it was privately owned and permission was needed to access it. Now there might be other caves you can go to and experience, I have no knowledge on that. Ashley also took us to other areas of the island and had a yummy lunch at a resturant that will only serve the Hidden Gems tour at lunch. It was a great tour of the whole island and Ashley was a wealth of information about Bermuda.
  7. Kmermaid

    In Mid April

     Are they open on Sunday? I thought most shops were closed on Sunday in Bermuda.
  8. on the 12th floor is there a door that leads out to the Solarium? Or is the quickest way is to walk up one flight to 14th?
  9. Just a side for Top Chef Foos season 5 episode 3. Saw them in Philly, (well technically Camden NJ) this past July and all I can say is I want to have Dave Grohls attitude for everything life throws at you. He and Taylor Hawkins have such positive vibes. Also you can find Dave on a couple of Drunk History's too. I was gonna just pack my smaller suitcase for the Symphony but if you guys can squeeze into the big one sure!
  10. For Lisa - Love Top Chef can't wait for December for the next season. On Thanksgiving I always watch reruns while making the bird. Especially the episodes with Foo Fighters and Maroon 5. Thanks for posting your travels, keeping me busy while I wait for our quick 4 day next month on her new sister!
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