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  1. Special kudos to..... Wida. We have had the pleasure to have her at our table in the Tamarind on both the Eurodam and the Koningsdam, most recently in February 2020. What a beautiful person, both inside and out. Wishing her, and everyone, safe and happy times during this most unfortunate pandemic.
  2. Thank you, Bruce and Bax. This will help quite a lot.
  3. Does anyone know how a person can find an updated retreat cabana price list for the Koningsdam or Nieuw Statendam? Is there a link or page somewhere that can be found with this sort of information?
  4. Management is not listening to this volume problem, likely because they are deaf from being in proximity to these venues too many times. The increased volume is either added to show off their newest technology and enhanced audio systems or they are trying to drown out the inadequacies of the musicians and the singers.. I believe it is the technology because most acts that I have seen in my cruises with Hal are pretty good. One only has to see the lack of cruisers in these exceptionally loud venues and see the full capacity during the Lincoln Center Stage sessions to notice the difference. I've
  5. Not too certain what time it opens, but it closes at 10 PM. A word of caution, though. We have booked the thermal suite on numerous occasions in the past. What they don't tell you when you give them your money is that they arbitrarily close it down during normal operational hours. They cite either cleaning or maintenance as the reasons. You will be inconvenienced by this on approximately 4 days out of the 16 days. On our last cruise, they had it closed 2 days in succession, first day for maintenance, the 2nd day for cleaning. Why they couldn't do both in one day is a mystery. Footn
  6. Such a huge loss, both close to home and globally. His input and efforts for us all in cruising made for a better experience.
  7. Again................Useful information that I am thankful for. This input will facilitate a much easier transition. I appreciate you all. Thanks so much..
  8. We don't mind walking and schlepping our own luggage providing that it is safe to do so and legal . If it does come to pass that the two terminals are way too far to walk, then a taxi would be our only other choice???
  9. I am grateful to all who have taken the time to reply. There's a lot of very useful info to absorb. Special tip of the cap to catl331 for the enclosed map of the area. Tremendous help... Thank You.
  10. Ty so much for your replies. Mobility is no issue whatsoever. I was more concerned about access from ship to ship with luggage. Distance between ships is an unknown to us as well as possible denial due to forklift loading etc. I expect that taxis will not look kindly on such a short fare, especially since they endured waiting at the port for a long time to get a fare. We don't mind walking at all if it is possible to get to the terminal for processing. (Customs, embarkation, etc.
  11. We have booked back to back cruises on 2 different H\A ships in February. Does anyone have any experience or advice as to how we get from one H\A ship to the other?? from Koningsdam to the Nieuw Statendam on February 23rd, if that helps???
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