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  1. thanks. We have been to Amber Cove. We did the Cable Car tour. It was beautiful. We are not much of private resort people, so I will keep looking.
  2. We have not been to any of the private islands in the Carnival Corporation. Is there a listing of all of them and maybe locations on map? We have a cruise scheduled in September, I am just brainstorming in my head substitutions to any islands that are not yet in business. Example: Grand Cayman says they are not opening until September 1st. We are scheduled Sept 16th. Sometimes things are slow to open back up. Grand Turk, I believe belongs to the Cayman Islands, so one would think that GT would stay closed too. Why not stop at an island owned by your own corporation instead of extra sea days? We did go to MSC's private island last January, it was very nice! (Ocean Cay) I would also be okay visiting Belize again. Met a tour operator there that has become a great friend and would love to see more of Beize with him!
  3. I like the turkey avocado on the pretzel bun. Do they have avocado? That's hit and miss. One time I had the arugula, mozzarella and tomato added to the tuna salad. Not bad. Never had the hot dog, but sometimes the sandwich of the day is the best bet, or the turkey avocado on that pretzel bun!
  4. According to my call with Carnival Rep 5/11/2020 8 PM call this sailing is sold out. Doesn't mean that a few rooms won't pop up.
  5. Have you made plans for Costa Rica yet? We toured San Lucas Island and prison while we were there. Awesome tour!
  6. Check out the Conquest. I believe she does the same ports (minus Barbados?). Larger, slightly newer ship. Horizon sailing above so far has lost Bonaire.
  7. We will be on a cruise that stops in both La Romania and Amber Cove. If you could only choose one port to do a tour in which one would you choose and why? I'm not in shape to do the 12 waterfalls of Dmaja (sp?). We did a tour to the telerifico last visit to Amber Cove. Never been to La Romania. ATV's looks fun. Let me know what you all think! TIA
  8. So far only Princess. We will have to see in the days to come. I think they all need to pause. Hey everyone, let's go back to talking to our kids, playing board games and watching the 1000 channels of tv with nothing on. We can do this! We will survive until we can again cruise!
  9. What are the options to getting there on your own?
  10. Sailed on Davina in January. No problem bringing my flat iron.
  11. Our cabin steward refused to remove the items in the mini bar. He said they would get charged if they were removed. Made the fridge useless.
  12. What was your original room type?
  13. You're bringing powder creamer then? I can't imagine that they allow a bottle of half and half?
  14. The one time my DH entered and did not win. He was the harriest of the men. I sware he is related to Chewbacca! The guy who won, was an elderly man with much charisma and rocked the crowd. When my DH volunteered for it, I could not believe it. It was so out of his norm. He is not the "look at me, see me shake it" type. He did have a great time and took home a medal that we still have. I have video too, if I ever need to use it! He was a celebrity after that as we passed folks in the halls. "Hey, you're the guy who should have won the hairy chest contest!"
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