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  1. I like bacon normally, but bacon ring was way too hard for my liking.
  2. Unfortunately I have run out of time and might not remember to come back and read from page ten to the end. Can you please mention what all theme nights there were? I did read white night and 70's. Were there others? Did MSC tell you this ahead of time? Thanks for the info so far!
  3. I have been waiting myself for over 3 weeks for valuetrips to return my emails. Just got off the phone with hotel and no reservation found. I have booked with valuetrips before, but never actually ended up staying at hotel. Either my plans changed or whatever. Previously, I was able to call the hotel and get the confirmation number myself and able to cancel etc as needed. It would be nice if they did have (better) communication as I am not finding a decent hotel for as cheap as they are offering. I will let you know if they ever email me back.
  4. For your trip going home, look into getting a club pass at the airport. Ask any family friends if they didn't use their free pass from their credit card or look on Ebay for one. I have used the United Club twice and it has been a life saver. Even if you have to pay to use the club for a few hours it is so much nicer than sitting in the regular seats at the airport. I took a nap at the one in DEN and also used the one in FLL. They have free food and comfy seats and windows to look out, and it's much quieter and the bathroom is right there! Look into it! You cold potentially even do this on arrival as well. Good luck!
  5. This past cruise our dining team got extra, but room steward only got auto. He didn't give poor service, he just didn't give anything extra. First cruise so far that I cannot even remember his name. Doing excursions and tours? Both the driver and guide. Also, a thank you, I had a great time and leaving a review on tripadvisor later means so much to them!
  6. Maybe you could ask to be wait listed for a date you are interested in?
  7. I believe this is the class that my adult children tried to sign up for on day one of our last cruise. Bartender said come back at X time. We came back and found him and he said the class was full. 😞 I guess you don't get to sign up for it unless you are already seated at the bar or something throwing him the tips already?
  8. I use office Depot. I do schedule my errands by trip, passing right by. You can have it saved to a thumb drive or use Office Depot's. If you belong to ABN https://www.abnsave.com/ you can get copies super cheap. Also laminating and other items.
  9. When we snorkeled in Roatan, it was not required. They had a couple available if you wanted one, but they were just the blow up pfd's.
  10. Can you please share the price for teh Mistic Man Tour?
  11. Which Marriot is this and how did you book it?
  12. This is correct. Two of my clients were in this predicament. Luckily, they were flying in 2 days early. They got stuck Friday night in HOU. Finally got a flight to MIA and landed around 1000 AM on Sunday. If they would have been a day later, they would have missed the ship with all the backlog. Good thing they had trip insurance!
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