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  1. Thanks for the link flossie009. Really don't think this will go anywhere as believe it is the law right now that CDC and Coast Guard have the authority over cruise ships so that law, if I am correct would need to be removed. In addition, this bill brings in many agencies that would be starting from scratch and while CDC is taking its' time, they do have the experience from past history while starting from scratch will simply, IMHO delay even further sailing resuming. I for one will NOT sail under this group cluster. Remember the old story about a zebra being created b
  2. Filed 5 different disputes becasue of several different payments. Got notified by Chase today that two of the 5 disputes had been settled at their full value so happy about that. The other 3 disputes still in work total about $2K but, most of the money is safely in my chase account and have already requested the dollars be sent to my Credit Union Account so about 86% of my money has finally been returned. Sure the dispute hastened the return of the money and sur the balance will follow soon.
  3. A guy could dream?? Guess I wasn't sarcastic enough in my post. It is though the first indication that my cancellation is actually in their records. And while you are probably correct, it is always possible that I am at least moving up in the que.
  4. Oboy oboy, have a refund to report. After 50 days received the first message from Seabourn that a refund of $0.00 has been processed for cancelation of our Thomas Keller Grill Reservations. Could this mean my refund and FCC's are now in work??? Hope so but, only time will tell but, nice to at least see that they have gotten to at least part of our cancellation..
  5. Believe that is simply a scare tactic to stop the Section 75/dispute. As I understand Section 75 they only have 14 days to refund ao you will immediately get your credit on your credit card as disputing does here in the US. Am aware of quite a few people who have done Section 75 and disputes and that quickly gets them at least a temporary credit and puts a limit how long the cruise line can hold them money as if Seabourn does not respond withing a certain amount of time the credit becomes permanent no matter what Seabourn subsequently does. Myself was told my refund would be com
  6. Don't think that will work very well J. Would be almost all your number right now and not a very accurate depiction with ranges like you suggest. The spread sheet idea is working extremely well on Seabourn CC with just enough detail and current data about how long people have laready waited with the number of days updated automatically in the spreadsheet each time it is reposted by the OP. All that is needed from the cruiser is date of cruise, date cancelled and what waiting for. You see there are refunds for deposits full payments, excursions, port taxes and fees, and air th
  7. The $175 per person deviation fee covers both ways. No way to find out until about 75 days your routing without deviating. if Dulles is not a regent gateway you have to pay the non gateway fee as well but only one deviation fee covers round trip. Keep in mind if later you want to change your flights it would be another $175 pp whether one way or round trip.
  8. Certainly hope so. We have or will have some FCC that according to the previous Cruise Weih Confidence Page we had to book by the end of 2020 and only for 2020 or 2021 cruises. Seems a bit disengenuous now with almost all of 2020 now cancelled and really don't want to book before seeing how this all shakes out late in this year. Hoping they revised the Book with Confidence to allow us to book thru 2021 on cruises thru 2022.
  9. Key words from the link you provided Contingent on completion of the transactions As Yogi Berra used to say, it ain't over until it is over.
  10. Latest, more junk bonds sold/ Still not enough to meet the 1 Billion of other buys for the L. Catterton purchase to close. (Bloomberg) -- Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. sold a larger-than-expected $675 million of junk bonds that have a pledge on the company’s vessels and islands as it seeks to raise as much as $2 billion from a broader financing to survive the travel industry shutdown. The cruise line operator priced the four-year secured bonds, which were increased from $600 million, at a coupon of 12.25% and a discount of 99 cents on the dollar for an all-in yield of 1
  11. Cruise scheduled 7/25/2020 Cancelled with TA on 3/23/2020 Penalty Invoice Rec't 3/23/2020 Per Seabourn Website FCC to be received automatically in approximately 2 weeks Refund promised by Seabourn to TA to us in 30 days Unknown date 30 days for refund changed to 30 business days TA Contacted Seabourn on 5/20/2020 and FCC promised by end of week, Refund promises 5/23/2020 (60 calendar days) TA again contacted Seabourn 5/1/2020 as no FCC received and new date for both FCC and refund 5/23/2020 5/6/2020 Still nothing in writing other than invoice for cance
  12. First $400M complete, other $1.6B pending https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/nclh-gets-400m-l-catterton-investment-offers-stock-private-exchangeable-notes-senior-notes?NL=ST-004&Issue=ST-004_20200505_ST-004_814&sfvc4enews=42&cl=article_1_b&utm_campaign=STRADE_News_Seatrade Cruise News Weekly Headline_News_NL_05052020_576&utm_emailname=STRADE_News_Seatrade Cruise News Weekly Headline_News_NL_05052020_576&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&utm_MDMContactID=a043e27b-cb97-47d6-86cd-c68edeeeef41&utm_campaigntype=Newsletter&utm_sub=Seatrade Cruis
  13. Believe you are mistaken. Know of several people who have put in disputes regarding refunds that the credit card companies have accepted and passed on to the cruise lines. A lot depends on how the dispute is worded.
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