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  1. I learn so many new things reading these boards…. I have followed along for years but very rarely post. COVID has changed so many things! Like so many on CC, we have cancelled, rebooked, cancelled, rebooked…..It finally looks lik e we will be able to sail on a short cruise on the Summit next week~Not even sure we will get off the ship…it will just be amazing to be at sea-Hurray! So…. I’d like to confirm tipping etiquette , since I don’t think my tips have been going to the correct people - If we add “extra tip “ on a signed receipt at a restaurant/bar, it goes to the entire staff off that restaurant/bar? What if we leave cash on the table? When we leave extra tip, we really just want it to go to our server (and then hope he shares it with his team) Is cash in an envelope the best way to give extra to our butler and housekeeping? Thanks!
  2. I’m having the same issue regarding the second guest info……it’s already there- I was going to call them tomorrow.
  3. Thank you!! I have used the ID Now for other travel… just was concerned that it wasn’t listed and technically it is self administered while sitting in your car- but the pharmacy employee is at the window
  4. I’ve been checking daily on the Celebrity Healthy At Sea page, and I see where they talk about the Abbott tests- I have not seen the Abbott ID Now mentioned. I have bought the test at home kits from Celebrity, but I’d also like to have a back up plan in case I have any issues with the test (like I mess something up )…. Has anyone boarded with the ID Now test results? Any issues?
  5. This is the first I’ve seen this form too…… We have sailed Celebrity suite class multiple times- In the past, we just have always brought envelopes from home and put extra cash in them- How do you apply your extra obc? What a great tip (no pun intended!)!
  6. I know I have seen it in numerous places, but of course I cannot find it now. If we are set to sail on Saturday, and we are US residents, do we test on either Thursday or Friday? Thank you!
  7. Wow!! It will be interesting how today goes! It does look like there are still bar stools out for people to sit… my husband enjoys sitting there and visiting with others~keeping my fingers crossed that you have beautiful weather! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hope your day has been amazing! Can you share how things are around the pools? Can you sit around the pool bars? Looking forward to reading about your journey!
  9. We are supposed to sail on Apex out of Athens in September … thinking of switching to Edge or Equinox to keep things easier. Can anyone who is sailing now in the Caribbean share their experiences? Can you sit at the pool bars? Masks required if lounging on deck? Thanks!
  10. Love following this thread…… trying not to get anxious with the constant changes to itineraries and restrictions- So thankful to be able to sail again! Can anyone share what the protocol is now if you have a positive antigen test upon debarkation in Greece? Thank you!!
  11. Thanks for sharing! We sail in September! Are masks required outdoors while on deck? Appreciate all the info…. Have an amazing day!
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