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  1. Great opening post, looking forward to following this with interest.
  2. Are kids allowed... even if they’re kept under control?!
  3. The Haven has its own restaurant that is only for Haven guests and is “free”. I have only been in the Haven once and the Haven only restaurant was absolutely fantastic.
  4. We booked and paid a deposit on a Haven cruise in 2021, we paid the deposit but are miles away from the final payment. I have done a “mock” booking after the latest Black Friday promotion and if we were to book the exact same holiday with the exact same benefits right now it would cost approx €800 less. I just rang NCL to see if I could avail of the lower rate and I was told that the only way I could do that would be to cancel the booking and book again. However, I was told that the cancellation fee would be €1,927 and therefore it would not be worth my whole as we would be
  5. Thanks for the response, I just checked where you said and the only codes are BROCHURE and FAS4ALL - cruise was booked on 23rd October. Anyone know if this is correct?
  6. We booked a cruise a few weeks back, how do I know if we will get the double latitudes points?
  7. Hi all, just wondering about the ports on the Western Med cruise. We’ll be doing the following ports - Rome, Naples, Florence & Pisa, Cannes, France and Palma De Mallorca, Spain. Anyone good info on the ports? In any of them are you within walking distance of the cities in that you can just stroll off the ship at the quay and have a look around... or are you berthed miles away from anything that you have to book an excursion or tour? Thanks.
  8. Are the $399 bottles of champagne included in the Premium Plus Beverage Package???
  9. How many shares in NCL do you need to get the on board credit? Is there anywhere I can read up on this?
  10. Did it on the Getaway a few years ago, was a bit of craic but wouldn’t do it again, underwhelming.
  11. I see the Epic is going for a 2 week dry dock late next year. What kind of work can take place in that short time? I’m hoping for a new bar with a massive amount of different beers... but doubt that will be happening! Anyone any ideas?
  12. I see the Epic is scheduled for an approx 2 week dry dock in late 2020. Generally speaking what happens in these dry docks? Could a lot of work be done in two weeks like upgrades on the boat or would it only be a bit of paint and some minor touching up of the ship?
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