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  1. xo-cruzar sorry to say i'm not one for reviewing or writing much while i'm on a cruise.
  2. hello xo cruzar, i'll be getting off the bach on nov 10th after my cruie from basel to amsterdam. hope we both have great river experiences without any water level issues. this is my first river cruise too!
  3. Thank you Notamermaid I'm taking the crystal bach for this river cruise and since I think I'm going to like it very much, I booked a Christmas market Danube River cruise crystal Mahler for next December from Budapest to Vienna!
  4. Thanks for your explanation of golden or days I really appreciate it and I like that term very very much my Rhine River Cruise starts in Basel on November 3rd so I might be a little late to see all the beautiful fall colors but I'm still really excited about my first river cruise and first visit to Switzerland France and Germany and Holland
  5. notamermaid, what are "goldener Oktober" days? cheers,
  6. coral, thank you for your information about your christmas cruise. i'm looking forward to doing it next year starting out in budapest. i have seen the christmas markets in vienna at schonbrunn palace and the market in salzburg. they were both wonderful.
  7. thekingd, thank you so much for your post. i'm so glad you enjoyed the cruise. i'm starting to get excited about it now but it's still a month away for me. i did sign up for the heidelberg tour and then in the afternoon i signed up the manheim tour. however, a few days ago i received an email from crystal saying the tour was cancelled so i don't know that means we're not stopping in manheim or what. but whatever will be, will be (as doris day used to sing) i've never used uber in my life so i don't know if i would use it on this trip. i really can't think of a reason to use it. i did sign up for a tour in amsterdam and i'm looking forward to that. i've never been to any of the countries on this trip so being in new places also makes me very excited. by the way, i have booked a christmas market cruise for december, 2020 with crystal on the mahler on the danube from budapest to vienna which i'm really looking forward to doing. thank you and cheers, david
  8. coral, thank you for all your comments. i will advise the front desk the day before if i don't plan to on a tour. that's the right thing to do, of course, i also booked a christmas market cruise with crystal for next december. it will be a danube cruise starting in budapest and ending in vienna. i love european christmas markets and usually go to europe every december to see as many as i can, especially in england but i know the ones in germany, austria and hungary should be fabulous. i actually did see the christmas markets in salzburg and vienna a few years ago. i'm not much for writing reviews of my trips. do you write reviews of yours? cheers
  9. coral and suite traveler, thank you for your information. i'm glad to know we do have free time to explore shops and restaurants during the day. there seem to be so many tours, i'm a little overwhelmed and even though i signed up for a tour every day, i might just decide not to go one day and sleep late and explore on my own.
  10. caripoo always FIGHT ON!!!!!! i'd love to hear about your cruise when you return. i've never done a river cruise and i'm very excited about it. and it's my first crystal cruise too. i'm sure you are too. i have booked a christmas market cruise with crystal for next december, 2020 on the mahler on the danube from budapest to vienna which i'm also very excited about but its too early for that one now.
  11. gnome12 and af-1, thank you for your comments. i am arriving in basel two days before the river cruise on crystal. i'm not staying at a crystal approved hotel, due to high cost, so they will not provide transportation from airport to hotel. from what i've learned from other posts, i can take the number 50 bus from the airport to the central train station. and then i can either take a tram or a taxi to the hotel. since i'll have some luggage, the taxi sounds better to me. i also found out that the bus is free if i show my hotel confirmation as i board the bus. that's pretty nice!
  12. babcia, thank you for your response. i know the food on the ship will be very good, but i'd love to try some local foods along the way. i'm a big fan of schnitzel and cheesecakes!!!
  13. i'll be on the crystal bach from basel to amsterdam on november 3rd. does anyone have good things or bad things to say about the excursions that crystal offers along the way? also, do they give you enough time in some ports to try interesting restaurants ashore for lunch or dinner? thank you in advance for your advice and comments.
  14. notamermaid, your information is a great help. i always get educated reading your postings. thank you and cheers, david
  15. thanks for the information about using my hotel confirmation for a free bus ticket! that should make it very easy!
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