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    Moho Beach

    Chipmeister, I will see you in Moho on Fri. Sorry I did not check the board before as you may have already left. I plan on staying away from the balst but close enough to get a good view of everyone being flown. I remember the the planes coming in had a good sand blast off them. I can not even imagine when they take off.
  2. massagegirl

    Moho Beach

    Maybe I'm getting you confused with another poster who I met. I'm at least positive it was you I got the plane info from last time. Thanks for the great info, I can't wait to see the planes. Last time we did not get to see a big jet take off. I will hopefully keep my 5ft self grounded. THANKS
  3. massagegirl

    Moho Beach

    I don't know if you remember me....We were on CB Dec 2005. My boyfriend and I spent the day on Moho with you and your girlfriend. Well, we decided to go back for a few days and I was checking out the board to see if there were plane times posted and once again...you came to the rescue! THANKS Question...can you recommend a GREAT bakery on the french side?
  4. massagegirl

    Funny Cruise Ship Stories

    Sounds like my nieces and nephews, they are aged 4-12 and have been cruising once a year all their life. My brother and his wife sometime go twice a year.