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  1. richard1s - I totally agree with you. My Partner and I like to go to the casino to have a little fun. We also only had $10 and up BJ tables - which I did play a bit (with some left over non-refundable shipboard credit) and won, but I also enjoy Three Card Poker and $30 per hand is too steep for me. Celebrity (and other casinos too) would rather have croupiers standing around at an empty $25 or $100 per hand table rather than opening a $5 table that would be full... I really don't get that logic at all... This was Christmas week and though the ship was busy the casino was not. They did give $5 credit on slots one night. By little gambling done, we actually left the ship with more than we came with...😊 We will be on the Edge in March so we shall see.... Happy travels...🛳️
  2. Hi all!!! This is such a popular trip many of the stateroom categories are sold out... We look forward to meeting others traveling on this cruise... See you soon...😁
  3. Hi all!!! Forty Days from Sail Away!!!🎈 just checking to see if anyone else is traveling for Spring Break... See you all soon...😁
  4. doskram - Follow-up ---Just got off the phone with Celebrity... The Celebrity Rep initially was unaware of $14 surcharge on the Classic package perk --- so she contacted a resolution specialist and they new what I was talking about and they are in the process of making the change to the Premium Package for me and my Partner. She said I would have a confirmation later today. 😁 Good luck!!!
  5. I had the same question -- as we paid the $14 PP PD and received it back from the TA as a OBC for the entire $196 for the two of us. Are they still going to upgrade us to the Premium package? I will call Celebrity today and see if I can find anything out.. I will get back to you... 😁
  6. Hi there: We were on the Dec 20, 2019 sailing on Reflection for Christmas... The prices were also raised to $70 for the Specialty Restaurants - which is crazy, but we started talking with one of the guys outside the buffet area and we were able to get Murano's for $50 PP. We also did the lunch at Murano's for $30 - which we have been to before and really enjoy. They had that $119 dinner -- but it was on Christmas Eve and they were serving lobster in the MDR that night -- so people who had made reservations from our MDR table cancelled them... In addition, all table games in the casino were $10 min. and if you play 3 card poker it would cost $30 per hand. I played a bit of blackjack and some slots, but that was it... Personally, I think Celebrity is reaching too hard for that higher level (i.e. Azamara, Oceania, etc..) who are really not their target market. They are also attempting to go after the Millennial crowd (with the new cutting edge style of ship) which in general can not afford the Celebrity product. This is obviously reflected in the reviews (by the regular Celebrity crowd) of the new Edge and the adjustment that Celebrity has made in the cruise pricing on the Edge. We have been travelers on Celebrity going back to the Horizon. We shall see how their strategy works out for them. We will be going on the Edge in March and are hoping for the best. We are back on the Reflection in July... Happy Sailing!!!🛳️
  7. I have a question... I heard that when Celebrity recently stopped the additional $14 PP PD gratuity -- you were supposedly automatically upgraded to the Premium package from the Classic Package (which we always buy anyway). We are on the Edge in March and we were charged for the $14 PP PD gratuity, but got it back from our TA as a SBC. Has anyone had this situation? Were you automatically upgraded to the Premium package? Thank you... 😁
  8. neilrr


    Make sure you are in GOOD shape -- The city is beautiful BUT it is all hills and mountains... My Partner and I are in good shape and it was tough... We also noticed there were no older people -- we joked that they all croaked from the walking...😁 Good luck!!!
  9. Also, if you have the drink package they had lovely wines at lunch too... We came there right after the morning wine tasting... I need to do that at work too.. Ha!!!😁🍾 Enjoy!!!
  10. Don't forget the Goose... Quack Quack 😁🍸 -- Grey Goose of course.. Yum...
  11. 39august - Hi there!!! We were on for a week at Christmas and they had it one day... The price varies (whatever the market will bear).😊 I believe it was $30. It was only that one day and we really enjoyed it. We ordered surf and turf with Rack of Lamb. They also had a musician. We had lunch there before . We really like Reflection - great staff and food. Enjoy!!
  12. You don't need it for Celebrity. They have the tags that stick together - no issues and work fine. I would not suggest putting them on until you are heading the port. On Princess, they provide you a paper version and I print them out and laminate them or some people use the holders. Happy Sailing!!🛳️
  13. Only 6 months to Sail Away... This cruise is really filling up due to the interesting itinerary. Still hoping for a viking.. LOL See you all soon...
  14. Just checking to see if the New Year is bringing some new visitors to the Edge for a Spring Break Cruise.. Hope to see you all soon...
  15. Thank you for your responses. We have a pretty large group, so it sounds like the Sunset bar will do...👍
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