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  1. My 125% FCC's are dated through 12/31/21 for a cruise that was cancelled in March, 2020 just as the pandemic started -- What is the latest on booking through 2022 using the FCC's? I also know that you could still apply for a refund of 100% through 12/31/21. Has that changed? We also have an extra $300 in FCC's for an excursion disaster on another previous cruise that is going to expire 12/31/21. Any comment are appreciated. 😊
  2. Hi TeeRick - Saw your post here... Amen...We are of the same mind. We are in process of getting vaccinated and we will wait until the crew, passengers and people in the Ports are on the road to vaccination too. It is far too risky and not the least a vacation we would consider -- wearing masks all the time. Also, I wouldn't even think of Europe which we love. The first cruise will probably be a 7 day Caribbean cruise out of Port Everglades where we live -- to test the waters. Most of the cruise lines are looking at 2022 anyway. I think 2021 is pretty much has been written off
  3. Hi Everyone: I will throw in my 2 1/2 cents...😁 We have a couple of larger FCC's and some small ones. We are avid cruisers -- (40+) choosing to wait until we can see some clarity. No point in having additional stress and aggravation - lifting and shifting, booking and cancelling. 😪 Also, though we may be vaccinated -- What about the crew? What about the countries we would visit? Will they be open for tourists? Right now the world is basically closed. Personally, I don't see the summer in the Med happening. We really miss it, but will wait until things look better. An old busines
  4. Hi TeeRick -- Fancy meeting you on here... Sorry we didn't get to Iceland...😭 Maybe next year...😁 Hope you and your family are doing well.. Everything is status quo in S. FL... Hoping to take the sabbatical and retire out of that... I have had enough fun in school this year.. Take care and stay safe..
  5. Not sure... Remember the variants are fairly new -- J&J are trying to finish the Stage 3 trials to get the emergency authorization. I was talking with a pharmacist friend who said she believes these vaccinations may be annual ritual - like the flu vaccine. Also, due to the vaccines being done so quickly, no one knows how long the effectiveness will last... Time will tell...
  6. Hi All!!! Good news😁 -- Johnson and Johnson "single" dose vaccine on the horizon for approval in early/mid February... It also does not require freezing cold temperatures.. Bad news 😂 - Merck decided to halt testing/production of their vaccine this morning, as it did not have the effectiveness they wanted. The J &J vaccine will be a game changer - we hope...😊 Stay safe and healthy...
  7. We have been to Turkey several times and various ports. We love Kusadasi - Ephesus is the best and the tour also included the las home of the Virgin Mary. As for Istanbul, loved all the sights, but we found it to be a little risky. Also, the cab drivers are thieves - everyone was arguing with them, as they would not make change after you paid them (us included) -- and make sure you use their currency - Turkish lira -- no dollars or euros - as you will not get any change from them. Another lovely place is Bodrum, Turkey - seaside town in a crescent - nice little restaurants and
  8. It is so sad.. I go back to the Horizon and when you had to pay to join the Captain's Club and the wonderful food by Michel Roux... Those were the best days on Celebrity. We also had wonderful times on Millennium and Century....
  9. Hi there... I would wait just a bit to make sure there are no major side effects. As a business person and not a scientist -- I like to be on the"leading edge" and not the "bleeding edge." I definitely want the vaccine, BUT I do not want to be the first one in the door to get it... 😁
  10. bubionda - We probably could... But who knows if they will even be sailing by 3/22/20... We are in a wait and see pattern at the moment.. We would hate to give the cruise line more money at this point... I see cruisingator2 above just put out the article on Virgin Cruises holding up on their roll out too..
  11. We are also still scheduled to go for Spring Break.... We really don't want to be quarantined either... We have an inside cabin for this cruise..🙃 As we have been to the Caribbean many times -- we always say they just change the signs, as we approach the island so a balcony is not necessary...😁 I will have to think that over in the future...
  12. RICCruisers - I don't think the cruise lines would want to lose all goodwill by screwing their customers out of a FCC or previous bookings that were paid for. Who would book with them again, if they did that? I know I wouldn't and I have been on over 40 cruises...
  13. smogfarmgirl - I agree -- we paid ages ago for this cruise... Hate to miss my Premium Drink Package and my Mud Slides...LOL🍸😊 We have another cruise on Reflection scheduled for July.... We will see what happens now and hope for the best... Good luck!!!
  14. WonderMan3 - I totally agree with you. We live in S. FL and are scheduled to leave on the Edge 3/22/20. We will see what RCCL/Celebrity does. They definitely are meeting, as we speak, to see what they can do re: cancellation plans...
  15. dani negreanu - Interesting that nothing was scheduled in that time period on Reflection... Sorry to hear about the cancellation. We still have everything set for the July cruise. We are taking a wait and see attitude and we will see if Celebrity cancels. We have the insurance and everything is booked through them incl. the air and excursions. The only thing we booked outside of Celebrity are the 4 nights pre-cruise in Dublin. We will see what happens. Take care and be well.
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