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  1. Hi all!! Watch the HBO short film on the Diamond Princess "The Final Cruise" from last March -- actually filmed on the ship (approx. 45 mins.) and you will understand why people need to all be vaccinated upon boarding. We will wait until the dust settles and see how the test and first actual cruises go. I want to see all of the procedures in place. How do they handle embarkation, debarkation, bars, pools, buffets, restaurants, masks, etc.. We have forty+ cruises under our belts... We will take the wait and see approach... Happy and Safe Sailing
  2. Better to be on the leading edge than the bleeding edge... No rush to cruise until they figure this mess out.. We will wait until 2022... Let the games begin...😁
  3. Unfortunately, those little cards are being reproduced in Miami for $15 a pop. They need to create a national or state wide accessible database of those who has received the vaccine. They already have it in a database somewhere beside the little white card. This will probably have to come at a national level otherwise, I do not believe other countries will let us in on our good looks...😁 Well maybe.. Time will tell... I can also show them my childhood vaccinations on a loose leaf paper my mother gave me and I still have to this day. I guess we have not come that far in technology
  4. terrydtx- Amen... I totally agree with you.. Let them all stay home. Our beloved Governor in FL passed a law no Covid passports or documentation requirements - I totally disagree... Tell that to the families of the 600K that are now deceased... I also have URI issues -- probably due to my students in class as they carry "lots" of germs..😊 That Z-PAC did work years ago; I think they watered it down and it did not work for me anymore -- I started using a 10 day supply of Augmentin and it is wonderful. It knocks that URI out one, two three. I also carry a mild inhaler and when ne
  5. Hi Everyone: I read all the posts on here and I totally agree that passengers and crew should all be fully vaccinated. As a teacher with most students remote and few in class-- children should not be allowed aboard until vaccinated. If you have a chance to see the short film on HBO "The Last Cruise" you would think twice before getting on a ship unvaccinated. It was about the Diamond Princess and the 15 passengers that died and what happened aboard to passengers and crew. Not an Oscar winner, but certainly something to see. As stated by others -- we will not get on the ship unti
  6. Thank you... That article did answer a lot of questions... We are still taking a wait and see attitude. Let's see what happens in the first couple of months after cruising resumes and how everything shakes out. I like to be on the leading edge not the bleeding edge... Hope to see everyone soon...😊🛳️
  7. Red Ginger -- Rack of Lamb and Lobster Pad Thai (Medium Spice) - I ordered it the first time and it was bland. The second time (medium spice) was much better. Also, love the lobster and filet mignon sandwiches at the grill with truffle fries.. Yum.. Yum..
  8. Funny story -- I was applying for a State grad school 20 years ago -- they had a huge packet to fill out and one of the sections was health with verification of all childhood vaccines -- They said to get confirmation from my doctor or I would have to take all shots again (that wasn't going to happen) - well my childhood doctor has been dead for 30 or 40 years. I said (which I swear I do still have it) my mother gave me a loose leaf paper with all my shots; they said no way; I ended up going to a private grad school that took me with no medical information required. 😁 I am totally i
  9. Hi all: Picked this up from the Oceania Board: Yesterday The US. Dept. of State issued a do not travel warning. Since most countries are listed as RED, they said not to travel internationally. The list keeps increasing red level 4 countries. This includes business travel. How will this affect cruising? _________________________________________ At this time, I would agree -- not a good time to travel anywhere until the dust settles and we see cases going in the other direction. Cases are rising all around the world (take a look that the CNN story today on I
  10. Now that you mention it I do remember the Cova chocolates. As for the eggplant it was a small tower appetizer that was wonderful. It has been so long I don't remember which ship. One thing we made sure not to have was the duck soup. It was awful..😁 The wild forest mushroom soup was the best. We also loved the midnight buffets -- not to eat, but the work the people put into the ice carvings and the fruit sculptures that they did. It was amazing. Great memories...
  11. Love the escargot and the eggplant tower... Miss the harpist in the specialty dining room on Millie years ago.. Most of all -- We really miss Michel Roux... We go back a long way with Celebrity... Under his watch that was when the Celebrity food and menus were at the top of their game... 😁🛳️
  12. Hi All: Based on the CDC information below -- this appears how we will return to cruising - once the cruise lines grasp all of the rules and requirements. I found this in the Celebrity thread. Good luck to the cruise lines meeting every requirement.😪 I did have a post yesterday agreeing with FDR of NCL on vaccination requirements for all, but it appears somebody (Big Brother) did not like my post in another thread (which was not at all mean or spiteful) and eliminated it. 😲 "The CRUISE Act
  13. Amen!!! I totally agree with you... Forget about DeSantis - he is only looking out for his political gain to score a few points. He not worried about the safety of the people. Until the cruise lines run the test cruises and have all the procedures in place, passengers are not going to take a chance. I am all for a vaccination stamp on the passport. This must be done for all passenger and crew. Additionally, look at Europe - who will let you into their country and ports?? Even in the Caribbean - I know they want the tourist business -- but are they willing to sacrifice their live
  14. Excellent thought... They are also putting an App on peoples phones in some of the Asian countries using the Green/Yellow/Red light methodology. I am not exactly sure of how it works. I am sure some people here would find it to invasive to their privacy. At least we are thinking out of the box...😁
  15. Daniel A - Not surprised about the crew. As you know, they live and work in very tight quarters. Not only does there need to be a plan for the passengers, but for the crew too and most importantly everyone boarding the ship needs to be vaccinated. I was also thinking about the "vaccination passport" being discussed They can just create a section on the current passports for a seal of some sort that the vaccination has been completed and verified. Unfortunately, this paper card can be duplicated -- but they do have it recorded officially on-line for those people completing the sh
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