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  1. Didn't mean to speculate, in my OP I only asked "Anyone heard of this before" Nope, as I said in OP, the CS is $13,000, these two cabins are $9,200. Also, both would be booked in the suite so they would have all 4 perks (assuming they didn't book a special fare that excluded any perks) the inside would be considered vacant Yep, and if they decide to get serious, I'll call my TA, but for now I figured I'd see if "Anyone (had) heard of this before" I completely agree with your comment, and appreciate the direct answer. Actually, I didn't ask that in my OP, I asked if anyone had heard of this before. They would not feel comfortable misleading the crew, and doing so would put a damper on the whole trip. Thanks everyone. Seems like some think this could work, while others don't, so it will an option to explore if they get serious, but as we all know Cruise Critic is just a place to share experiences, Celebrity has the final say so if they want to know for sure I'll try to book something through my TA and see what happens. As I'm sure someone will advise, if they do book something, I'll be sure to get the agreement in writing from Celebrity too.
  2. My DW was talking with a friend about planning a cruise and they asked me if they could book a Edge Class S3 and the adjoining inside cabin, but put both their names on the S3 so they have all the suite benefits, and they use the inside as a second bedroom and bath. I know you can book these cabins like this with underage children but haven't read anything about doing it for 2 adults. From a price point, booking an S3 was about $6,900, and pricing the inside with no perks was about $2,300 so they are looking at $9,200 total. You can't get a CS or anything with a separate bedroom for less than 13k and even then you still only have 1 bedroom and 1 bath. Essentially they are looking to book a "spare" cabin without assigning a passenger to it, but still be able to use it. Anyone heard of this before?
  3. For those of you looking to do this weeks survey and didn't get the email, here is the link. https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/page.aspx?QS=f309f80a0ed2c7084aa90001b6291bfce74d7836bf052e84cffcebad76fa1e2a9caabb3c2b858855dacbd9de16a163b39b8ab42c46ffb7a401d240679e8687c1851817e6d74f4b3244113cdf19954493a97cbc394c4b9610b05acf5e7a66dd70
  4. A while back there was a discount promo (10% I think) for Captain's Club members which was not compatible with FCC. Other than that I don't believe there have been any restrictions. If this was the case it would be all over the boards as almost every cruise now days has some type of added perk.
  5. All is well! The new trip is there, exactly as I had requested, same exact cabin I had on the original week (C2 with C3 price), all my OBC showing up which included some bonus OBC, and it's the same price. Now I need to check on my wifi and drink packages since they don't show in the "Manage your reservation" detail, but it looks like the website was, dare I say, flawless.
  6. Agree, but in one day my existing cruise dropped off my list of reservations and nothing new appeared. I was asking if that was typical or if the new one should have shown up the same time the previous one was dropped.
  7. Under the "Cruise with Confidence" banner, then follow the "Same Cruise Same Price" and there are three options, one is L&S
  8. I've gone back and looked at a lot of the Lift and Shift threads and can't find the info I'm looking for, granted I could have misses it in the hundreds of posts I read, so I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered. I also thought about jumping into one of the existing threads, but I didn't want to highjack the existing conversation for my question so here goes. I did a Lift & Shift online through Celebrity (no TA involved) and the website says it will take 2-3 days. I stayed with the same ship (Apex), same length (7 nights), just moved it exactly 1 year forward. Slight change in stops, but still called "Southern Caribbean" and has same RT port of FLL. Only reason I even questioned if it would be approved is because of the couple different ports on the itinerary. Today I got an email saying there had been a change in my original booking and a shore excursion had been canceled so my OBC account had been credited back the fee associated with that excursion. Great, makes sense, the L&S must be happening. However, now when I look at my future cruises the original cruise is gone, but the new one is not there. So finally getting to the question, for those of you that have done the L&S directly with Celebrity via the website, did everything happen at the same time, or was there a lag in everything happening? Don't really feel like calling and waiting for a rep, but if this is unusual I'd rather deal with it right away.
  9. Bo, the "Power Up Points" (PUP) is the new program I'm sure you're aware of so: first, my post was a tongue in cheek comment about that; second, the survey last week was worth 20 PUP but that's only 2 actual results Captain's Club points.
  10. I have received 20 Captain's Club power up points! Still waiting for the two Captain's Club Points that corresponds to. Should be here next month though. 🤣
  11. In my experience flying from ORD to San Juan instead of MIA/FLL is a little more $, maybe $100-$200 PP, sometimes more, sometimes less. Unless the OP could drive to a Florida port not sure any airfare expense would result in the overall cost still not being a "good deal". I agree, the Summit is nice, can't wait to get back on her next spring.
  12. I'm not going to get into a "how do you tip" conversation as I don't believe that was the intire intent of the OP, but I will add the thought that a planned reduction in occupancy could also result in a corresponding planned reduction in staff. Especially service staff that are part of the tip pool. If that is done in equal proportions the amount each staff member receives may not change as much as first thought.
  13. For those looking for these points being added to their account here is the details which I cut and pasted from the fine print included in the email. You can also see it in post #5 of this thread. Power Up Points convert to Club points at a ratio of 10 Power Up Points to 1 Club Point. All Power Up Points earned in a calendar month will be converted to Club Points and added to a participating member’s Club Point balance within 14 days of month’s end. Club Points converted from Power Up Points in a given month will be rounded up to the nearest whole Club Point. For example, a member that earns 50.5 Power Up Points in January, will have 6 Club Points added to their balance by February 14th.
  14. If the question of the OP was relating to Premium Drink Package, vs Classic you can also take comfort to know the 4Perks as wrk2cruise explained above, does automatically upgrade you to the Premium package so since you can rest easy, you'll get everything you are expecting.
  15. I really doubt this will cause people to achieve a level they otherwise would not have made. It may allow someone to get to a level slightly sooner, but at this early stage of the program I guess I'm thinking points will be earned in small amounts and not often enough to really matter in the long run. If someone cruises enough to make Elite, they'll make it sooner or later. I doubt a few surveys, facebook likes, or other little things along the way will result in many more people at a ship party that wouldn't have been there without this program. Looks like Charles4515 beat me to the point, although he said it in a much more concise manner than I.
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