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  1. Just a couple years ago we took a "Behind the Scenes" tour on the Equinox and when we got to the bridge we all went to the port side and stood around the control pod while Captain Kate came and talked for a few minutes. She was explaining things and said "if you look down through the window in the floor you get a good view as we come in to dock, or if you look out the aft windows you get a good view down the side of the ship" Well I looked aft and there a guy on his balcony just about 4 cabins down sitting in his robe (and nothing else) with his feet up on the rail reading a newspaper. Beli
  2. To address your specific question, although my answer is just my opinion as I too could not find the footnote/disclaimer, but the ** probably references that some elements described as Retreat benefits may not be available on all ships. For example a separate lounge and restaurant are available, but the separate deck area is only available on ships built prior to "The Edge" if those ships have been "revolutionized" and even then, not all elements may have been completed. Both the Edge and Apes were built with the Retreat deck as an original element so those ships will have everything as adve
  3. We've done most of them except the spa and future booking activities. So far we've had 37 CC points credited to our account. I've done the most recent one so have 3 more so far coming in March for a total of 40. That works out to an average of about 5 points per month, if things keep going at that rate I'll have about earned the equivalent of a 7 night cruise in a Royal Suite by the time our next reservation comes around just over a year from now.
  4. Thanks for all the support everyone! I was frustrated at first and started but deleted many potential posts regarding it, but figured it was really just a compliment on well mine turned out. 😀 I did send her a snarky message though Messenger to which I have had no response, but her post is gone so maybe she decided the 3 points weren't worth the ongoing guilt 😉
  5. Too late to edit, Donna Welch, not Walsh, not that it really matters
  6. Interesting to see all the pictures and comments. I have to call out someone named Donna Walsh though... she actually lifted my picture and called it her own! Oh the comments I could make about that, but I'm holding my tongue.
  7. Just a little rotation and who'll ever know 😉
  8. I hope that comment was sincere and not because you're going to lift it and claim it as yours for your PUP activity 🤔
  9. I watched the video and my attempt came out pretty good I'd say 😀
  10. Interesting that you could pay for your current cruise up until April 16th and get the 125% on that amount. So if someone wanted to pay in full now they could get the 125% FCC on the entire cruise fare. I wondered how this would work out and I've already done a L&S so it's not an option for me, but I compared my current price to a 2022 price and the 2022 trip was 29% higher than the 2021 reservation I had. This is based on the drink and internet perks I had plus adding tips to make it comparable to the AI pricing today, so even with the additional FCC next year's cruise woul
  11. I received 5 points today and the item that could be of interest to others is that I watched the AK presentation via the recording.
  12. I did a L&S this morning and received an updated invoice within 5 minutes. Worked out fine just as in the past, only negative I had was we have a Concierge class cabin and 2 of us traveling, I asked for a certain cabin only to be told while it was vacant, it was a "quad" cabin so it was not available to us. We got another cabin basically the same, just on the back of the hump instead of the front. Rep told me they were making a decision regarding refunds by Friday, but had opened up L&S now. We were on the Eclipse starting/ending in Vancouver so Canada closing affected m
  13. When is your sailing, I'll be happy to take that extra 100 off your hands
  14. Interesting that even with this announcement, RCL stock is up 2% today.
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