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  1. Not really a big deal, but you can save the trip to the venue when you board. We went up there right after we made our specialty dining reservations (boarded at 10:30 and were probably at the Hot Glass Show by 11:00 or so) but they told us they don't make any reservations until after there demo show. So take your time, enjoy the ship and sail away, then head over there to watch some of what they do and sign up at the end. We came back and watched about the last 1/2 hour of the demo and there were about 6 guests in front of us as they take them in order of who's been watching the longest. Here are some photos, I made a starfish and I'm pulling the points in this one, then several of my DW making a tumbler glass. You can also see the colors to choose from in one of the photos. The pieces change color when they cool, for example, my starfish is blue and white but it looks orange in this photo. As you can see, we really did much of the process and in most cases the staff just provided an extra hand,
  2. Lot's of good feedback and details in many of the responses, but to try and pull several together this was our experience from a few months ago: We pre-booked which gets you a guaranteed slot, but nothing assigned. They can only operate when at sea so they do a exhibition show as the ship pulls out of port on the first day. Right after that show they begin filling the time slots so we went up to watch part of the show and then signed up right after. Times are available every day, port days in the evening, sea days all day. The sea days fill up first. If you pre register and don't contact them for a slot, they will call you on about day 3 to get you in before everything fills up, but your choices will be limited. The staff told us they always fill all the slots, but I would expect that could vary on # of port vs sea days and length of trip. You create your own colors and I believe you can select 3, maybe 4 per piece. Base price gets you a couple choices of type of piece you make, several additional options available for added expense. If you pre-paid your reservation the difference is added to your account. We, DW and I, each made a piece and had a great time! Would recommend it to anyone.
  3. We booked a 5 night package and went to Murano shortly after boarding to book everything. They canceled our first night place holder and booked all 5 of the nights, plus we added a lunch. We did Silk Harvest, Tuscan, 3 nights in Murano and lunch at Sushi on 5 and only one had a potential conflict (Murano on the last night of the cruise) so we took a time 1 hour later than we had wanted, but then went to the Concierge and asked if she could help us out to get what we wanted (we were in a Concierge Cabin). By day 2 or 3 she called and said she had changed our reservation to the time we asked for. We were on a late March trip over Spring Break so the ship was full, but still didn't really have issues. Hope you'll have the same opportunities.
  4. Sounds like a great trip so far, going to be great to hear about your experiences and learn a few things as I look forward to planning an AK trip in the near future.
  5. Waterbug123, as you said life is about choices and I'm very happy with all the choices I've made outlined in the information I shared in this thread so I'm not sure why you feel you need to tell me I could have made different choices. The OP specifically said they were interested in "what experiences other Celebrity cruisers have had with flying into San Juan to catch the cruise which leaves port at 8 at night." to which you don't seem to have any direct experience. Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't see your personal experience referenced in your response. I just don't understand when a specific question is asked, why do people feel the need to provide opinions not based on the experience the OP asks, or critique other posters experiences. I guess that's just another choice people make.....
  6. I believe all currently scheduled 7 day trips out of San Juan leave on Saturdays. I've never seen a 7 day Celebrity cruise departing from SJ on a Sunday.
  7. We will be taking our third cruise out of San Juan in March and have already purchased same day, Non-stop air tickets from ORD just as we have done the previous two trips. We have 5 1/2 hours between scheduled landing and scheduled departure so that leaves plenty time to claim baggage, transfer to pier and arrive before the 90 minute pre-departure cut-off. They now do the Muster Drill very early to avoid conflicting with dinner so there must be some accommodations for guests not yet on board, but I can't speak to that as we have always been there in time. Unlike many others, traveling the day prior is not an option for us normally. My wife is a teacher typically we cruise over Spring Break and there are very strict policies about taking the Friday before break off. If we didn't travel on departure day we would not be able to go. As PelicanLvr said, I doubt you'll get many supporting same day flights, but 1000's of people do it at ports all over for cruises every week. One thing we do for the San Juan departures is purchase trip insurance with a 3 hour delay/missed connection clause. With the plan we select we know the insurance will kick in before the scheduled departure so if we do have a long delay and miss the ship, we will be covered for our cost to "catch-up" to the ship in the next port which is usually the next day at a close by island.
  8. Interesting question, but I can't find any information saying that the work has been changed to Spain. Can you post a link to something with those details?
  9. About 3 days after that story broke it was also confirmed they died due to a single car accident. They were driving at night, went off the cliff, she was found having crawled out of the car, he was found in the car as you said. High speed and drinking may have also contributed to the crash. No mysterious injuries or unusual circumstances. If bad driving was a reason to switch ports no one would be sailing out of New York or Florida. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Alcohol-Speed-May-Have-Led-to-Crash-Before-NY-Couples-Caribbean-Death-Police-508515981.html
  10. Two weeks with that in the way...… I hope you can figure something out.
  11. The flight availability window has recently opened for an upcoming trip. I'm looking at Flights by Celebrity and it seems I have the option to book now but pay at final payment time for the cruise. It also states there are no cancellation or change fees, so if I book now and lock in a rate but keep monitoring airfare I can cancel and rebook with no penalty if prices drop in the future? Anyone have experience with this? Just seems to be too big of a change from normal airline ticketing policies.
  12. We were on the Equinox 4 weeks ago and had 3 dinners in Murano and 2 in Tuscan. As you can see from previous responses, you will not get a clear direction as each has it's own attributes and everyone's tastes will vary. From our experience I will say what others have also, Tuscan for pasta and steak, Murano for more elegance and French influence. I also believe a food experience is influenced by not only taste, but presentation and atmosphere so your expectations of those things will play a role in your overall experience. My wife enjoys windows and light so Tuscan at the time we sail out of port is the best dinner she'll ever have. For me, a bottle of wine, tableside presentation in a darker setting with every detail taken care of sets the tone for a very memorable evening which is what we get at Murano. For both of us, there was more than just one thing on the menu in each dining room that we wanted to try so we decided long before boarding to purchase a 5 night package and have something different each night. Was every dish worthy of an upcharge? No, but was it something we regretted paying extra for? No, but will we do it again? Without a doubt! Try to do both if you can. Make a first night discounted reservation pre cruise, then when you're onboard ask one of the many wait staff selling dining packages for a discount for the other. Whatever you choose, go with an open mind, limit your expectations beforehand and enjoy yourself!
  13. Wonder how many of the books people borrow from the library end up being read vs sitting on a towel saving a chair poolside.... if it's gone after a couple hours no loss to the chair hog.
  14. On the Equinox a couple weeks ago now and ordered a glass in Murano, the sommelier asked if she could just provide a bottle and charge us the overage (we had a premium package) for 5 glasses, or $50. We agreed as 2 of us were drinking it. Looking back, I wonder if she did that because they only wanted to sell bottles and not have open bottles left over. Regardless, we finished it and ordered it the same way on the other 2 nights we ate there. Keep in mind we also had the 18% gratuity added so total cost was $59.
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