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  1. Book them both! Fine dining in Murano with many tableside presentations and a wide variety of desserts. Beautiful wake views and good steak or Italian options in Tuscan. Personal preference as to which is better. I prefer Murano, my DW likes the window view in Tuscan....
  2. 7:20 PM CDT 7/22/21 Just registered and space still available for those who have the link and are interested.
  3. The flyer/letter posted in this thread also excludes Starbucks, so if you want your specialty coffee from Starbucks the voucher is not valid, otherwise as Ourusualbeach said it's good for any drink.
  4. Thanks so much! Finally an answer to the original question!!!
  5. This has happened to me. I inquired about a PH on the Summit with a TA I have worked with before by leaving her a voicemail on a Friday afternoon. I did not hear back from her that day so on Saturday I went on the X website to check a price and both PH's were booked. They stayed booked all weekend and on Monday when I spoke with the TA she said she had put a hold on both of them to "make sure I got the one I wanted" and that her hold can last up to 10 days so I had plenty of time to get back to her and not lose the cabin. In this case I wasn't planning to shop around, but I did have a week
  6. I also understand you are reporting facts about the terminal and boarding, but what does this information have to do with the OP's question? They asked if they can drop their luggage off in their cabin when they board even if the cabin isn't ready. I'd also be interested if someone who has sailed on the second sailing or later on a ship since the restart can give us some info about this.
  7. So nice to see vtcruising pop back up on the list of threads. As soon as I saw her as an author I immediately clicked on the thread to read it and relive some of the fond memories I have of her and all the info she provided to all of us as the Edge set sail.
  8. No longer at the dock, sailing off to Nassau
  9. Congratulations! Be sure to document your experience in the Move-up Thread if you are willing. That will help others understand the bidding process and results. As far as luggage tags, they will be provided to you at check-in since you won't have them, not sure anyone but Celebrity can give you accurate info about check-in time, but from recent posts it seems the higher the suite the more flexibility provided to people when they show up. Hopefully someone has a number to provide you.
  10. Good to see you back Jim, glad to hear you're well. Good luck getting things straightened out with Celebrity, look forward to hearing what you end up planning.
  11. We have had an aft concierge cabin and it was great. Something about seeing the wake trail left as you're sailing vs a side ship view just adds to our sailing experience. The walk didn't bother us, although I know it may bother some. We had a cabin on deck 10 and since the walk is talked about so often I counted the steps from the doors of the elevator vestibule to our cabin. I have forgotten the exact number, but it was either 112 or 114 each way.
  12. Thanks for calling out my mistake..... Betcha didn't read post #7 in this thread
  13. See... so many cancelations I can't even keep the years right 😄 March 2022
  14. Booked on her for March of 2021. Like many, this booking is a result of cancelations, Lift & Shift, FCC's and who knows what else. Seems like each time we make a change we step up in cabin because "for just a few dollars more we can get ......." Pretty much reached the limit on upgrades so hope it sails as planned or else we'll be really disappointed. To your original question, no information, but actively looking for some 😄
  15. I want to say thanks as well for giving up so much of your time on this exciting trip to share so much with us. It's so time consuming to do something like this please know it's appreciated, but don't let it get in the way of enjoying your trip!
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