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  1. Thanks everyone, sounds like we may be able to add her without too much cost so that keeps us "thinking about it", but obviously until we see something from Celebrity nothing is certain, even then...…. who knows.
  2. I know my TA or Celebrity will have the most accurate info, but I'm only in the "thinking about" stage of this. We have a CS booked for this spring and the rate is now $1,000 more PP than when we booked. We are considering having our DD join us so I'm wondering if we add her to our cabin will that cause our rate to be re-priced at the new, higher rate, or will she just be added at the third person rate? I can do a mock booking for 3 in the same level cabin so I'm guessing there is room on the ship, and I can see how it would price out at today's rates. If it causes our rate to change, it will be cheaper to book her an inside cabin and add the perks ala cart for just one. If our rate stays the same we're better off sharing our cabin with her. Anyone have experience making a change like this?
  3. As far as outlets, this is from a Concierge Cabin 5 months ago (pre revolution) at the desk and in the bathroom ceiling. I didn't look for one closer to the floor. We have a high speed 4 port charger and 4 USB cables plugged in to that so only took up one of the 2 desk outlets. We would drink the water, but also stopped by a bar and got a water to go which we kept in the fridge in the room just so it was cold, and hander to take a quick drink and put away. As you've heard, there is a bar in the Cafe
  4. Tour boat let's you jump in off shore, depth varies (chest deep for some to about 7' for us) but there was also a small "skiff" type boat anyone could ride ashore which took you all the way to the beach. Some in our party did that, and I don't think they even got their feet wet. Most everyone on the trip took the skiff back to the boat at the end of the day.
  5. I have started to pack 3 "sleeves" of crackers I enjoy with cheese, varies meats and wine as I also seem to only get a few of the square saltines onboard. I place them in the center of my checked luggage and haven't had any issues with them breaking. When we've had a suite it does seem we get a plate that has too much, so I've started to get my own plate of assorted cheese and meats from the sandwich bar in Ocean View Café and enjoy a few relaxing afternoons or evening on the balcony. Here is what we had a few months ago while in a Concierge Cabin on Equinox
  6. To answer OP question of how much? We tip extra and things range, but for a 7 night trip when we choose to tip at the end we have done $20-40 for the "bread girl" in Luminae, 60-100 for our waiter, 0-40 per night to Specialty Dining waiter, 20-60 to Sommelier, 0-60 for Luminae Hostess, 60-100 for cabin steward, 60-150 for butler. Bar tenders are done per night 0-20 depending on how long we're there and what they have done. I'm sure there are others such as restroom attendents, band tips, tour guide, or concierge that will also be given something during the week, but usually not at the end of the week I don't recall any cruise when the max of a range was done for more than 1 or 2 people. Sometime we don't do any extra. Really depends upon the service we have and the relationship we develop with each person. For 7 nights total is usually 250-500. Just curious, since a few of us have given some specific amounts, what did you end up adding inside the gifts you provided?
  7. We were on the Equinox in a C1 (aft Concierge) this past March. We booked it a few weeks after canceling a previous reservation we had for a "hump" cabin on the same trip (story not relevant to this thread). I heard so many comments about the length of the walk, the first thing I did was count the steps from the end of the elevator lobby to our room in the port aft side of the hallway. 104 steps for me and I don't have a long stride. To us that was not a big deal. As far as everything else we thought it was great, no soot, great views, tranquil wake, enough cover to get some shade unless the sun was shining into your cabin, no extra noise (we were on deck 10) from Sunset bar or engines. We'd book it again without any reservations.
  8. We have only gone directly from the ship to SJU one time, that trip we had a suite so we were escorted off the ship, straight to customs, no wait there, directly outside and told the staff we wanted a taxi to the airport, no wait for a taxi, we got to SJU and went through the Agricultural check point and were in the terminal by 9:00AM. Unfortunately our flight was a 3:00PM departure and they will not let you past security until 3 hours prior to departure. There are very few seats on the public side of TSA so we spent 3 hours sitting on the floor. After that trip we learned to just go to go Old San Juan and spend a few hours in town before heading to SJU. There are limited AA non-stop flights to ORD so not really any earlier flight options. If you are in a suite and get an early escort off, I'd be willing to try a 10:00, 11:00 very doable. Then again, I'm a risk taker and enjoy the rush of anxiety!
  9. Thanks, we last saw him a little before that and he was on the Summit. Really enjoyed his service in Luminae, it would be interesting to see where he is now.
  10. Wondering if anyone knows if Kurt is still working with X. It's been a couple years since we've seen him, back then he was a waiter in Luminae. Here is a photo we had from 2016 when he was minding the Oceanview Café Dessert station during a lunch.
  11. Glad to see I'm not the only one who brings a full size Downy Wrinkle Release with me! Thanks for the cabin photos, nice to see them.
  12. We've also departed San Juan a few times and Atwell has given you the correct information. Enjoy your trip!
  13. Don't want to highjack the thread, but can I also ask the price for Red Bull? Also, do the non-alcohol packages work like the alcohol packages when it comes to $ limits of drinks? For example, is there a base line dollar limit for classic and you just pay the difference if you want something on the premium (for example Evian vs standard water)? Thanks.
  14. I went to check on the one excursion we have booked on a March 2020 cruise. I booked it at the 10% off sale about 3 weeks ago, today it was 25% off, but the price was still about $10 more than we had previously paid. Just another marketing bait and switch sale.
  15. Not really a big deal, but you can save the trip to the venue when you board. We went up there right after we made our specialty dining reservations (boarded at 10:30 and were probably at the Hot Glass Show by 11:00 or so) but they told us they don't make any reservations until after there demo show. So take your time, enjoy the ship and sail away, then head over there to watch some of what they do and sign up at the end. We came back and watched about the last 1/2 hour of the demo and there were about 6 guests in front of us as they take them in order of who's been watching the longest. Here are some photos, I made a starfish and I'm pulling the points in this one, then several of my DW making a tumbler glass. You can also see the colors to choose from in one of the photos. The pieces change color when they cool, for example, my starfish is blue and white but it looks orange in this photo. As you can see, we really did much of the process and in most cases the staff just provided an extra hand,
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