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  1. I am just interested in a clamshell which I have booked online on other lines. I gather that NCL doesn't do that and you have to get off the ship early and rent a clamshell on shore. Is that correct? If so, can I use my ship card or do I need cash? Anyone know how much they cost these days?
  2. I never take the ship tours but I am tempted to this time as I want both island tour and beach time and usually the port vendors offer one or the other. Has anyone been here and seen a vendor offering both?
  3. Stopping in Southampton from 9am until 8pm. Any way we can get a tour of London or is it too far away to have any time there? If possible, tour operator?
  4. sounds rather too iffy for being this close to sailing. We are planning on using Uber.
  5. I will also be on that sailing and looking forward to Puzzle room
  6. A great tour guide for any place in Italy is AllAboutRome
  7. Just a little FYI - It is about an hour drive between the ship and the city of Rome.
  8. I'm not sure if it was on Princess or not, but the ship's excursion took place even though the museum was closed. Some museums apparently make deals with some cruise lines. If Princess if offering a tour to an otherwise closed museum, I would feel quite confident that the tour will be a go.
  9. We also always go a day ahead. Risks vs peace of mind is one factor, but we just like having that extra day of vacation. Most ports have nice and inexpensive pre-cruise deals if you look in the right places. Embassy suites has a deal in most port cities.
  10. salboz

    Hawaii POA

    Due to all the great reviews I have read, I booked with them for both Kona and Hilo. We have room 4 4 more if you are interested. More details on post 32, or you can check out there web site at Maryloustours.com
  11. Thanks for the input. Diving is for a certified diver. Were thinking more of an organized tour to a good spot, rather than just off the beach. I had heard that both Grand Cayman and Belize were good. Probably going to have to be Western Caribbean this time.
  12. If we picked our itinerary solely on the best place to snorkel and/or dive, which islands in the Caribbean should we pick?
  13. This forces you to buy the Princess overpriced shore excursions instead of with local guides which are always much cheaper, smaller groups, more flexible, include more, etc. etc. Almost never book ship tours and have never been sorry and I've been on over 40 cruises.
  14. Just a little FYI - Agents do not get 10-15 per cent unless they own their own agency. Also, nobody get commission on the taxes or port charges which make up a substantial part of your cost. As to whether or not to use a TA, depends upon the TA. If you get a good one, it is a no brainer. If you go to a booking mill, then you probably don't gain. Some TA's will even tell you to wait a few days before booking because then you will get such and such a perk. Some also always give a gift beyond what the cruise line offers and are honest about what the c/l is giving. Don't think I'm allowed to tell you how I know, but these are facts.
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