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  1. We just booked a cruise in August 2021. We did this mainly because my sister, who often cruises with us, would lose over $3000 in cruise credit if she doesn't book by Nov. 27th--and she doesn't want to cruise alone. Besides that, unique and wonderful itinerary with the (faint) possibility of being able to leave the cruise early and watch our football team in Dublin. But, we all know and frankly expect that we may be cancelling before final payment in April. At least she won't lose her cruise credit that way. I'm afraid April will be just too early to be sure that we
  2. I had my ears pierced back in about 1964 with the very stupid 'self-piercer' earrings they had then. Basically you wore earrings with sharp points that gradually bore a hole in your ear. Talk about the hard way to do it! Any way, fast forward 40 years or more and yes, my holes did start to close up, especially in one ear. I had always been a little sensitive to various metals, though, and sometimes they got irritated. It's not an urban legend, since it happened to me. Note that I was not wearing earrings every day for many years, but only when going out or 'dressing
  3. Thanks again for all the food for thought. Too bad it is all so complicated. We will pursue the issue as far as possible, but we do realize this may be difficult or impossible. Sigh. There are four of us in total, just wanting this unique itinerary plus the once in a lifetime opportunity to watch our team in Ireland. Note: the game is on the 28th, which is a sea day after the port of Edinburgh. The cruise officially ends in Southampton on the 29th of August. So, we would not be going to Southampton if we go to the game.
  4. Well, we have actually thought about doing this; just unsure if there are some legal ramifications? It might be a little suspicious if we are getting off with all our luggage, but yeah, I doubt they would physically keep your from leaving. Just don't know about customs, immigration, passports at airport, etc.
  5. Thanks everyone--yes, very interesting to hopefully be able to see our team in Dublin. Well, with Covid, all plans are shaky and likely to change, but, who knows, maybe it will work out. We will keep working on the ability to debark and any more advice or experiences are welcome. We can cancel with all funds returned until April 11; after that it would be cruise credit, which I am not too interested in.
  6. We are booking a cruise in August, 2021 (knowing that we may or may not cancel, depending on Covid restrictions) that starts in Iceland and ends in Southampton. We want to debark in Edinburgh, the last port before a sea day and arrival in Southampton, because we want to fly to Dublin to watch the Nebraska Football team, which is playing Illinois in Dublin on the last sea day. Almost an unbelievable twist in a cruise we are very interested in! Our agent has called NCL and told him they don't arrange early debarks ahead of time, would have to get permission once on the
  7. I've loved most places we have visited but some, I think, are so overly-hyped that people have unrealistic expectations. Being from a very rural area, I really do not like cities unless very iconic, due to historical or scenic sights. Just being in a city to experience city vibes--not for me. On our last trip to New York City (for a transatlantic cruise) we arrived at our hotel in downtown about 2 o'clock and left the hotel for the dock about 9 the next day. This was the perfect amount of time in NY for me! (we had been there previously and saw most of the 'sights').
  8. So I finally watched most of the second show--for some reason the first show didn't DVR. It seemed kind of --blah--I hardly know any of the 'stars' and they mostly had very sub-par performances. Judging, as usual, was all over the board with people getting the same score on vastly different quality of performances. Dances are so short! I understand that with Covid, no audience and other contraints that this year will be very different. Although I tend to watch the dances only and then read through the judges remarks and other fluff, the little I did watch Tyra I was p
  9. Boy, the Chinese sizing is something else. Not Venus, but I wanted new long silky nightgowns. The ones I have had for a few years are a medium and fit well (I don't want to sleep in anything tight.) First I ordered medium; had to send back as I could barely get them on. Next ordered an XL--still too tight to sleep in. I weigh 130 pounds--not exactly huge. Who are they making these things for?
  10. For the first time in many, many years, I am not watching. I'm unhappy that they replaced Tom and Erin, two of the nicest and most genuine hosts on tv, with a kind of fake person--Tyra. I'm sure (hope) that somewhere inside all the hype is a genuine human, but it's all just too much; the clothes, the make-up, the hair the attitude. That's the main reason I've given up; my husband gave up last year because of the erratic judging and scores that so often let inferior dancers continue on, plus the popularity contest part of it. I want dancers judged on their dancing, not what stat
  11. I always wear sneakers--usually Sketchers the last few years--on the plane., so I don't have to pack them. I do a lot of walking on the ship for exercise and often quite a bit of walking in ports as well. I prefer more supportive walkers, but like the sketchers for looks and ability to slip on and off easily. So far I haven't found a pair of sandals that fit me right that stand up to several miles of daily walking. I bring sandals, but not flip flops as they always hurt my feet and look dumb with my bunions.
  12. I just got an email stating that we were receiving our full refund. I had also disputed the charges with our credit card company. Norwegian said to allow 8-13 days for the refund to come fully through. This was for a March 17 Tahiti to Hawaii cruise. So, good news--hopefully it all comes through.
  13. I have had a chronic cough for years--and do sneeze quite a bit too. Besides allergies of all kinds, finally got the cough mostly under control--at least much better--when, after years of allergy shots, allergy med of all kinds, etc., my doctor tried using medicine for acid reflux--what a difference that has made for me. I still cough, but not the horrible, uncontrollable coughing spells that could last for many minutes. Note: I did not especially notice any other symptoms of acid reflux for my dry nagging cough and excessive nasal drip. My cough was embarrassing an
  14. After reading an article years ago that hand blowers spread something like 800% more germs than drying with towels, I try not to use them. I'm not sure I have ever seen the blow dryers on cruise ships, usually either paper towels or cloth towels. Haven't sailed Carnival in a long time though.
  15. Practically never do ship's tours after several less than stellar experiences--a lot of them involving looong stops for shopping at very touristy places. One tour in Grand Cayman was especially bad because the bus was not only full but overbooked and they made some of us sit in jump seats that pulled down in the middle of the aisle, meaning anyone who sat there was pinched in a narrow uncomfortable seat, couldn't see much, and it made getting in and out of the bus a nightmare for everyone. I suppose there are a few places where because of logistics we might consider a ship tour.
  16. We came with minutes--maybe seconds of missing the ship in St. Kitts two years ago. They were literally pulling up the gangway behind us. We seldom do ship excursions and this was definitely on our tour guide, who was so intent on being sure he circled the island for us (which he apparently thought he had promised; but we did not remember that) that he just kept on going. If we had known how much farther we had to go after we left the fort, we would have just had him take us back to the ship. He kept telling us, " oh, they will wait for you" as he drove like a cra
  17. The choices need more options or more choices. We will cruise about the same, once we feel confident that the virus threat is over or greatly lessened--but not for a few months to a year. All this could change depending on circumstances and how this all plays out.
  18. I've seen the green flash once on the beach in Hawaii and at least twice on cruise ships. Beautiful.
  19. Cherry County, in Nebraska (not the county we live in) is larger than Connecticut, and Rhode Island and Delaware combined, with a population of under 6000! Ranch country.
  20. Here in Nebraska we do not 'yet' have a shelter in place directive, ( although strongly suggested) unless it just happened today. We are one of the four least affected states, but we realize that the confirmed cases tell little, since so many may be affected but either have few or no symptoms and very few here have actually been tested. Many counties have no cases yet, mostly out west in cowboy country where there are so few people. We have counties bigger than some states out there, some with only one small town and wide-spaced ranches. Five cases in my county. Many more in Om
  21. Very true, that was a chartered flight. We have upgraded before, using Princess air, on our own after the flights were ticketed. I am sure it would be the same with NCL.
  22. On our (cancelled) cruise we were supposed to take in March, we bought the NCL air--$149 RT to Tahiti and back from Hawaii! A few weeks later NCL sent emails offering upgrades; lt was $249pp for premium economy and $499 for business for just the LA to Tahiti portion. I seem to remember that there was an earlier offer that was higher.
  23. I am so glad you were able to dock and hopefully everyone made it home successfully. Stay well. We were supposed to board the Jewel in Tahiti for the segment ending in Hawaii. So sad to miss that fabulous itinerary.
  24. Itinerary and price--pretty equal. Next, time of year, as we don't usually want to cruise in the summer or fall. Otherwise, not very particular as to cruise line or ship.
  25. We got the letter too, even though we had a refund request in earlier through our travel agent. In our case I think it is exactly 125% of what we paid. We still want the refund though, so seeing how this all works out.
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