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  1. I haven't used a chair cane, but have seen quite a few being used. I would think you could carry one onto the airplane and the stewards would probably find a place for it, if not in the overhead bins somewhere else.
  2. We docked in Zebrugge this May and spent the day in Brugge. It was lovely, very walkable with lots to see. We took the ship shuttle, which dropped off at a building where we bought round trip bus tickets for $20pp. The bus dropped us off at a parking area maybe 20 minutes walk from the center of town. The walk in was very pretty. We wandered all over, had a great Belgian waffle, and took the bus back around mid-afternoon. Just be sure to know when the last bus leaves so you don't miss the ship. I'd love to see Brussels and Ghent, but it all seemed like too much o
  3. I haven't found one for this cruise either. Strange!
  4. We've done two full transits with a partial coming up in Dec. We, and others, did a lot of moving around various decks and areas to see the locks and various sights going through the lake and canal. I think it would be difficult to find a chair in most areas that actually let you see much--but you could certainly use one to rest for awhile between viewings. Maybe a table and chair near a window somewhere? Areas with good views were very crowded most of the time Your balcony is also an option, although of course then you can see only one side. Maybe one of those cane
  5. Of course weather can vary, but this is what we experienced. We did a similar route in Jan., 2018. Buenos Aires and Montevideo were quite warm--80's Puerto Madryn was 75-80; The Falklands we lucked out with 60ish weather, colder at Volunteer Point; Ushuaia was lovely 65-70; Cape Horn and Magellan Strait were quite cool--40's and windy. Puerto Madryn was maybe 50's and very, very windy. The Chilean Fjords were 50's. Puerto Montt was lovely and 65 to 70. San Antonio was quite warm, 80's. You will probably need a wide variety of clothing. We wore shorts in several
  6. We just did this in May. I had a carry-on size suitcase plus a large tote, My husband 24" bag and small tote. Somehow on our trips from the ship to our hotel and from the hotel to the airport we were always able to find a spot for the luggage, always within sight and reach and usually right beside us. It wasn't the problem I thought it would be and people were very kind about helping or not minding our luggage near them. I purposely brought bags I knew I could lift if necessary, but it never was.
  7. That would be fine if there were decent comfortable chairs on the balcony. We used to get nice loungers; now most balcony furniture is practically unusable it is so uncomfortable--and balconies keep getting smaller too. But, so far not a really big deal for us as we don't even want to sit by the pool or other busy area. (It was a problem when we sailed with several children and needed to be by the pool). We've always been able to find seats in a nice quiet area, although sometimes it takes some looking.
  8. Well, since the 11's are now 20, it has been a while, but I am confident that kids are still well entertained. This was on RCL.
  9. We've actually had a lot of nice things happen to us on cruises, but one stands out. My husband and I were sailing with 7!!! grandchildren ages 5-11 (without their parents). It was a wonderful experience in many ways, if not exactly relaxing. I did tend obsess about the kid's behavior just because there were so many of them and so few of us! They are nice kids and pretty well-behaved, but still they were kids and could get noisy and excited. We tried very hard to keep them in line. I mostly worried about the evening meal. We all sat at a large round table with quit
  10. I've seen all kinds of figures but it seems to be hard to pin this down. I personally believe that with tips stewards and dining staff make a decent living. I would think Back of House staff probably make less in tips but might have larger base pay. Base pay (without tips) is very low, reportedly, and tips--that is the daily gratuity charge--make up most of the worker's salaries.
  11. We always leave the cruise line gratuities on and usually tip our room steward extra. We usually don't tip wait staff extra except for a couple of times when they went above and beyond; once when we were cruising with 7 !! grandchildren and they made meal times so special for them and once when, even in Anytime dining, we got the same wait staff most nights and they really treated us extremely well. But tipping extra is not necessary (as long as you leave the daily gratuity on) but a matter of choice. IMO removing the gratuities is very low.
  12. We didn't eat at the restaurant, so I didn't particularly notice, but I think she would be fine there. She might not want to walk along the cliff path, but I think she could still see some of the views.
  13. Princess is one cruise line which actually has a reasonably priced water package. I just bought 12 bottles for a little over $7 for our cruise in December. We will refill from there. Half liter bottles; I don't want full liter bottles because they are so big to haul around.
  14. For us, it would seem tacky with a couple of exceptions--for instance having a large group with children, which makes it easier to keep an eye on them--or maybe some special occasion. But not every day. I have seem some people who do this every day on cruises; I don't mind, not for me, but they must enjoy doing it. Otherwise, if we even accidentally dress kind of alike--khaki shorts, navy top, for instance-- usually one of us changes. I'm not a big fan of graphic tees anyway, and if fact most actual tee shirts don't fit me well unless I can find one styled for women
  15. Oh boy, really not worth it for us then. Not a fan of pop, although once in a while I like a Coke. I do drink a lot of water and although I only drink regular plain coffee at home, I would enjoy a specialty coffee now and then--but not in the bev. package! So sometimes we don't even book with NCL because of this. We usually get a balcony, so the other alternative is normally two free; has to be dining and internet, nothing else worth much to us, and those are pretty lame compared to the substantial OBC and/or free gratuities we get with other lines.
  16. We like NCL, especially their newer ships, but it is very frustrating to not be able to take advantage of the 4 for free offers since we don't really drink either. I am not paying all the extra gratuity for what would probably be no more than a few soft drinks and waters (if water is even included.) Normally neither one of us even drink pop, so it would be water and maybe some coffee (if included) for me. I wish there was some alternative, like free stateroom gratuities, but obviously they make more money by doing it this way. I don't mind the quite small extra tips for the dini
  17. Unless the book is one of those someone has donated and it specifically says take one, leave one, then no. Imagine if everyone took home one of the 'regular' library books and left behind some used paperback--which is what is usually in that section? No wonder ship libraries are getting more and more skimpy.
  18. This probably what we took and the price might have been 20 pp rather than 15. We didn't pre-book, but it all worked out fine. I know the tram/train is cheaper but a lot more complicated to get to and use compared to getting off the free port shuttlel, walking into the cruise bus station and getting on the bus.
  19. We went to Bruges from Zeebruges in May. We did it independently; took a free shuttle which left us off at a place that was selling bus rides to Bruges--I think for $15pp round trip. The bus stopped in a parking lot near the river. The walk into town from there was 15 minutes or so and was very easy and scenic. We walked all around the very picturesque, busy downtown area, had a delicious Belgian waffle and then back to catch the bus back. Be sure to notice the times to catch the bus, (about every hour) especially the last bus back. It was an enjoyable day; we did
  20. On the Getaway at least, we pre-booked no shows and had no trouble at all booking on board, either at the box office, the touch screen kiosks or by phone. We do usually cruise in slightly less busy times like early December. Maybe if you have to have a precise time slot, this would be more difficult. We also just walked in to a show when they opened to walk-ins--about 10 minutes pre-show. We also booked our specialty dinners quite last minute, even by just walking up. We prefer to eat late, which probably helps. Not being comedy club fans, I can't comment on this.
  21. Perfectly appropriate. I am sorry for your loss. Here in the Midwest black is not as customary for funerals as apparently (according to movies and tv, if they can be believed) it is in some areas of the country. Black is worn but so are many other, brighter colors.
  22. Unless I have already owned a certain brand and type of shoe I just can't buy without trying them on due to various foot issues; bunions, high arches, etc. So many shoes have such poor support and cushioning. Everyone's foot is different and what is great for one person may cause misery to another. I hate it when a style I have worn before and fit great have been 'improved' or changed without my knowing it.
  23. I could not find locally so ordered from Amazon.
  24. I do this too, except I include all the money needed if the tour is not prepaid. No scrambling around trying to find the right amount the day of the tour. I also write any needed information about the tour, such as meeting time and place, on the envelope. So, I might put day, name of tour company, time to meet, place to meet, contact info, total price of tour plus tip.
  25. We book cabins near the stairs on purpose--no long halls to walk down. We've never noticed much noise at all. Our last cruise, sailaway cabin, on the Pearl we were assigned a cabin that opened right on the stairs/elevator. There was a kind of wall or hall separating the areas, but the cabin was quiet and great.
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