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  1. We came with minutes--maybe seconds of missing the ship in St. Kitts two years ago. They were literally pulling up the gangway behind us. We seldom do ship excursions and this was definitely on our tour guide, who was so intent on being sure he circled the island for us (which he apparently thought he had promised; but we did not remember that) that he just kept on going. If we had known how much farther we had to go after we left the fort, we would have just had him take us back to the ship. He kept telling us, " oh, they will wait for you" as he drove like a cra
  2. The choices need more options or more choices. We will cruise about the same, once we feel confident that the virus threat is over or greatly lessened--but not for a few months to a year. All this could change depending on circumstances and how this all plays out.
  3. I've seen the green flash once on the beach in Hawaii and at least twice on cruise ships. Beautiful.
  4. Cherry County, in Nebraska (not the county we live in) is larger than Connecticut, and Rhode Island and Delaware combined, with a population of under 6000! Ranch country.
  5. Here in Nebraska we do not 'yet' have a shelter in place directive, ( although strongly suggested) unless it just happened today. We are one of the four least affected states, but we realize that the confirmed cases tell little, since so many may be affected but either have few or no symptoms and very few here have actually been tested. Many counties have no cases yet, mostly out west in cowboy country where there are so few people. We have counties bigger than some states out there, some with only one small town and wide-spaced ranches. Five cases in my county. Many more in Om
  6. Very true, that was a chartered flight. We have upgraded before, using Princess air, on our own after the flights were ticketed. I am sure it would be the same with NCL.
  7. On our (cancelled) cruise we were supposed to take in March, we bought the NCL air--$149 RT to Tahiti and back from Hawaii! A few weeks later NCL sent emails offering upgrades; lt was $249pp for premium economy and $499 for business for just the LA to Tahiti portion. I seem to remember that there was an earlier offer that was higher.
  8. I am so glad you were able to dock and hopefully everyone made it home successfully. Stay well. We were supposed to board the Jewel in Tahiti for the segment ending in Hawaii. So sad to miss that fabulous itinerary.
  9. Itinerary and price--pretty equal. Next, time of year, as we don't usually want to cruise in the summer or fall. Otherwise, not very particular as to cruise line or ship.
  10. We got the letter too, even though we had a refund request in earlier through our travel agent. In our case I think it is exactly 125% of what we paid. We still want the refund though, so seeing how this all works out.
  11. I do appreciate the savings opportunities we have here. As an example, the March 20th Tahiti cruise we have booked, besides an amazingly low price, we got $400 on board credit from our travel agent. Unfortunately, we are probably going to cancel due to corona virus. Why is this so different in other countries? Laws or just what is common practice?
  12. I get catalogs from several different cruise lines and/or tour companies several times a week--sometimes several a day--most get tossed directly, so it is a big waste of paper, time and energy. Once in a while I will look at one to get an idea of itineraries, but the prices in these brochures are so ridiculously high that I would never book from one. I can find the same cruise much, much cheaper using a TA, or sometimes directly from the cruise websites (usually a TA). There must be a lot of gullible people out there who book at the brochure inflated prices or they wouldn't keep
  13. I totally agree--and can't help thinking that air travel should be even more likely to spread the virus than cruising. Knowing how dependent Hawaii is on tourists (most of whom fly in) and on shipping for basic necessities for their population, halting air and ship traffic would be a difficult decision. Probably unlikely. Much simpler (for Hawaii), although not very effective, IMO, for cruise ships to be banned. We hate to miss this cruise; at this time it *looks* like the Tahitian ports and other nearby islands will be accepting cruises; not so sure about Hawaii, 10
  14. But, a bunch of new people are coming on board in Tahiti; we are supposed to be among them, although we are probably going to cancel--not so much from fear of catching the virus as from fear of not being allowed into various ports/or quarantined somewhere at sea. All those extra people flying from all over, though mostly I suspect through LAX.--very possible for someone to have been exposed.
  15. We are booked on a Tahiti-Hawaii cruise leaving March 20. We are almost certainly going to cancel; although not immune compromised, we are 74. But, I am more worried about losing ports/being quarantined than getting ill. Since this cruise included our bucket list destination of Tahiti, I did just a little checking this morning on an NCL sale email I got. A similar (not identical and 2 days longer) cruise in Nov. would be almost 3x what we paid. It included all of the same perks and the 30% off and free or reduced air, but base cabin price of a mini, nearly 3x as much.
  16. Thanks for the information. La Quinta was the only hotel I could easily find out the shuttle/desk info on, also price was good. We will probably stay there anyway, giving that we will probably be there only from 1 AM (or later) until 8 AM. Anything has to be better than the airport. We've been gone, with iffy internet connections. And who knows, the cruise may get cancelled anyway, at this point not counting on anything!
  17. It's tough on people who have coughs that are not contagious; I am in that category due to allergies and sinus problems--or so I thought. After years (at least 20) and many, many drugs, surgeries, shots, etc. my dr. finally gave me meds for acid reflux (I had no other symptoms) that has stopped most of my coughing. Still have a dry cough at times, but nothing like the old days. I just hope people remember that not all coughs are infectious--but I understand the concern; I've found myself cringing when around someone who is coughing, lately.
  18. I'll do that, but it is not that easy to find hotels with 24 hr desks and shuttles. And, we will probably be there about 6 hours, so we can put up with a few minuses. Why is the location bad?
  19. It really makes it difficult for those who have a chronic, non-catching cough. Although I have finally (mostly) conquered my coughing problem, I do still cough some, just nothing like I used to. Mine is related to allergies (haven't actually had a cold in years; thanks I guess to 20 years teaching), and also, to my surprise, acid reflux, which I didn't even know I had. Thanks to many allergy shots, pills and sinus surgery, and especially medicine for acid reflux, my cough is now very minor and not too often. I really feel for those who are in this situation though.
  20. We often get money refunded. Don't drink, do spa, buy stuff on board, etc.or take ship excursions. Otherwise, the most we have is for gratuities, if not either included or paid through OBC. And we have plenty of fun without all of the above. We do spend money on independent excursions or just do our own thing ashore. Counting excursion costs not from the ship, more like $200 pp for a seven to 10 day cruise.
  21. When we were there there were buses waiting outside the port area taking people to the central station area. It seems like they were about 3 euros.
  22. We are like you, we find the cruise and price we want and book it and normally don't look back. There are plenty of people though who actually do book multiple cruises and then cancel some of them before final payment. Crazy to me, but it does happen. That's one reason cabins often open up right after final payment.
  23. I saw some prices like that--mostly for ships going to Rome or Barcelona, so I suppose that is why, esp. Rome.
  24. We are booked on a Tahiti to Hawaii cruise leaving March 20. We are cautiously planning to go but are of course watching the situation closely. We are not booking any cruises now, but then we never do this time of year.
  25. We sail in less than three weeks, Tahiti to Hawaii. Just checked prices; our mini suite would be 2.5 times higher now than when we booked. Cautiously expecting to cruise, but watching the situation closely. I do expect bargains on certain routes, and have already seen some on transatlantics. I watch various internet cruise sites and when I see a price or deal I like, go to on the site that has agents give offers. Usually we book with the same agency/agent though as they are often the best price.
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