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  1. We actually booked a La Quinta. Since I doubt if we will make it to the hotel even by 1 AM, it will do just fine--fly out at 10:45 the next morning. Not Hilton, but ok. The other alternative was staying at the airport until the flight. Or, of course, paying a lot more.
  2. We are concerned and watching the situation carefully but at this time are still planning to cruise on our Tahiti to Hawaii itinerary in 23! days. If matters get worse or it seems likely the ship will not be allowed to dock at multiple ports, we will decide at that time what to do. So far being cautiously optimistic, but realistic. We will be taking extra precautions on the plane and on the cruise, for sure.
  3. We booked a hotel for a good rate that has a 24 hour shuttle and 24 hour desk open. It can be cancelled until the day before we get there, so if something changes, re Corona virus, flights, etc., we are covered. Not a luxury hotel by any means, but more than good enough for six hours !
  4. While I understand where you are coming from, knowing people, anyone who wanted to cancel for any reason would probably use the 'illness' clause to cancel. Perhaps even some would book multiple cruises and then just cancel all but one at the last minute. Of course insurance is the answer (although doubtful if most policies would cover the current Corona virus) and personal responsibility comes in to play as well in whether or not a person chooses to get insurance.
  5. I'm sure you are right and we will probably try to find a budget type hotel, given the few hours we will be there. Also hoping for one with a 24 hour shuttle.
  6. Yes, terrible schedule and I do not know if we have to recheck our luggage or not, as Hawaii to LA was scheduled with cruise air, LA to home on our own. I have checked; apparently lounges close at 12AM. At this point we are considering just toughing it out in the airport, since even without having to recheck luggage we are looking at less than 6 hours in the hotel, if we are lucky. I am also going to call the cruise air department to see if any other flight can be arranged--a red-eye would be better than this! Or call airlines to see if we need to recheck.
  7. We arrive from Hawaii about 11:30 PM and fly out the next day at 10:45. Since we will be in a hotel for a very short time, after customs, what would be a good choice? Just need clean and convenient. Are there any hotels attached to the airport? Or any that have 24 hours shuttle service? Don't want to pay a fortune for probably less than 6 hours. I'd do some more research myself but we are visiting a place with very limited/slow internet.
  8. I've taken air freshener, spray sun lotion and other aerosols in my checked luggage, in zip lock bags internationally without any problems, so hadn't heard of this before.
  9. I'm not really sure of the names of the areas, but when we were there with two ships, including a 'big' one, there were beach chairs and umbrellas available for free. You might have to walk around a little to find the chairs you need together, or move some, but we had no problem for the two of us.
  10. There was one more ship there. The reason the buffet area was so crowded (I assume, never having been there before) was because it was raining so hard and many people were trying to stay dry under the covered buffet area. We at first tried to eat and wait it out--long lines for the taco station--then when the rain lessened, tried to stay under the umbrellas at our beach chairs until it started raining harder. We couldn't find a shuttle so ended up walking all the way back to the ship in a pouring rain. The brownie was the best! I would have expected more
  11. We were there the 20th; yes, it started out as a wonderful day but within an hour or so a storm swept in and first it sprinkled, then rained, then rained hard. After a fairly miserable hour or so, including eating at the very crowded lunch area, (because it was kind of covered) we finally gave up and walked back to the ship, arriving fully drenched. Shuttles were few and far between. I realize the rain isn't RCL's fault, but it sure ruined our day. I wondered if the people who rented beach beds, cabanas, etc. were just out their money as even they wouldn't have been very usable.
  12. We are just off the Harmony. I liked ordering everything at once; it seemed to speed things up somewhat. It was rather strange that sometimes we received more than one of the appetizer course at the same time. I wasn't too fond of that, but understand that it is more efficient for the waiters.
  13. Hy-Vee supermarkets here give the free shots--plus 20 cents off per gallon of gas at their affiliated gas station! Also free shots (we are on Medicare) at many other places in our town.
  14. We were on the Pearl on a Transatlantic last year when a supposed Noro outbreak occurred. Besides all the above mentioned precautions in the buffet and lots and lots of cleaning around the ship, paper menus, no tablecloths, no sale shakers, etc., were steps taken in the main dining room. I did feel sorry for the staff as they did a lot of extra work. And still some passengers defied all such precautions or refused to report their illness or ignored quarantines.
  15. They are worth it to us--and I just found out I much prefer ocean-facing, after spending a week in a garden view balcony on the Harmony of the Seas. It just wasn't the same and even though it was $200pp less, I wouldn't do it again. Then again, I may never sail on one of the giant ships again anyway.
  16. Just off the Harmony last week. We did see some men in shorts at dinner, most in jeans or khakis. My own sons (47 and 50) wore 'nice' shorts and jeans several nights. They did wear long pants and button shirt/ties and jackets on dress up nights. I only saw a couple of tuxes; as usual, ladies tend to dress up more than the gents, but we saw everything from long formal gowns to just regular clothes on dress up nights. I must be the only person who finds linen itchy; also wool and silk, which is also too hot.
  17. On our Getaway cruises in the Caribbean, we didn't book even one event before sailing. We booked several things about the day before or even an hour or two before. We also just walked up and into the theater a couple of times. The Escape room we booked on the morning of the day we went. Possibly if you want seats front and center, they would be gone, or perhaps early shows? We usually prefer later shows. I of course can't guarantee that this would work on all cruises.
  18. We love the Getaway and have sailed her twice, in the Caribbean. There will most likely be a notice in the daily paper detailing how to get tender tickets--not sure how NCL does this. Do you tender in Mykonos? We didn't, but we were on another line. We pre-booked the Escape room. We mostly booked shows just a little ahead at one of the electronic kiosks located around the ship or at the 'box office' which is near the theater, I believe. A couple of times we just walked in. Do not miss "Million Dollar Quartet". We did not notice it being especially crowded. I will
  19. I found mine at my local Hy Vee pharmacy, but I am sure they are everywhere. On a side note, Whoo hoo, no more allergy shots!
  20. We're in our seventies. We've always enjoyed our Carnival cruises, although it has been awhile, mostly because we prefer longer cruises and more exotic ports, when possible. I wouldn't book a cruise shorter than 7 days, probably with any cruise line, or in times when lots of kids will be on board (I like kids, but...) like spring break, but if the right itinerary and price came up, wouldn't hesitate to book Carnival again.
  21. One of my favorite memories, when we were on a trip from Nebr. to California with my parents, sisters and my 85 year old grandmother. (back in the 60's) Stopped at the border, had some kind of old, soft oranges, Grandma, who hated to waste anything, tried her hardest to eat all the oranges so they wouldn't be thrown away. I think it was the Arizona border. Another hilarious incident with G'ma was the infamous 'cream' caper.
  22. Thanks everyone--will try all the new suggestions. We take out an annual medical policy for all travel for a year rather than comprehensive insurance--our choice. We may also have some recourse through our credit card but trying to wait for Princess to step up first.
  23. Thanks everyone. I was pretty sure that this applied to embarkation, but since this is a Tahiti-Hawaii cruise, just wanted to make sure. Don't want to get left in port thousands of miles from home. Wait--maybe being left in Bora-Bora might just be ok.
  24. Well, that didn't work. My email came back as undeliverable with fatal errors. I have gone back and triple-checked that I used the right email address given above.
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