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  1. Well, that didn't work. My email came back as undeliverable with fatal errors. I have gone back and triple-checked that I used the right email address given above.
  2. Well, that didn't work. My email came back as undeliverable with fatal errors. I have gone back and triple-checked that I used the right email address given above.
  3. Thanks, that is what I thought and expected from numerous other cruises. It just is not stated that way on the website, or at least I didn't read it that way. Two hours in every port would be a bit much!
  4. I am going to try that email, as my husband's suitcase was lost or stolen somewhere between putting it out at night and picking it up in the terminal. Numerous calls to the number we were given; have only had a call answered once and that person knew nothing/did nothing. We just can't get any kind of response. We have turned in the claim with all information required but still have heard nothing. At this point we don't expect that his bag will turn up, but hope for at least some compensation. I'm glad your story ended well.-
  5. I just noticed that our Tahiti-Hawaii cruise says to be on board 2 hours before sailing. Do they really mean this? Seems like it would really cut short some excursions. We always like to be back on ship at least one hour before sailing, but two?
  6. Oh, the duvet--maybe my # 1 one thing I don't need/like. Give me a top sheet and a blanket. At least a top sheet. I hate the bulky/heavy duvet--too hot with it on, too cold with nothing. I must admit I like the chocolates, don't care if I have towel animals; although they are cute we've had many on other cruises. I also enjoy the 'parade' in the dining room. Have to laugh at the idea of germs flying around though!
  7. Well, I realize the closet is not a true walk-in, but still so much easier to use than the closets on most ships, which are smaller, usually hard to access because they are very close to the bed and unhandy with the sliding doors. It's not about having 'dressing' room to me, but about easy access to clothing and more room. Also the shelves in that area are nice. Unlike the shelves on newer Celebrity ships which I can't reach unless I stand on the bed. But, it does come at the cost of a smaller bedroom area and much smaller bath, especially the shower. So it's kind of
  8. We were on the Island Princess in December. There was no barrel chair, which I expected. We did not miss it at all as I am not sure either of us ever used it; it always took up too much space. I love, love, love the big 'walk-in' closet on Princess, but the teeny shower is pretty bad. I'm a small person and I find it difficult. I have no idea how someone of any size uses it. Another issue is the terribly uncomfortable balcony chairs. Balconies need reclining lioungers!
  9. I mostly detest the excessive amount of sales sheets in the Patter--especially for Effy. I'm so annoyed by their leaflets I don't think I would ever buy something there. And the art auction stuff as well. I never go to the spa or to the so-called lectures on, say, feet or nutrition , once we realized the latter were just sales pitches, and the one time we were gifted a couples massage the amount of high pressure sales pitch was incredible. I also dislike the excessively high volume of music in some venues.
  10. We haven't rented clamshells, so I can't answer that question, but the two times we have been, there were plenty of places with shade from trees.
  11. The seven day, hands down. Besides being longer, the ship is better and the islands much better.
  12. We saw the King Penguins in the Falklands at Volunteer Point. I considered bringing something like Wellies or hiking boots but decided not to due to packing issues. I wore Sketchers--with a little care about where to place your feet, really didn't get any significant amount of mess on my shoes. I suppose this could be different if it was really rainy/messy, but it wasn't that much of a problem when we were there. The other place we saw penguins had wooden walkways and you were not supposed to step off of them. I do live in the country though, so probably am a little
  13. We have done quite a bit of snorkeling at various places. I tried it on my own at Harvest Cay--very, very poor. Water is not that clear, very few, if any, fish and really no coral. I tried several areas, including up near the rocks by the dock area, because fish often congregate in places like that. Practically nothing to be seen. I did get stung by a jellyfish though! Which has never happened before in 40 plus years of snorkeling. I am not a fan of Harvest Cay, mostly just a beach day, and the beach isn't that nice.
  14. I wish I could name the site on here that I use to check all cruises by date, as well as other things, but it is not allowed. It is a great site we use often; we have booked with them but mostly use it to narrow down choices and see what a good sale price is.
  15. We are trying to arrange a tour for our shore excursion in Moorea. We'll be doing water-based tours the two islands before this, so will probably do an island tour here. I found a company that sounds great, but they use a van rather than the open 4x4 trucks that most companies use. Do you think not being able to go to some of the more remote or on rugged trails/roads will impact our trip? May never be here again; just want to have the best experience. If the open trucks give a more scenic trip and/or go places a van can't, is what I am wondering. Thanks!
  16. We'll find out how the Central Park balconies are in a few weeks; I am afraid I will miss an ocean facing balcony, but it would have cost over $1200 more for one for the six of us.
  17. I always ask for more hangers--not a problem. I used to clip washed clothes to the back of the balcony chairs, but have found they dry much quicker when hung from the clothesline that is usually in the shower, especially if I roll them up in a towel for a while first. We always check our luggage when getting on the ship except for small carry on's with valuables in them. We tip the porters a couple of dollars per bag, but the people who bring them to your room are not tipped, unless they share the daily gratuity. You usually don't even see them. We've alwa
  18. We like a good mix of both and really do enjoy sea days. Last year our Caribbean cruise had six port days in a row; it was just too much. We really enjoy cruises like Transatlantics where there are many sea days in a row. Sometimes a port days can be very low key too, especially if we have been there before. So far we have always gotten off the ship, but maybe just for a couple of hours.
  19. This was some time ago, but we once cruised with 7 grandkids, ages 5-11, so with us, there were 9 total. We did Mytime dining. Although if on our own we prefer to eat later, the kids wanted to do some of the kid activities in the evening, so we ate fairly early; maybe 6 or so The first night they rather quickly found us a large round table; after that, the same table was ready for us every night. It worked out perfectly. We did tell them we would be eating about the same time. The kids loved the MDR and the older ones were very brave about trying new thin
  20. I will check of course, but so far I can't even see a place on the cruise summary area to check--seems to be nothing about cruise line air in the area that shows we are booked.
  21. We spend very little on board. Gratuities would be a big expense, but often are covered by whatever special we booked under. Shore excursions are our biggest expense but we almost always do independent excursions, not ship excursions. I might buy a picture or two; otherwise unless we have a lot of non-refundable OBC, we seldom buy anything on board.
  22. We have NCL air with our upcoming cruise. I realize flights won't be added until around 45 days out, give or take. Does NCL let us know via email when flights have been booked or do we need to check online?
  23. We were in Hawaii once when the night temperature was forecast to be slightly below (gasp) 60 degrees. All the locals were in the malls trying to buy winter coats. On the other end of the spectrum, teen grandkids who live in Montana don't wear coats 'unless it is way below zero, Grandma'. Even here in Nebraska, when I occasionally pick up teens at the high school, almost no one wears coats in winter--hoodies at the most--and often are in shorts and tees.
  24. My husband doesn't normally pack his meds in checked luggage either. This time he put them in his big bag, intending on changing them to his carry-on once we picked up the bags in the terminal. Turned out to be a mistake, for sure. Luckily not a big loss as his meds are very inexpensive with our supplemental insurance, but still of course has some cost. As to the car keys, I had actually forgotten they were attached to a small purse I brought along but wasn't using for the flight home. Those can be expensive to replace. I usually don't even bring them on a cruise, but forgot a
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