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  1. Maybe 2 to 3 times, depending on many things. I usually walk, in excersize clothes, then put on a swim suit with cover-up for deck time, then nicer clothes for evening. In port, one outfit for port time, one nicer outfit.
  2. We returned from our Island Princess cruise Dec. 16th. We had a late disembark time due to our flight time, so were one of the last off the ship. When we got to the luggage area, my suitcase was there, my husband's was not. The staff was very helpful in checking by phone with various people and had us wait until the ship was cleared, with all passengers off, in hopes that someone took the wrong bag and there was a bag left. No bags left, not in crew luggage disembarking, etc. They sent us on our way after filling out an information sheet and giving instructions as to how to che
  3. As Hank says, with a little research you can DIY in most Caribbean Islands. We have also had good luck with booking a tour from the people selling them just off the ship or dock.
  4. I have seen what I would call fashion booties--really more like sandals than boots-- on cruises. If you need to wear boots for support, these probably wouldn't help. I personally don't wear boots to or on a cruise mostly because of packing issues. I could have used them last year on a Transatlantic in April with cool weather on the sea and in ports in Europe and would not have looked out of place in Europe. If you really need them for support, of course go ahead. I'd look for some that don't look too wintery though. And to say the Caribbean has 'winter'
  5. I used a jewelry roll for many years but lately I have been putting necklaces in tiny zip lock bags and then into a larger zip bag. I found a small pill case that holds earrings--I usually only take 3 or 4 pairs--and rings,; it is hard-sides. I have definitely cut back on how much jewelry I bring, which has made it all much easier. Also have been leaving home most of my 'good' jewelry, so I don't worry about packing the costume jewelry in my luggage.
  6. We cruised the Med--including Italy and Greece earlier in May than that--mid May--and it was warm to very warm each day. Of course weather can vary, but we had no rain and temps were mostly in the 80's--and very, very hot in Ephesus. We wore shorts (mine are about knee length) every day except in Istanbul, where it was somewhat cooler--but not jacket cool. I don't typically use the pool on cruises and this cruise was very port intensive, so not much time for that, but people were definitely using it. Of course i would bring a variety of choices, such as cap
  7. We are just off the Island Princess. For the first time in 13 cruises with Princess we were disappointed in the food--it has been two years since we sailed with them. The MDR menus were just ok, except for most of the beef, especially anything resembling steaks or roast beef. I actually couldn't eat some of the beef choices due to toughness and/or over cooking. The petite filet mingnon I ordered one night was about 3 inches round and 1/2" thick and very, very well done. I ordered median rare. My husband's was fine. They did offer to replace it, but we were trying t
  8. For our two full crossings, it was very hot, humid and sunny. Last week's partial was much cooler--still 80 or so, with some periods of heavy rain, luckily when we were in the bus, and a little light rain a couple of other times. Cloudy and not nearly so hot and humid. So, you just never know.
  9. My sisters just did this tour through Princess last week. They felt it was a great experience to see the whole canal (we were on a partial transit, Island Princess) rather than just the eastern locks. BUT the tour arrived back very, very late--9 PM--so late that ship crew made a line and applauded and handed out some free drinks when they finally made it back. Ship delayed tentative 6:30 PM sailing for them. The reason for the delay was given as just 'it's the canal'--locks were very slow on the western end for some reason. They did enter the lock with a bigger cont
  10. I agree with all of the above opinions. We've cruised with up to 7 grandkids; have clear rules especially no balcony without an adult present, but it would be really, really difficult if not impossible to 'fall' off a balcony or almost anywhere else on the ship without trying really hard (by climbing on furniture, for instance) or doing it on purpose--or possibly stupid drunk behavior. Really, for normal people or kids it is not going to happen. Also, all the balcony cabins I have been in have either a high glass barrier or a solid metal barrier--not rails that could be climbed.
  11. We usually tip $10 per person for a tour, depending on length and quality. Maybe more if it is a full day tour and the guide is great. For just 2-3 hours, maybe $5 pp. If I did not leave a tip I might try to explain to the person why, if they seemed reasonable; for instance, bad attitude, too many or too long shopping stops, or just general unpleasantness. Luckily we have very rarely had guides that bad.
  12. We just did this tour last week through Princess. It was a wonderful tour and definitely not focused especially on shopping. We did buy a small basket, and many other people bought things too, as they are much more authentic than the ordinary (made in China?) souvenirs you see. But it wasn't all about the shopping--we maybe spent 5 minutes doing that and no one spent more than a half hour. We loved the canoe ride and learning and seeing traditional ways of living. It felt pretty 'real' to me and not just a big show. We had a fabulous tour guide--Alex-- who really concentrated
  13. We've cruised about 40 times and can honestly say we've never had a bad cruise. I can say the same thing about our Island Princess 10 day Partial Panama Canal cruise that we just got off of. Some good, some bad, some so-so. We've sailed the island before, before they added the cabins, so I did miss the all-around Promenade and the adult pool; otherwise didn't notice much difference. The ports and routes were good; have been to all before except Limon. We did private tours every day except for the Panama Canal, where you have to either do a Princess tour or stlay on
  14. We've sailed the Getaway twice; same exact route since the second one we were on a birthday cruise with my sisters. They were cruise newbies; we have sailed three times now with them and they liked the Getaway cruise better than Celebrity or Princess. Great entertainment, they loved the Mojito bar and the food was very good, especially since we ate at several specialty restaurants, having a lot of OBC to use up. The MIllion Dollar Quartet is an absolutely fantastic show! We'd definitely sail on the Getaway again. Cannot compare with the Majesty as we have
  15. We haven't had to fill out the health questionnaire for a couple of years. Personally, I would not cancel for a cold, and I don't think the cruise line would deny boarding either. Although I have allergies (mostly under control), I have not had a cold in many years--probably due to being an elementary teacher for 20 years. I completely believe that our immune systems grow stronger with 'practice' and that a too-clean environment actually can end up back-firing.
  16. We got back yesterday from the Island Princess. We had a bar of soap and tube of lotion on the sink; liquid soap and shampoo/conditioner in the shower. As I dislike liquid soap, I brought an extra small bar to use in the shower. I also brought small bottles of conditioner as the shampoo/conditioner combo does horrible things to my hair. In the smaaalllll balcony showers, I find the liquid dispensers very frustrating to use. Didn't miss the tub chair at all. Did notice a definite downgrade in meals, especially beef--couldn't even eat some of the entre
  17. Although we've cruised Princess the most, followed by Celebrity, we have cruised maybe six lines, more if you count some old defunct lines. Since we almost always cruise either to escape winter weather or to experience new places, ship or line is about in fourth place, if that. Itinerary, price, weather(in winter) and then maybe cruise line or ship. We like trying new cruise lines and ships just for the fun of new discoveries. So far, have never had a 'bad' or even disappointing cruise. Sure, we like some better than others, but none we won't cruise again.
  18. I guess we will see; booked a Tahiti to Hawaii cruise with $149 air from La, round trip per person. Hopefully it is not a 40 hour flight with 8 stops or something! Can't get any where close to that price booking air on our own; and I looked. As to the Fort Lauderdale to Miami thing, I'd say more than half of our flights there go to the 'wrong' airport for the cruise we are taking due to price or schedule It's not a big deal or very expensive to do the transfer. I can see that it would be more difficult with someone having mobility issues.
  19. I sleep with one of the shaped neck pillows at home; I don't bring it due to size but I have a couple of travel sized pillows that just fit under my neck; I usually bring one, especially one that attaches to my luggage with a toggle so it doesn't take up suitcase space. I just can't use huge fluffy pillows.
  20. We have a bunch of bucket list destinations--whether by cruise ship or not. Too many to list. Just knocked one off the list yesterday when we booked a Tahiti to Hawaii cruise! We've been to Hawaii several times, but Tahiti was definitely on the list. At 74, you just never know so we want to get as many of our list done as possible in the next few years; Main ones are Australia/New Zealand, China, Jordan and more touring in Europe.
  21. We just booked a Tahiti to Hawaii cruise for a great price, including air, 2 perks, OBC. The deal was too good to pass up. My sister just booked the same cruise; even for a single it was a good deal.
  22. We've only been on one cruise that had a documented Noro outbreak, a TA last spring. So far, in 40 or so cruises we've managed to stay healthy without all the extreme measures in the first post; I will say that my husband often comes down with an upper respiratory illness, probably contracted on the airplane. The cruise we were on this spring did put in place some stringent measures to slow the outbreak; disposable printed menus, tables cleared of salt shakers, etc., no self serving in the buffet and things like desserts weren't even in the show cases plus lots and lots of cleanin
  23. We have not booked the LA flight yet because we don't know the time the flight leaves for Tahiti yet. Usually we have no problems getting to LA, using miles. If necessary we will (probably will) fly in the day before. Don't want to miss that flight to Papeete!, For sure!
  24. We just booked a Jewel cruise from Tahiti to Honolulu. Would I love to be able to go on one of the very small ships? Of course. But for many people the price is just difficult. Technically I guess we could afford it but truly don't want to spend our money that way. I'm happy for all who can afford, without hesitation, these types of cruises and I am sure it is a better choice for the islands and usually a better experience, but for many people those choices just aren't possible.
  25. I am not sure about the fee; i think it would be to NCL. We went ahead and booked this cruise with the $149 air from LA and will just deal with whatever flights we get. It was too good a deal to pass up. We did not do an air deviation or the extra fee to choose our flights. So now we will just wait--probably a couple of months--to see how flights work out. For this itinerary at this price, we are fine with it.
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