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  1. Our TA called NCL and they told him that with that particular price for the flights the air deviation was not allowed. However, he is going to check again today and we are going to make a decision. I did check online and the price from LA is $149--that is hard to pass up. I checked and we could easily get to LA right now using miles--even non-stop which is almost unheard of from Omaha. However, we couldn't book those flights until we know our schedule from NCL. TA also said that for a fee--either $100 or $150 pp, on most flights, we would be allowed to pick our own f
  2. Thank you--I guess I will check air out of LA for sure; for that price we could suffer some bad flights. And it's usually fairly easy to find flights to LA.
  3. You are right, of course, I always forget about Norwegian Air line, as it is not something that is very common in our area.
  4. I put a cruise on hold today that goes from Tahiti to Hawaii; nice itinerary, great price and perks, and Norwegian Air--from Omaha--was only $649 pp. After talking to my travel agent, having second and third thoughts about the air. He said in his experience the flights that NCL arranges, especially for long hauls like this, can be extremely bad and long flights with multiple stops and layovers. Also, it would be economy--we almost always try to do business for the long flights. But, using miles won't work well--can't even book any business class, and a lot of miles
  5. Not who I thought should win either, in fact was my least favorite (personality-wise) and although not the best dancer, still pretty good. I was just ok on the gowns; didn't like Carrie Ann's color combo and Erin's looked so stiff and heavy.
  6. We like sea days and have been on four Transatlantics, but only one Hawaii cruise, out of LA. It was in February. The five sea days over and five sea days back was a lot, for reasons stated below. While I wouldn't say never, we aren't that anxious to do it again. Perhaps we were just unlucky, but the sea days were mostly quite cool and we had a lot of rain, so many of the outdoor things we like to do were curtailed. I'd be afraid that from San Francisco the sea days would be even cooler. We have been to Hawaii on land vacations several times, so didn't feel we had m
  7. We also almost always either DIY or book independent tours--in fact our upcoming cruise in December is the first time in over 10 years that we are doing a ship excursion. And that's because, due to the partial transit of the Panama Canal, a private tour isn't feasible. Why do we? Price, size of group, quality of tour, flexibility, etc. I will say that last year in St. Kitt's we came within an inch of missing the ship--they were pulling up the stairs behind us. Totally the fault of the tour operator, as well as our ignorance of just how far we were from the port as
  8. We'll be in a Central Park balcony in January--I've been a little hesitant because I love seeing the ocean, but since we were paying for six people--three cabins--the extra for ocean facing balconies added up to almost $400 per person. This all has made me feel better, but I still know I will miss seeing the ocean.
  9. We did a private tour--or I should say I did, as my husband had to cancel due to not feeling well that day, that another passenger arranged--about 16 or so on a small bus. We visited the archaeological site, a winery and had plenty of free time in Oia and stopped for sunset views before heading back to Fira. It was a great day; we were off the ship quite early because we got early tender tickets and the wait for the funicular was not too bad. We were in port late. We always try to do independent tours if possible, but I can see that a ship tour would perhaps make thin
  10. I have seen children's books before, but there is no guarantee, especially for a certain age. The number of children's books, if any, is limited. I have also been on ships that had no children's books, or else they were all checked out. So either bring a few favorites or use an e-reader. Ship libraries have gotten worse and worse through the years and are now almost useless, probably due to general cutbacks and much more use of electronic readers. A library doesn't generate income! I still visit and might find a book or two, but usually not much.
  11. I really liked Erin's dress and look last night. Carrie Ann's silver dress was ok, a little much for me. And yet another wrong person went home! Although at this stage, everything is very tight. It was a very emotional night. I don't like the way people seem to vote in blocks; country people, vote for......, sports people, vote for....., bachelor(ette) fans, etc. Wish people would just vote on the dancing--this seems to have gotten much worse since the advent of these type of shows; the earlier shows had less of this trend. All part of the social media craziness, I
  12. I'm a person who much prefers bar soaps, but since a travel size is easy to bring from home, I'm not too upset about this. I am upset about the awful shampoo/conditioner in the showers! It's the worst stuff I have ever used--and I use cheap shampoo at home. My hair actually crackles after using it, not that I do after a couple of tries.
  13. Princess has one of the few really reasonable bottled water packages on cruise lines, as stated above. On other cruise lines I often bring a six-pack or so on board and refill as needed. I also just buy the 12 pack on Princess and refill as needed since I drink a lot of water. Some lines (NCL) don't let you bring water on board, so I just bring some empty bottles and refill them.
  14. First of all, we have never had what I would consider substandard or even mediocre service. Perhaps we are lucky, perhaps we are not picky, I don't know. I just appreciate the effort the steward's put out as they seem to be working hard many hours a day, 7 days a week. We are not very demanding either; I only ask for a couple of things the first day and we keep our room picked up. As we see them several times most days and have interaction with them, even if it just a 'hi', some kind of connection is made, more so than with waiters, since with Anytime dining we often have differ
  15. If you leave your grats on, no need to tip more--unless you want to. It's entirely personal. We usually tip our cabin steward more at the end of the cruise. Have only tipped waiters more twice out of 40 cruises (we usually do Anytime dining), both times for extraordinary service, above and beyond.
  16. We tip $5 to $10 dollars pp, depending on length and quality of tour. We may tip more for a really outstanding experience.
  17. We mainly cruise just because it is easier and cheaper (usually). But, we do do independent tours on our own sometimes and have done group tours, just not for a while. We tend to cruise the Caribbean at least once and sometimes twice in a year just to get out of the cold; we've been there so often that the ports aren't that important anymore. Other places with nice warm weather in the winter are usually much farther away, with longer, more expensive plane rides. We also usually do one cruise a year to a more exotic or different area, such as South America or Transatla
  18. I did talk to American and they said we could use our miles to upgrade; we do have gold status, so perhaps that helped. But, I agree, there is no guarantee and even on our flight we were only upgraded because space became available.
  19. This is what i do too. I just can't sleep under a duvet; too heavy and too hot--but if I take the duvet off and just have a sheet, too cold. So, I always ask for a top sheet and blanket.
  20. I liked Erin's dress this week, though it was a little short, and her hair as well--she looks much better with a softer look. I didn't find the print distracting at all. Carrie Ann's dress was gorgeous, although very ball gowny and I can't think where most people would ever wear it. Although I did see a similar style in a bronze color once on a NCL cruise--the husband was in full dress quilt. They were a spectacular couple Very happy about who went home.
  21. I'm 74 and take the stairs most of the time; exceptions being what kind of heels I am wearing and/or sometimes if going from a very low floor to the highest. My husband often takes the stairs down, but not up. I usually beat him when he is taking the elevator. A little worried about the stairs on our upcoming cruise due to a foot injury, which has led to less aerobic exercise and pain but I am still going to try. This in spite of multiple problems with ankles, (always spraining them, and one minor break), a recent broken big toe and now the darn foot!
  22. I'd never buy art on a ship and am amazed at how awful most of it is, but I guess everyone to their own taste.
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