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  1. We did Boardwalk Balconies on both our past Symphony sailings. Noise during the day - certainly however who is out on their Boardwalk Balcony during the day once you have had your morning coffee? After coffee, it is time to get out and enjoy the ship. Come 11 PM nice and quiet. On Allure next week with a Boardwalk Balcony.
  2. Pre-COVID, a lot of people on casino comps were getting turned down for the shareholder benefit. Some that had paid upgrades were able to get it and a few on full comps were able but this seemed infrequent. Definitely hit or miss. Policy states: "Employees, travel agents cruising at travel agent rates, tour conductors or anyone cruising on a reduced-rate or complimentary basis are excluded from this offer."
  3. There is no such thing as a free cruise. Many gamblers don't want to admit it but they often lose significantly more in the casino than the value of the discount they received on the room. But every once in a while we go home with cash in out pocket which brings us back to looking at offers and deciding which ones we can possibly use.
  4. Thank you for the research / logic. Makes sense. Now we have to wait and see what gets chopped from the itinerary to squeeze everything into 14 days.
  5. Canaveral is a short drive away. We grabbed Mariner 12/13 from this latest offer.
  6. Cigarette smokers with stops in Sint Maarten should buy their cigarettes in Sint Maarten. $16 a carton 12/03/2019 for the German made Camel Blues while $44 on Symphony.
  7. Three cruises booked. January, February, and June of 2021. If they sail, great - we will be onboard. If they cancel, it means there are still significant COVID issues and probably best for us to stay home anyways.
  8. While Italy is nice, there are many other ports the Allure could hit if things get too hairy in Italy. Definitely should not cancel and don't expect Royal Caribbean to cancel the sailing either. As long as Barcelona stays open to visitors and there are 3 or more open places within cruising distance, the sailing will happen. Wish I was going with you. Barcelona is a great city to visit.
  9. How often do people actually book using the certificate earned? I went back and looked - 9 Royal Caribbean cruises so far, earned a certificate every cruise, allowed 6 of the 9 certificates to lapse unused. I find the mailings (postal and email) offers are more than enough for me to find something I want. In 2020's first 6 weeks I have received 11 different offer lists by mail or email.
  10. Was posted at the site that shall not be named. Discussion says Club Royale is moving to monthly in place of the previous quarterly lists. 20FEBC03 Instant Cruise Certificate - Balcony.pdf
  11. Not on RCL's web site but some people at the "Royal Caribbean Club Royale Casino Patrons Forum" on the social site that shall not be named have been posting some offers to the files section. Others have posted photos of offers. Time for Royal Caribbean / Casino Royale to make use of Cruise Critic and follow a recommendation made here many times which is to put the files online and provide a link to the offer on our individual offer page.
  12. I am thinking you need to blame the EU's GDPR as to why Club Royale will not send email offers to European Club Royale members. CR's overall system of handling email offers does not meet GDPR requirements.
  13. Been seeing them come up in the 50-55 day range.
  14. Royal did have something similar last year. I bought in for $2000, received $2200 in promo chips which were played until lost. All wins were paid in real chips. Wish they would bring it back.
  15. So, lesson learned is 7 night or shorter cruises only. Then again the Allianz All Trips Premier annual travel insurance includes up to $500,000 for repatriation of remains. Hard to picture repatriation costing anywhere near that amount. Switzerland required $50,000 in repatriation insurance to get a work permit a couple years ago. Thinking repatriation is typically less than $50,000 and the $500,000 is a make believe limit of the travel policy.
  16. Friend of mine does not drink so he orders his wife's drink package by phone. Explains he only drinks soda and they have him purchase the soda package.
  17. In 2018 EU put in place the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which gets very specific in what it takes for someone to opt in to receiving marketing emails. Club Royale's methods for obtaining and maintaining email addresses does not appear to meet GDPR. Guessing it is easier to strip foreign addresses from their email list than to build and maintain a GDPR compliant system. Australia, Canada, and other countries have different variants as to sending marketing emails so thinking all non-US customers get culled.
  18. I have seen several posts that poster combined offers when both received a certificate onboard but have not heard of anyone getting an emailed offer combined with an onboard certificate even when there are two people involved each with an offer. If it helps, I have let my last four onboard certificates expire ($ off, Insides, & a Balcony) unused but still managed to book sailings I wanted from the monthly offers as well as this year's Prime offer.
  19. Mystery offers can occasionally be identified by the offer code. When code requests are posted here or at that other social site occasionally someone with the same offer will respond with the list of sailings and dates. When combining offers to get a higher class of room / better discount they will only use one offer from you and one offer from your husband. Congrats on the relocation. I have only done short projects (a month to a few months at a time) in Europe but found it interesting living and working in different parts of Europe. As to getting European offers, I think I would be keeping a US address and email on file. See lots of complaints posted from Europeans, Australians, and others about how Club Royale never sends them emails or postal mails. While European cruise offerings are few to us in the US, the $off and Prime cruises can be used over there.
  20. Can only answer a couple of the questions... We did Symphony the first week of January 2019. Not very many kids and not all that many young people (20s or 30s) at all. Seemed as geriatric as a Canada / New England cruise. We felt right at home. Service was great. My wife came home talking so highly about Symphony we were forced by friends to book the ship again this time with them on the same sailing. We sail November 30th.
  21. It is not a question of spend but more of churn. $5 through a slot machine garners 1 point. After spinning that $5.00 you might have some of it left or maybe have more than $5 on the machine. How much of the $5 is left does not matter from a points perspective - you spun $5 you received one point. So to hit 2500 points on slots you have to churn $12,500. Prime and "free beer" at 2500 points or "Prime" is what Royal does in the USA. Not certain what differences exist for Australian cruises but I have seen some posts saying it takes a lot more points over there to get a comp'd cruise. On the good side, Prime in the USA does bring "free beer" but also brings an annual comp'd cruise outside of the ones earned onboard.
  22. 2017, 2018, & 2019 each had DEST mailings for Med cruises. in 2019 it was H19DEST06 that I received. Brilliance out of Barcelona sailing 10/13/2019.
  23. I am not going. Booked on Symphony 11/30 instead. Carnival soured me on casino special cruises. Over there it is Premier, Elite, etc. While these have special gifts, drawing prizes, free drinks, etc. the problem is there are way too many gamblers invited. Waiting 2 or 3 hours for a seat at the UTH table is not my idea of fun. Once at a table you cannot take more than a short break as if you are gone too long someone else is given your seat and you are back to watching / waiting. Happy to go on a regular cruise and let my Prime status get me drinks. Rarely wait very long (if at all) for a table seat.
  24. Did not do exactly what you are asking, however, I did migrate from Carnival to Royal as my primary. To do this I booked an Inside room on a 4 night Royal cruise that had two sea days. Cruise was pretty inexpensive. Played in the casino as normal and received an onboard Cert. Started receiving CR offers by mail and email a few weeks later. Have taken multiple cruises with Royal since then and the offers keep coming. Most offers are for an Inside as I am not a huge gambler but the cost to upgrade an Inside offer to a balcony is frequently inexpensive. I always ask when booking.
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