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  1. You can kiss Sensation goodbye. It's headed to Mobile where Carnival sends their ships to die. Holiday and now Fantasy were unceremoniously kicked to the curb while Elation barely escaped with her life because Carnival needed her to fulfill a contract obligation elsewhere. Now Sensation will be on deck with one foot in the grave. Sent from my SM-T727V using Tapatalk
  2. Tampa needs Carnival way more than Carnival needs Tampa. When the Fantasy and Spirit class music stops Tampa will be left without a chair unless they get with the program now. Ask San Diego and Mobile how fast Carnival will pull up anchor and haul a** somewhere else.
  3. While this all sounds very intriguing, Mobile is where cruise ships go to die. Mobile killed the Holiday and now the Fantasy. You realize that any ship that goes there is on death watch, right? How badly do you want to suicide your ship? I doubt that Carnival wants to give up any more ships than they've already decided to cull from the fleet. Ironically, the ink is barely dry on a fresh new 3-year contract between Carnival and Mobile. Will they send another ship or just buy out the contract and be done with Mobile? The timing was certainly not on Carnival's side.
  4. I totally get that. The joke here is the governor declaring "if y'all want football season, stay your a** at the house".
  5. That's easy. Close every other elevator and don't allow more than one elevator per floor at a time. 😂
  6. Swartz is a serial magic piper. Blowing hearts and kisses to the peeps dying on her ship was tone-deaf and a total lack of self awareness.
  7. He does have a faithful following. Carnival knows that if they have a dog of a cruise that isn't selling, they can slap him onboard and sell it on out. But this only happens a couple of times a year and you'll be lucky to catch him out of his cabin. He'd much rather be Facebooking.
  8. It's time for John Heald to retire and let someone younger takeover. He doesn't appeal to the younger demographic nearly as much as he did to the geriatrics and scooter mafia.
  9. So you're just guessing but stating it as fact. Nice.
  10. I'm not sure that the cruise industry will ever return to the level it was at 2 months ago. Who would've ever thought that 25 million people would become unemployed in the span of a few weeks and decimate them financially? It's not even over yet, at this point. This will leave lasting scars that will have people second guessing every dollar that they spend, for years to come, not including the crowds at Walmart that are lined up to buy the biggest TV that they can get for $1200.
  11. This is the perfect time for Carnival to impliment wholesale changes across the board. They can return from hiatus and spring a brand new product on everybody. Then we can return to this thread and reminisce about how the worst thing Carnival had done was eliminate plastic straws so you had to chug your drink before your straw dissolved.
  12. I saw Fantasy on a news report, yesterday. The rust was horrible. Christine should be mortified, but somehow I'm betting that she's the reason for it, with Arnold dancing in his tan suit, behind her.
  13. Carnival is the best positioned to weather this. They've been agonizingly conservative at times. Personally, I think one of the three major US lines will end in bankruptcy, but it won't be Carnival.
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