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  1. Oh, no!! The last I saw of him, he was promoting dental appliances in Europe. I've never seen such white teeth. Now I feel so worthless and self conscious.
  2. It's a cat 5 right now. I wonder where the patio furniture is? 🤣
  3. I resent the implication that a new BMW isn't as comfy as granny's old hoopty. 😂
  4. How lovely for the crew who are trying to keep their food down.
  5. "Alabama State Port Authority spokeswoman Judy Adams said via Twitter that ship transits in and out of Mobile were halted because of high seas offshore. Inner harbor traffic continued to move, she said. The Port of Mobile is not closed, Adams said. "We anticipate traffic to resume sometime today," she said. "Carnival Fantasy first in line."
  6. What do you think are the chances of Glory and Valor making it up the river on Sun and Mon? It'll still be really high or even higher, no?
  7. Carnival has a lot of experience shuttling guests between these two ports. They've had to do it on a number of occasions. I'm sure that they have all the necessary phone numbers on speed dial, by now, and can whip a plan together in a few hours time. They may end up having to do it one more time, before this storm moves out completely.
  8. They've had plenty of practice. There's precedent. I'm sure that they already have all of the bus companies on speed dial. Otherwise, they already have all of the staff and suppliers in place in Mobile.
  9. Valor in Mobile this morning 0711191005.mp4
  10. Conquest has actually been diverted there, before. I doubt that Carnival will ever homport a ship of that size there, though. Everybody knows that Mobile is where Carnival sends their ships to die. 😂
  11. There's still unresolved lawsuits over that incident. LOL
  12. Thank you. Now I don't have to look for it. 😁
  13. Your primitive obfuscations aside, Carnival had a red banner over the picture of the Sunshine on their website proclaiming it as NEW. The banner was quickly removed when they were called out for trying to be deceptive. End of story. There are screenshots in case you don't believe your lying eyes. 😂
  14. The word NEW was used by Carnival on their website, for the Sunshine, until they were shamed into removing the red banner over the picture of the ship. I have a screenshot somewhere, but that was what, 5 years or more ago? I'd have to search for it, now, but is it really worth the effort to prove the point to you? Nobody cares how much you protest. You're just wrong about this. 😂
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