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  1. We arrived at port of Brooklyn back in May on Cunard. Getting thru customs was quick but the taxi line was very slow moving--single line for pickup and oddly enough, very few taxi's lined up, there was only 3 or 4 at a time qued up. It will be at least an hour drive from the port to LGA (don't believe the Google Map travel time estimates!--we left downtown Brooklyn on a Saturday for LGA and between construction, accidents and traffic it was a nail biter). If you dock on time and do the walk off with your luggage, you "should" be able to make it to the airport. If you can arrange a private transfer or Uber/Lyft, to have them there when you get off the ship, that would be the best option but entrance to the port is very controlled and I do not know if/where they allow Uber. Do you have TSA pre-check for LGA security? It will be cutting it very close!
  2. We are doing the TA now. Nice weather, very calm. Food in mdr hit or miss. Strip steak terrible. Something like pot roast cut to a steak. Better have good teeth to chew it. Tiger prawns were inedible, just a mess where the shells were on and the batter was outside the shells and almost no meat after you work through the glob of shell and coating. Did Giovannis and pretty good and chops was better but both good. The bread and baked goods worse than other ships . The staff on the ship has been great if not exceptional. Voom streaming is bad if streaming and worse if regular. I get 1 to 1 1/2 mbs streaming with ping of 1200-1500. You can stream youtube some of the time but no real,streaming. They will credit days you get nothing if you complain. They advertise it like a sports car that you buy and top speed is 5miles per hr. The activities have not interested us other than 2 fair lectures. None of the shows interest us either. The walking deck on 4 is better since the wind on the track on 12 is challenging . Almost no kids and very quiet. We tried the diamond lounge for drinks first night. Just too many people so we do schooner usually or have wine with our early dinner. Did the specialty coffee , fair. As everybody agrees windjammer is better than used to be and usually has something decent and tends to be better than MDR. I am trying to diet so the weak food has me eating less than previous cruises.
  3. Jems797

    Earthquake in Caribbean

    What I just read said the wave could be up to 1 meter so if true the ships should be fine.
  4. Jems797

    Bus Crash In Mexico Involving Equinox Passengers

    We are so sorry. You have our thoughts and prayers.
  5. Jems797

    Civitavecchia.......not Rome

    We also plan to do something else rather than go to Rome and very much liked the idea of going to Tarquinia but, unfortunately, we will be docking on a Monday and that is the only day of the week that the National Museum and Etruscan Necropolis are closed. Very disappointed. So, if you will not be in port on a Monday I would urge you to look at going to Tarquinia. There is a bus from Civitavecchia (also train, but Tom's Port guide recommends the bus). Now I have to come up with a different plan!
  6. Jems797

    FLL hotel face-off

    I vote for Bahia Mar--a Doubletree property. We have stayed there several times pre-cruise and the rooms are nice, walking distance to restaurants, shops and the cost is generally a bit less than some of the others in similar catagory. Last cruise from FLL we stayed at Marriott Beach Place and though the rooms were nice, it was a really inconvenient entrance (thru the parking garage, steps, etc). Will go back to Bahia Mar next time.
  7. Jems797

    london vacation rental question

    We booked an apartment pre cruise this summer thru vrbo.com (Vacation Rentals By Owner) in the Belsize Park area (Camden) and found it to be very convenient, within about a 5min walk to tube station and that line will take you to central London in 10-15 mins and directly to Liverpool Street station where you can take the train to Harwich (if that is where your cruise departs). The neighborhood also had some nice cafes and bakeries for breakfast, lunch, etc (though the apt had a kitchen). Also one tube stop away was Camden market that was loaded with great places to eat, shops, the whole Camden lock area was interesting. Big park area Hampton Heath, just north of the Belsize area too. We have stayed in Kensington area and Bayswater area in the past but found Camden to be more affordable and more interesting.
  8. Jems797

    Taxi from LeHavre to Honfluer?

    We just returned from a cruise with LeHavre as one of the ports. We were taking the train on our own to go to Rouen for the day. I can tell you that there were several but not that many cabs waiting at the dock but they all wanted to take people on tours not to just the local train station (that is understandable, we did finally get a ride) but my point is that there were only about 6 taxi's there and one person that was managing them and it did not seem very organized or fair. We saw a lot of people standing around and others that just went ahead of everybody and approached the cabs individually to haggle out a tour/fare.
  9. We have taken 20 great cruises but have to say the Baltic cruise was a very favorite! Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Tallinn were very different from each other and very walkable-easily able to do on your own. St. Petersburg was mysterious and interesting and glad we got to visit there, but frankly, we wish the cruise lines would start offering Baltic cruises that do not include St. Petersburg because we would like to visit new or even repeat the Baltic ports except for SPB! One other plus (did not see where you live) is that we live in hot Texas and it is great to have a wonderful vacation out of the summer heat!
  10. Hi! We have used the cruise train in the past and thought it was great. A very pleasant ride and you are right at the cruise terminal when you get off at Harwich International. I would suggest you go online to view the Liverpool Street Station "map" to see where the platform is that you will leave from and allow yourself some time to find that platform once you get to LST. But, there were plenty of helpful people at the station too if you need to ask. Each train car has a luggage rack area to put your bags during the journey. We are going on the cheaper version (one stop, to change trains at Mannington) for 8.5£ the day after you, July 14. Have a great cruise!
  11. Jems797

    How walkable is Barcelona, really?

    Yes, it really is. Very enjoyable and easy to get around as long as your hotel is reasonably close to the downtown historic area.
  12. Jems797

    Hotel H10 Raco Del Pi

    I'll second this hotel as a very nice hotel, with air conditioning, and very walkable to a lot of the sites. Would definitely stay there again. H10 is a good brand.
  13. Jems797

    Rome Cabs vs. Rome Cab

    We highly recommend Rome Cabs--from ease of booking online with Stefano to their friendly and professional drivers. We recently (August 2011) used their services to transport from Rome airport to Civitavecchia for a cruise. Guiseppi was at the appointed meeting place early and patiently waited while the second couples flight arrival was delayed. On our return, the driver (Lucca?, sorry did not get his name clearly--but he was great) was waiting at the port immediately outside of the embarkation/luggage area and transported 8 of us and our luggage to the airport with a nice discussion of local wine production and other interesting conversation along the way. Both drivers were very professional, drove safely and spoke English quite well. Stefano replied to my emails to set up the transfers within 24 hrs of my inquiries and contacted us upon our return home to make sure everything was satisfactory. When you are traveling, putting together a lot of different tours, transportation arrangements, etc, you want someone you can depend on and I think Stefano Constantini and his RomeCabs certainly is a company that I can highly recommend. Thank you Rome Cabs!
  14. Jems797

    Port Shuttle to Train Station, Civitavecchia

    Okay, they blocked part of the web address so just Google " Ron in Rome Cruising? Come to Rome for the Day" and that should take you to the page/info I am talking about.
  15. Jems797

    Port Shuttle to Train Station, Civitavecchia

    Here is a great link, "Ron in Rome" that gives detailed instructions, with pictures to show you how to get from the Civitavecchia shuttle stop to the train station and from the train station into Rome. Very helpful! ***************************/%20transportation/cruising-come-to-rome-for-the-day-2 We did this walk 2 years ago, it is fine, along a sidewalk, so easy to pull your luggage, and takes about 10mins. You likely will not have a cab that will agree to take you such a short distance from the shuttle stop to the train station.