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  1. I am pro Chic Night and like to see people make an effort but if you or anyone else want to wear your jammies be my guest. What I find interesting is how people ascribe motives to others. Do we have "thought police" now? In all my years sailing with Celebrity I've never heard another person say a word to someone else about what they were wearing. We all make our own choices and don't need to make excuses for them. Just make a choice and live with it. I don't choose my friends by what they are wearing.
  2. Prom gowns worn by old folks? Pretentiously? Now that is hilarious.
  3. Some people also seem to think they know what everyone is thinking and feeling and consider themselves the arbiters of the social conventions of the present when the truth is they are just like everyone else, just one more opinion.
  4. Some people just normally dress up a bit more than others and they aren't "playing" at anything. Stereotypes exist on both ends of the spectrum. It's just common sense for most people that some occasions and venues call for a nicer appearance. It's not rocket science.
  5. Do they not allow you to bring an extra bag or is it just that you have to pay for it?
  6. Off the same cruise and I must say the food and service in Luminae were wonderful. The best in a while compared to other sailings. Our stateroom staff were also excellent. Didn't notice the other things you mentioned.
  7. I very seldom see decorated doors unless it's near holiday time but there's no prohibition.
  8. I have to agree with you. As a long time member of the Blue Chip Club I’ve never been offered a Suite upgrade nor have I ever heard of anyone else being offered one. I’m not on the top tier level but one down. To be in the top tier one would have to be a very big gambler and I can’t imagine that there are very many of them. They may may be offering low end cabins to some players but I would be really surprised to hear that they were filling high end suites with players. It also seems strange that no one else has reported receiving this kind of upgrade.
  9. Butlers are off duty after 9 pm on all Celebrity ships. Use your phone and dial stateroom attendant and someone will be on duty for your requests.
  10. Why would anyone deserve bonus points for BTB? They already get a new set of benefits because it’s a separate cruise.
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