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  1. Just think about the whole concept for a minute.🤔
  2. Yes, I'm sure they'll be saving a lot of money by doing away with footstools. As we've seen in other posts, people will just pile up the cushions from the sofa and bed to use which should really save them a lot of money.🙄 The lovely IKEA style furniture they have used in the new ships and refurbishing should really save them lots of money too.... until they see how often it will have to be replaced.
  3. Personally, I never commented on what I think anyone should wear or what I wear but for some reason you find it necessary to include my name in your comment. I'm not concerned with what anyone wears. It's their decision not mine. I thought the question was whether you would feel out of place. No one but you could possibly answer that question and you certainly have. Since you already knew the answer I wonder why you asked the question?
  4. Amazing that you can read something and respond with so many non sequiturs. You seem to have categorized everyone into imaginary groups, elitists, working class, stuffy, normal, Millennials etc. and then ascribing imaginary thoughts to them. It's definitely entertaining but not very realistic. There won't be any class warfare or confrontation going on. Just relax and enjoy.
  5. You asked the question "will I be out of place wearing them?" Everyone was polite in giving their opinion and all was well as long as they didn't say you could "possibly" feel out of place. The horror...someone dared to give you an honest opinion. Likely everything will be just fine but since you seem to be very sensitive the possibility exists that you could possibly feel that way. If you want to "be yourself" why bother to ask the question? Just do as you please and I'm sure you won't have to worry about the old elitists criticizing you because of their insecurities. I'm sure no one will be one bit worried about what you are doing. Most people will be busy enjoying themselves and won't be watching you. Believe it or not all those old customers that you believe Celebrity doesn't want any more keep them in business. They're the ones with the time and the money to cruise frequently and if you are fortunate you may be one of them some day. You might even meet a few that you enjoy. Most of them started out just like you.
  6. Do you use headsets to listen to your music on the balcony?
  7. As evidenced by this discussion, you can't enforce common sense and good taste.
  8. This is the strangest story I've ever heard about the Blue Chip Club.
  9. I would like that but a lot of people wouldn't so unfortunately I think that's a losing battle for now. That used to be a minimum standard and it wasn't a problem but there are a lot of people who seem to think jeans are comfortable and can't do without them. Personally, I think they're the most uncomfortable clothing I own.
  10. Of course people can wear their formal clothing but if everyone else looks like they're going to McDonald's for dinner they might feel a little out of place.
  11. I always enjoyed formal nights and have a closet full of formal wear but can appreciate that many don't care to go all the way to formal. In my opinion it really has gone too far the other way. I think the problem could be easily solved to make everyone happy. Chic evenings should be no jeans, shorts, flip flops or tee shirts and maybe people could still be casual enough to suit their desires and the people who enjoy a more formal experience for a couple of evenings could wear their attire without looking out of place. It's a much more sensible compromise. You wanted people to be "chic" and then made sure that many would come to dinner looking anything but.
  12. The regular burgers in Luminae are beef, however they do have a lamb burger on one of the menus. The burgers are usually very good but there was one cruise where the meat was very strange. It was like rubber.
  13. I don't know of anyone who isn't short points to move to the next level. It would be very unusual for someone to land on the perfectly even amount needed so don't feel like it's just you.😊
  14. I have, even at my own table.
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