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  1. Strange, we sail in Sky Suites and I couldn't tell you where anyone else is. This whole thread has been very interesting.
  2. Yes, it would have been a great opportunity to make a complaint rather than coming here to gripe about it.
  3. Was the Maitre'd gossiping or answering a question?
  4. It must be tiring trying to keep track of everyone's status. Each cruise is an experience unto itself and there can be any number of reasons why a certain venue is crowded. Personally, I doubt that most suite passengers would give a hoot whether they could go to Blu or not. When I want a change there are plenty of other choices including the buffet and room service. It seems that one of the biggest problems is people worrying about what others may be getting. One thing I have learned in my fairly long life so far is to appreciate what I have when I have it and don't be envious of o
  5. If everyone in Luminae made special requests every night it wouldn't work either. Fortunately there are less "picky" people....at least that used to be true. It's a changing world. The staff always do their best to satisfy.
  6. So would it be better if everyone just showed up? That's the point isn't it? It's up to management to make it work or change the rules.
  7. Since it's upon availability, I would imagine they tell the suite guests when to arrive and have their name. We usually sail in Sky Suites and never use Blu. No reason to.
  8. I'm well aware of that. My question was for the poster, not the staff. Seems like there must be a lot of detective work going on.😉
  9. No, they cut that when the health department told them they had to.
  10. I wonder how you know who are suite guests.
  11. If it's only 7 days it would have to be Alaska for me. It's because of the beautiful scenery while sailing.
  12. Only if you want to be chic. My husband likes to look like he's with me so he does.
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