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  1. 2 years ago was a formal gala dinner (with a special menu for New Years Eve), and then a big party.
  2. If you give the photographer your card, then the photo will be available on your card and part of the photo package. The other card from the same cabin will also have the package, but when you look on the app/website or at the kiosks you would have to look use both cards. If you by mistake give the card from the cabin without the package, then the photos will not be part of the package.
  3. I would just check with the restaurant beforehand that this would work. While they provide a paper voucher for the black card dinner, actually it is not needed and you just give the restaurant your cruise card or wristband. I'm not sure if this means there is an electronic voucher (so you might need your sons card) or if it is all manual (in which case if you explain to a friendly waiter it might be allowed).
  4. BBB membership costs companies about USD$2 per employee (for companies with more than 200 employees) per year, based on published rates. I would guess the other cruise lines have negotiated special rates. Pay the membership fee, fill in the forms and get the better rating (based on what you put in the forms). MSC obviously decided it's not worth it (which is debatable) ...
  5. I can understand this, but not sure what you expect MSC to do? They have offered that you can cancel your cruise and use the credit towards a different cruise. If you don't want to cancel, they are giving you $400 per cabin. I think the offer is reasonable, especially for something 100% outside the cruise lines control.
  6. I can't tell if your post is just internet talk, or how you really feel. But if you do really feel this way about getting on the Armonia then would probably be better to cancel and apply the value to a different MSC cruise (hopefully on a ship you don't think is a barge).
  7. I guess at the least they have stopped bookings on Armonia until the itinerary is finalized. But I wouldn't be surprised if she does move from Miami.
  8. You could have a look at the cruises offered on MSC Splendida this summer in Asia, as I guess Bellissima will be doing something similar next year. When I last looked there were the odd China to Tokyo (and vice versa) re positioning cruises, as well as one Japan 7 day round trip. I took a 4 day Shanghai to Tokyo cruise last year on Splendida and it was great. Prices are very competitive compared to flying, it just takes a bit longer and you eat more!!
  9. As per the letter posted in this thread (linked below) they are covering the costs of transportation for guest that would prefer to go home (than stay on the ship).
  10. I think it was more due to profit. It wasn't unusual to see offers of €999 to €1199 for flights and a 2 week cruise on MSC Opera. They recently added Cozumel as an embarkation port. My guess is the challenge was profitably aligning the charter flight and cruise ship capacity into Havana, when Miami already has flights from all over Europe (as well as significant US demand) and has the biggest and best ships.
  11. All of the inside guarantee's I have booked were upgraded to balconies (twice) or ocean view (once), either instantly on booking or in the couple of weeks before the cruise. Of course there is no guarantee of an upgrade, but my guess is that the guarantees are generally offered where no inventory of inside rooms exists, but MSC still want to offer the low prices (and not discourage potential customers from booking a balcony).
  12. colder weather (though at a guess still warmer than Ontario :)) rougher seas.... .... but on the other hand the tourist sites will be much calmer and emptier (though some small attractions may be closed entirely), and prices for the flights and the cruise are much better value. Personally I would aim for April/May and Sept/Oct for a Med cruise, but February would still be million times better than staying at home.
  13. For as long as the UK is part of the EU, you can book from any of MSC's EU markets. If you don't have an Italian address you will have to call, or use a local travel agent (which may be easier). If or when the UK leaves the EU, you would lose this legal protection and your booking would be against MSC (and most cruise lines) terms and conditions, which may or may not have some consequences.
  14. Just book the same room for 2 weeks. The only downside is it requires a trip to guest relations during the first week, but everything else would be the same as booking a 14 day cruise, as all passengers must disembark in Miami due to customs regulations (so even those passengers booked on a 2 week cruise will get off and get on again). During the first week go to the guest relations desk, explain you are staying for a second week and the will sort things out. In MSC's systems the 7 day and 14 day cruises are unique itineraries, so rooms on the 14 day cruise would not be offered on the 2 7 day cruises (that make up the 14 day).
  15. My understanding: - the announcement was made during a week (Müller report publication) where the White House was looking for a distraction... It wasn't particularly clear, and maybe more huff and puff than fact. Unfortunately 'veiled tourism' was specifically called out by the national security advisor. - The last time the Trump administration changed Cuban travel rules, only travel booked after the new restrictions was impacted (so existing booking could be OK). - Travel in the category 'support the Cuban people' could still be allowed, and MSC automatically includes 2 people to people excursions included in all bookings, which will meet the US requirements. So hopefully cruise passengers with existing bookings are not impacted (at least in the short term), but of course it is fully dependent on how the US Government enacts the White House changes. For all cruise lines, it is a case of waiting for the Office of Foreign Assets Control to publish the changes.
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