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  1. Thanks again for taking the time to reply hope your friends get the cabin they deserve , makes me feel guilty Princess seem to being very unhelpful Can't understand as Regal has over 400 extra cabins!! Yet there seems to be a shortage very mysterious we have friends also booked (through a TA) and are unable to get a like for like cabin they originally booked on the Grand looking at at other threads about change we don't seem to be alone.... Sandra
  2. Hi many thanks for replies Sorry should have expanded the question basically I was allocated this cabin by Princess as they have changed ships from Crown to Regal for June 2021 Norway I was given to understand that no other cabins in MA class were available so simply could they downgrade or upgrade I have asked the question of Princess but don't seem to be able to get a reply As you can see I am in the UK and from previous experience know that USA guests get better responses from Princess Probably a silly question but many thanks in anticipation of any help Sandra
  3. I did not choose this cabin B433 Mini suite Club it was offered by Princess I accepted but was unaware at the time that it was Accessible Cabin The question I have if a disabled person needs this cabin will I be moved? Many thanks
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