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  1. Good memories for us, too. We did a cruise on the Constellation back in October 2016 as well. Starting in Venice, via Dubrovnik, Kotor, Rome, Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Rhodes to Athens. Thanks for cheering us up a little bit….
  2. Great travelogue, but also makes me very sad as we were to sail from Ireland to Iceland on the Reflection next month 😞
  3. I love your pictures and comments...we will sail on the Reflection in May from Dublin via Northern Ireland to Iceland. So I am keen on seeing more pics from Iceland....and from the ship. We could grab an aft corner Sky Suite. 🙂
  4. We booked a 10 day Ireland/Island cruise on the Reflection for May 18th, 2020 a few months ago (via a German online TA). We started with an Aqua Class cabin for 2,200 € (ca. 2,450 $) per person. Then prices dropped and we changed to a S1 Sky Suite (the nice aft Corner one) for 3,800 € with all for perks. Then prices dropped again and we were down to 3,100 € p.p.. And this funny game went on, before Xmas we were down at 2,600 €. Every time we asked our TA to get the lower Price for us which never was a problem. 🙂 And guess what: Today I checked again (it starts to get a hobby 😉 ) and the S1 is down to 2,167 € now. DH wrote an email to our TA again and we will probably see tomorrow whether we also get that price.
  5. We are booked on the April 19th, 2021 Transatlantic in Sky Suite 6131 and the same here: Since this morning it shows Sky Suite Guarantee instead of our reserved cabin number. I called Celebrity Germany but they didn't know either what is going on there and sent an inquiry to Celebrity in the US. No answer so far....
  6. Here you go again! 🙂 Love to follow your blog, especially because we returned from a b2b cruise on the Summit 10 days ago and this cruise also went to the ABC Islands.
  7. We will be on the cruise with you and on the next one from Nov. 23rd. I had my last day at work today, packing tomorrow and flight from Frankfurt on Saturday morning (there is only one airline going directly from Germany to Puerto Rico and only on Saturdays). I am curious to read your review. 🙂
  8. Wow, northern lights...what a great sight to start your vacation with. 🙂
  9. Hi Jim, I love to follow along your cruises again…. 🙂 And nice itinerary...I especially loved Catania ( we did a Food & Walking tour through Catania with a local which was great) and Naples (which wasn't really Naples for us, but the Amalfi coast and Pompeji, both of them I highly recommend). In any case, enjoy Eastern Europe in October. It is still quite mild right now so you should have a wonderful time. Regards from Germany Christine PS. When you are back on the American continent we will be starting our b2b cruise from Puerto Rico.
  10. Our first cruise ever to Alaska: 1) Hubbard glacier 2) Whale watching in a spectacular scenery
  11. Paul and Edward, just a few days ago I was wondering when you would cruise and post again...and here you go. :-) Love to follow along. Gute Reise! (Safe travels)🙋‍♀️ Chrissi
  12. We were notified today by our TA (German cruise Website) that our booking Nov. 19 th, 2020 from Athens to Dubai was cancelled. Very disappointing. And does Celebrity think a cruise from Tampa to the Caribbean is an option for those who wanted to go to the middle east? 😞 And well, another cruise ship in the Caribbean now. How boring is that?
  13. Enjoying your blog as usual… 🙂 Here a picture of the Hubbard Glacier to tease you a little bit. 😉 It was taken nearly exactly 3 years ago on our very first cruise.
  14. We did the same itinerary exactly 3 years ago. It was our first cruise and we loved it. Wonderful landscape, nature, glaciers…. So I hope you are going to enjoy it, too. Safe travels. 🙂 Christine PS. We were on Infinity when it hit the pier in Ketchikan. There is a video of it on YouTube...😉🚢
  15. Sounds like a plan...😉 All the best for the two of you. I am enjoying your blog and curious to read about the TA experience. Regards from Germany Christine
  16. Also following and appreciating your effort...it's still a long time until we'll cruise again (November)..😉
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