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  1. Thank you for your information. My TA didn't catch it, but they are offering full refunds and/or waiving any fees. We may spend a few days in Vancouver and see Alaska anyway.
  2. Our TA booked them and sent us our confirmation. We have used him for years, can't see how he doesn't know about this. Just emailed him.
  3. I just read this on another thread. "There may be an issue if you are embarking in Honolulu and debarking in Seattle. It’s a violation of the PVSA (Passenger Vessel Service Act). Most cruise reps will refer to it incorrectly as the Jones Act, which is cargo. It is embarking in a US port and debarking in a different US port, without stopping in a distant foreign port (Canada is not considered distant). Did you book online or a TA? You may have been able to book it, but just expect to probably hear you have to cancel a leg. This happens quite often. The CBP looks at travel from begi
  4. thank you for the insightful response
  5. My wife has some immune conditions. Should we be concerned cruising in Fiji?
  6. I created my user name when I first moved to texas, and was excited. I soon learned that texas was not the place I wanted to live and and we moved to another state 2 days after I retired. How can I change my screen name? Do I have to delete it and create another? Will I need another email address?
  7. Just had to ask. Did you work in a managerial position at the GM Linden plant? Face looks familiar.
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