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  1. On Paypal I added 5 to my cart but it never went through. I then added them one at a time and I was able to buy three, but on the 4th one it went all the way through the processing and then popped up that I had reached my limit and would not charge me for the transaction. I received confirmation e-mails almost immediately, then a notice they were processing, and finally a link to print out the card and pin#. I have no idea if the limit resets the next month, in thirty days, or never. I did retry it today with the same limit message.
  2. My least favorite ship was the old Mardi Gras. By the time we sailed on her in 1991 it was in pretty bad repair and the crew, especially the CD (no better than a used car salesman), was horrible. When we got off that ship I said I'd never sail Carnival again.....well until our Big Red boat broke a rudder and we caught a last minute cabin on the Sensation. Still fairly new we had a great time and have been with Carnival ever since. Looking back I didn't realize the historical significance of the Mardi Gras and wish I could have sailed on her again knowing what I learned about her later. Other than that one cruise we've managed to have a good time on any class ship we've sailed with Carnival, although my personal favorites are the Spirit and Conquest class.
  3. Great Review Greg, thanks! We were on the Glory once back in 2013 and are going again for two weeks in February. I really enjoy your drink pictures, hopefully Milan or Kat will still be there in February.
  4. Yes, the best time to buy is within 2 or 3 weeks of your initial booking to avoid pre-existing conditions, etc.. But I'd still recommend you buy some if only for the medical and evacuation coverage. We never use Carnival, but go to insuremytrip.com. They will give you a quote from several different carriers and you can compare the cost and coverage of several plans.
  5. At the very least have their TA put them on the wait list for YTD. If they don't get an email before sailing saying they have been switched to YTD then they can go to the Maitre'd as explained above and plead their case.
  6. We did an 8 day Southern on her last February. First the positives: -- We had the best waiter to date, Raymond in ATD (we asked for him each night). -- The Alchemy bar had a fantastic staff and we never had a problem finding a seat. -- The Serenity has three levels and you can observe the Lido action with the right seat. -- The Shake Spot has great shakes, floats, and sodas and you can get them spiked if you like. -- The Havana area in the rear of the Lido is great to get away from the breakfast and lunch crowds. -- Mikie was a great CD, but you can't count on him always being on the same ship. The not so positives: -- Crowds. I typically have no trouble finding an outside lounger to read since I'd rather not be near one of the pools. On this cruise I had problems finding one, not sure if it was the dynamics of this cruise or the layout and passenger ratio. -- The casino was very smokey which I can usually tolerate, but some evenings and afternoons it was pretty bad, probably because it was also so crowded. The way Carnival laid out the smoking and non-smoking areas of the casino just doesn't work too well. -- The Comedy Club has a horrible layout and is too small resulting in very long lines and a lot of bad seats. When I say bad seats you won't even see the stage, you'll have to watch a television monitor. -- The wait staff in the dining room has far too many people to serve, but that is probably becoming a fleet wide issue. Our wait staff was great but they were running themselves ragged trying to keep up. We enjoyed the cruise and would possibly sail on her again, but nothing shorter than a 7 day cruise. I'm looking forward to getting on a Conquest class ship again (Glory) this February.
  7. Thank you! We're booked on a Journey cruise to Panama on the Glory in February and I wasn't aware of all the unique things we'll be doing...... now I'm even more excited.
  8. We've done the Cheers package twice, and on our 8 day cruise last February I just barely broke even, and I was a good customer at the Shake Spot and even had some shots to up some of my drinks and I tried a lot of drinks I normally would not have ordered. I really don't regret buying the package because now I realize that for us, we can try just about anything we want, and not go broke without buying cheers. We don't drink a lot at home so after a couple of days hitting the package pretty hard we tend to slow down like many others have mentioned. We have a two week Panama cruise coming up and the package would be pretty expensive for both of us, but we'll just allocate some AARP gift cards for our drinks and come out OK. On a shorter cruise I might consider it again and I'm sure for many it is a great way to go, and maybe anyone who is considering it should give it a try at least once.
  9. Turned Platinum on our 2012 cruise on the Dream under the old 10 cruise rule. Since then we've acquired enough cruise days to more than legally qualify under the new guidelines. I guess the main perk we use is the priority boarding, although our uncle was pretty impressed when I showed my platinum S&S card and he and I got whisked right onto a tender to Belize on that same cruise on the Dream.
  10. Our deck 2 aft oceanview cabin on the Sunshine didn't have a fridge last month. Wasn't a big deal since we seldom use one on a cruise and we really liked our cabin. Seems like I recall reading the cabins above a certain deck level are equipped with fridges.
  11. We have never tipped early, but have always received very good service. Like the MDR team, we do tip the steward a little extra on the last night.
  12. Yes, they are off to one side by themselves in the Lido buffet.
  13. The cakes were very good and included key lime pie one day and key lime cheesecake another. Anytime I was there they had a good selection and it didn't take cruisers very long to find them! As to a sewer smell I never noticed anything like that and we were on deck 2 aft. I forgot to mention the Shake-Spot was another highlight on this ship with great milkshakes, floats, and special coffees. This was the first time I've had an old fashioned ice-cream soda in years. Looking at February 2020 schedules it's sad to see her only doing 4 & 5 day cruises. We'd do a B2B on her in a heartbeat if they were 7 or 8 day cruises.
  14. We just used Cortrans Shuttle Service Saturday from PC to MCO for $40 for both of us. We were very pleased with their service.
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