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  1. On both of the B2B's we've done I had our PVP look for a cabin that was available on both cruises. I'd hate to have to completely pack between each cruise, although if you knew that was happening you could prepare for it.
  2. On our recent 14 day Panama Canal Journeys cruise on the Glory we would occasionally see someone with a basket from there. On the last night the wife got a $30 coupon from the casino for the Seafood Shack so we paid some extra and got 2 pounds of crab legs, which were pretty good. I've said I'd never pay to eat there, but the bowls of clam chowder looked pretty good and weren't too expensive so I might try one of those next time. Like others, I miss the fish n chips that were on deck 10 of the Conquest class ships that are now free BBQ.
  3. Do it! We just got off the Glory last month from a 14 day Panama Canal cruise and had a great time.
  4. Just got off the Glory February 23 and it was also the luggage tag, but it's a colorful design.
  5. I finally won my only SOAS during the first leg of a B2B on the Conquest in 2017. The wife doesn't do Trivia so I'm always alone against folks that always get all the answers. I finally tied with one couple on 50's or 60's music and we both missed one answer so I finally won my sole SOAS.
  6. We've done a B2B on the Conquest and a cruise last year on the Sunshine and the text feature on the hub app worked fine for us on both of those ships...... hard to beat the one time $5 charge for it.
  7. NEWLOOK1000 for 1000 points $500 cards are still up.
  8. I don't drink a lot of soda these days and I could always drink Coke or Pepsi without a problem. What I didn't like was when the fountain ratios weren't set properly and either brand came out with not enough fizz and too much syrup. I like the new Coke machines with 100's of selections so I can get a Coke Zero with lime. A Cuba Libre made with Pepsi? I'll try one next month and I think the lime will make it slide down just fine.
  9. We're doing our first Journeys cruise to the Panama canal next month and are looking forward to the 14 days. We've done B2B cruises that totaled 14 days but this one might really spoil us. While I can't say a Journeys cruise is right for you, I can say the short cruises to Freeport/ Nassau have been my least favorite and would probably be your last Carnival cruise.
  10. We've done two B2B cruises and I can't think of any disadvantages. You probably want to book it so you stay in the same cabin and it's a great feeling when the first cruise ends for most and you still have another week. Like the cruise you're considering both of ours went to different ports so that was nice. As others have mentioned you and the others doing a B2B will meet in a designated area and make a quick trip off the ship and be escorted right back on. Enjoy!
  11. We did the Ocho Rios River Tubing & Dunn's River Falls through Island Marketing in 2017 and had a very nice time. There is a "souvenir village" you must walk through to exit the falls and the vendors are very persistent there. We enjoyed the river tubing more than the falls and since none of us were in a hurry our driver took us to a good local restaurant for lunch.
  12. We've done Cheers on two cruises and I'm pretty sure I came up short the first time. The last cruise I actually added up all the wadded up receipts I kept and between drinks, adding shots to my drinks, beer, soda, coffee, water, milkshakes, espresso & Sangria at dinner I'm pretty sure I came out just a little ahead. I was drinking many things I wouldn't normally order so I think I could come out ahead using gift cards, but it was fun not having to worry about how much a drink cost. There's really no right or wrong answer since different people consume different drinks at diff
  13. Thanks Greg! The $500 cards are back (I just ordered one)!
  14. We also request the same wait staff each night for YTD and on the last night give them an envelope with a note and a tip in addition to what they receive through our pre-paid gratuities.
  15. We've been on two overnight stops in Nassau and enjoyed visiting the casino at Atlantis.
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