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  1. HMC is my favorite place in the Caribbean. The sand is so soft and white, it is like baby powder. I love how the water sports are separated from the beach so the beach is quiet and peaceful. My favorite time was walking the entire island and visiting with the gardener (forgot his name) and the iguana he raised from a baby. We also enjoyed the snorkeling. Have to admit, the BBQ was not as good as the food on the ship. Still, we far prefer it to Castaway Cay( Disney's island) that has won many awards.
  2. We were on the NA Halloween 2017. We had a great time. Over 50% in at least a simple costume and probably 30 or 40 all out ,over the the top full costumes. There was a costume contest in BB Kings, Halloween themed drinks, special backdrops for photos. Our entire dinner table dressed up and we had a great time. They brought the kids through music walk Trick or Treating. They were adorable and we got the left over candy. Not Disney's Halloween on the High Seas, but at least an effort to make the night special. Very glad we brought our costumes.
  3. On our Caribbean cruise on the NA last February we took matters into our own hands. Every night before dinner we would dance to the piano player in the Atrium. Some nights it was just us but, many nights others joined us. I hope HAL will get the message if we continue the trend. What cruise are you looking at? We will be on the NA February 1st-15th 2020. You could join us on our makeshift dance floor. P.S. This was not an original idea. We had noticed a couple doing it on our previous cruise on the Oosterdam.
  4. Has anyone ever gone Scuba Diving while in Amber Cove for the day? We have 2 stops there on a B2B and HAL does not offer any SCUBA excursions. Yjere seem to be alot of local dive shops and would really appreciate any first hand experience.
  5. We have used the unlimited laundry service on 3 different HAL ships and have been so impressed, I joked about booking a cruise just to do laundry. I did not expressly ask for pressing but by choosing 'on hangers' all my husbands shirts came back perfectly pressed. An option I recently discovered for removing wrinkles from small areas , like a shirt or dress hem or neckline' is a hair straightner. These are allowed and I pack it anyway. Just set it on low and it works great.
  6. Happy New Year, Copper 10-8.Enjoy.
  7. Does this mean you'll be on board January 6th ? Would love to thank you in person for all the valuable info you provide.Don't w orry, I'm not a stalker.
  8. I know I have read it here somewhere before but, can't find it. We are past our PIF date.Price jst dropped $1000 for the two of us.Is there any hope of getting a better deal? Contact TA or HAL? Thanks in advance. So glad we are not 'read only" yet.
  9. Is it true the interior areas are now completely non-smoking?
  10. Speak for yourself.My husband will be bringing four tuxes for our western/eastern Caribbean on the Nieuw Amsterdam in October. Love to dress up on Gala nights. They said he would be the only one in a tux in Alaska but, they were wrong.
  11. Yes, the Priesman review was the one I had seen but, I thoroughly enjoyed your video and review. Thank you so much. I may have more questions as the date approaches.
  12. We are booked on a B2B Caribbean on the NA over Halloween. I recenlty found a link to a CC posters personal site that had wonderful pictures from the 2017 Halloween cruise. Unfortunately I lost the link and can not locate it. If anyone knows where I can find this link or site please let me know.:D
  13. Is the panna cotta available everyday at the pizza station? It is my favorite dessert and was never offered in the MDR on our last cruise.
  14. We are actually boarding on October 21 for a 14 day B2B. Moderator recommends separate roll calls for each leg so here is a thread for part 2. Welcome everyone.
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