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  1. Does anyone know if on the newly refurbished Voyager (just completed) have they kept the sauna/steam in the fitness center/spa area. Thanks !
  2. Not going to stress anymore on the subject....lol, well maybe a little.....We're arriving back in Sydney on the Voyager on Tuesday morning, Feb 25th (6:30AM) hmmm....we have a flight at 11:50AM on Air New Zealand to Auckland then on to Honolulu. WE WILL make it to the airport by 8:50AM !!!! (I hope)
  3. This should be an easy question, but when asking Royal Caribbean, they suggested I call the Australian embassy? LOL Departing Sydney, cruising to Melbourne & Hobart Tasmania (which is still part of Australia) seems to me its a DOMESTIC Australia cruise....I received replies that it was a domestic cruise with no immigration formalities when departing the ship, I heard that you clear customs when departing on the ship, and I heard "I really don't know, call the Australian embassy !!! Working for an International Airline for 30+ years and being a Diamond Plus member, I should know this, but unfortunately, I can't get an answer. The reason I need to know is that the ship arrives back in Sydney at 6:30AM, and we have a flight at 11:50AM to Auckland and on to Honolulu...... Want to be off the ship as early as possible and catch a taxi to the Airport. Does anyone have an answer to this crazy question??? Thanks in advance, Mike
  4. We were on Rhapsody out of Venice last October (in an Owners Suite) and the ship was amazing! Perfect cruise, staff was excellent, food was "ok"....would definitely cruise on Rhapsody again
  5. Don't make me nervous...lol...We're on the Voyager in February 2020, and we have a 11:50AM flight from Sydney on Air New Zealand…..Diamond Plus so we hopefully be off the ship EARLY !
  6. Does anyone know if they still offer Diamond Plus guests 3 free drinks per night in the various bars? I think it was something like 5pm to 8pm every day
  7. Hmmm....I doubt Sunday 10/21 as we're in Kotor until 8:00PM....and Monday 10/22 we depart Corfu at 3:00PM....Maybe Wednesday as we depart Mykonos at 4PM, Thursday we don't leave Argostoli until 7PM... Hoping somone that already sailed on this cruise would know for sure. I'm not worried about it, but have some first time cruisers (family & friends) with us all meeting in Venice for this trip and they have A LOT of questions, which is a good thing !!! Thanks, Mike - Diamond Plus
  8. Sailing on Rhapsody from Venice on 10/20.....Anyone know what nights would be formal nights? I'm assuming Monday 10/22 as we depart Corfu at 3:00PM.....but the second formal night? Mike Diamond Plus member
  9. Can anyone confirm the formal nights on the Rhapsody this season departing Venice to Kotor, Corfu, Athens, etc.... Thanks
  10. Good morning! We have 12 family members all meeting in Venice for a cruise on Rhapsody. (Diamond Plus member here)….Will maître d accommodate all 12 at one table? Been on 40+ cruises and I think finding a table for 12 is rare (I could be wrong). Planning on stopping in dining room as soon as we board to hopefully have maître d accommodate our family......any thoughts anyone???
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