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  1. Using an iPad 6 cannot enter country of origin so won’t accept survey.
  2. We are booked on the Quest April 23/20, Athens to Venice. This particular cruise had one port change early on which wasn’t significant to us and the Croatia cruise immediately following was cancelled a few months ago, I assume for a charter. As well this cruise has not had any specials like double upgrade available. The current Roll Call has 2 members which seems unusually low. What’s of interest and maybe significance is that when I go in to see stateroom availability there are no verandas available, and only one outside, inside or suite available to book so appears to be pretty much sold out. Somehow this just all doesnt seem to add up. We continue to get the usual emails from Azamara about excursions etc for this cruise so it appears to be a go. We are not new to Azamara and have had a cruise cancelled before so I wonder if this might be a risk or possibly it has all been turned over to a consolidator.
  3. Where in that teeny tiny shower and that bathroom would they put a dispenser? And for those who will still use their own products will they keep the small shelves in the shower? Not a fan of dispensers for a number of reasons that would likely cause eyes to roll. But do support environmental concerns. Anyway sounds like a done deal.
  4. Snow day


    We always book a midship veranda so double upgrade has worked well for us and haven’t been caught on a further price drop so far.
  5. Snow day


    Azamara has been running the 50% off second guest promo for several months now. Does anyone think the double upgrade will return in the near future. It may be my perception only or just luck but we we seemed to get better deals on that promo.
  6. Snow day


    I have just received the email with the list of 2021/22 new destinations but there is no way to open any of these for details and prices.
  7. Just boarded the Star. Buffet is self serve which is quite surprising. My experience has been that for first 24 to 48 hours buffets were not self serve as a precaution.
  8. This cruise still does not appear on the Canadian Azamara website.
  9. This is a very interesting conversation. Our first Viking ocean cruise had “free air” and our TA advised us that there was little flexibility to change flights that Viking offered when it was free-but that they were good to work with when there was some cost attached to the fare. This worked out for us and Viking was very accommodating in getting us excellent seats etc. Out next cruise was a transatlantic with minimal cost airfare. We would have to fly from western Canada to San Juan in March and I had concerns about winter storms and general travel delays that time of year. Viking routed us through Newark and would not route us through Miami unless we paid $300 each extra. Our TA also advised that they would not allow us to get to Newark anymore than one day ahead of time which would bring us into Newark just 12 hours before our flight the next day to San Juan. We like to have at least a day or two just incase but this could not be done. We were scheduled out of Newark on the last flight to San Juan that next morning that would get us there mid afternoon and ship was leaving at 5pm. Needless to say our luggage did not arrive in Newark with us that evening and didn’t arrive there until after the flight to San Juan left the next day. There is much more to this misadventure and that ended up with us not getting on this cruise and we have worked with Viking to try and resolve this. Bottom line our flights did not allow for any unforeseen circumstances and we didn’t think Viking provided us any reasonable flexibility . At this point I would not use Viking air again but good to know that others have had more luck and will keep this in mind IF I am ever tempted by the “free/reduced air” again.
  10. Snow day

    New Drinks Menu

    We choose Azamara because of the service and atmosphere we haven't found elsewhere. Available "complimentary/included " spirits do not ultimately define which line we cruise with,I don't even drink, but the inclusiveness of Azamara ( drinks, gratuities etc) was very attractive. We have 4 cruises in the books with Azamara so this change is disappointing but as others have said I don't it matters much to head office...... And can someone tell me, why you would remove vermouth, which is cheap, cheap cheap from a list?
  11. Snow day

    New Drinks Menu

    So I think this has been asked but would appreciate clarification: vermouth, sweet and dry are not on the list so martinis and manhattans re no longer available?
  12. Snow day

    New Drinks Menu

    Thanks. Too bad manhattans and martinis are off the included list.
  13. Snow day

    New Drinks Menu

    Where do I find this “new” list of included drinks. The Azamara website list doesn’t appear to be different from the past.
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