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  1. The season is winding down, so there will be fewer ships. The port (whatever port you are talking about...you don't say) will handle the load fine.


    Not getting what your title refers to...



    Port Canaveral, my bad,;p was hoping Cocoa beach in title was accurate.

    Was hoping if anyone familiar with that event had any input about traffic, restaurant availability, car rental, parking, beaches and such.

    With at least two others ship also embarking, was just wondering one's experience :D

  2. Prepaid cards of any kind can not be used for your on board account.



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    Ditto this, have tried. Was told that my name must be on the card.

    Why not cash them out at home and take the cash to be put on account.

    Maybe you could try and buy Royal Caribbean gift certificates and then apply those pre-cruise to your account. ( if they allow you to use gift cards towards the purchase of a gift certificate )

  3. Thought I'd start a thread that may or may not pick up steam. If not, oh well.


    So...have you done a GUAR cabin?


    What did you book and what did you get?

    Inside, received superior balcony deck 12, upcoming

    Anthem of the seas in Oct.

    Were you happy with the cabin that was assigned?


    Would you do it again?

    Yes and have

    How long did it take to get assigned?

    Approx. a week.

    Any other thoughts or suggestions on guaranteed cabins?


    Have also had the same result for another up coming cruise.

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