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  1. Actually, you spend $1,100 up front, you get $110 back, no shipping charges and it's immediately delivery. So I'm actually spending less. Get 3 miles per dollar spent on JetBlue's shopping portal, that's 3,300 free airline miles and you save $1.18 on shipping. So yes, it is spending less.
  2. To each their own. It's pretty simple. Spend $1,000, get a $100 credit. Use that $100 credit on another Carnival card. $1,100 gift card for $1,000. And they're e-delivery. I'll continue saving money by doing nothing while you waste time with AllState and spend more money! Use a shopping portal for a few thousand airline miles on top of that!
  3. No, the Carnival cards are not used gift cards. I've spent $10,000+ on Raise and never had a problem. You posted their BBB link showing they have an "A" rating, which means they're legit.
  4. I keep posting this, but check out Raise.com - you get 10% back on Carnival cards to use on the site. Spend $1,000, get $100 back right away. Use that $100 to buy a discounted Southwest airlines gift card to pay for your flight. No surveys, no promo codes, it's by far the easiest way out there to get a discount. And you can get points for Raise through shopping portals.
  5. Agreed- I haven't seen any major changes in the past 4 years - hoping it happens soon though!
  6. If you have a problem with someone showing up in jeans, I think the rest of the group would be happy with your decision to leave and eat elsewhere!
  7. Try https://urcomped.com/ - they'll match your offers
  8. Raise.com - you pay full price, but get 10% back to spend on the site on other gift cards
  9. Check out Raise.com - you pay face value, but you get 10% back on Carnival. Spent $1000, get $100 back in Raise.com credit, but a Southwest Airlines gift card to book your flight. You can also usually get points on shopping portals for using Raise.com.
  10. My offer disappeared after adding through the backdoor - anyone else have this happen?
  11. I often see burgers with eggs referred to as "hangover burgers" or something similar - seems like a perfect idea to me for some of my mornings on a Carnival ship! 🙂
  12. Check out raise.com - 10% back on Carnival gift cards, you pay full price, but you get cashback to use on the site!
  13. Any sightings on any of the other ships?? https://cruiseradio.net/guys-burger-joint-now-serves-breakfast/?fbclid=IwAR0VZvNtap6GWPc_EsmHhMUJQK2n53_ZOWdGuI8C46GmeOSZNjHDw4VE0RI
  14. If you call in, they MIGHT let you pay with the gift cards and then refund your credit card. They did that for we once, but I can't remember if it was before final payment or not
  15. I just started a separate post, but try raise.com - you get a 10% cashback to spend on their site. So spend $1,000 on Carnival gift cards, you get $100 cashback to their site, then buy $100 more worth of Carnival cards, or whatever else you want! If you're familiar with shopping portals, sometimes Raise also pops up on those and you can get some extra bonuses!
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