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  1. I lost it when I was presented by a celebrity on board sales representative with a $17,000 plus fare for a royal suite on a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean, while we were paying much less for the current royal suite on the Silhoutte for a 9 day cruise. And we are not cheap cruisers. Before they ruined the Penthouse Suite on the Summit during their "devoltion" upgrade we were in there twice. So Celebrity is downgrading their best suites and charging more and more, with the smug sales rep on the Silhoutte going "it is supply and demand" (he was not aware he was talking to a published economist), there has got to be a reckoning, especially with the new number of cruise ships coming on line...
  2. Hi happy cruiser, When exactly are your necct cruises, or did they already happen? If they already happened, any impressions you would like to report back? Would love to hear your impressions.
  3. We are doing the RS on the Silhoutte. I am very much looking forward to that cruise. Thanks!
  4. Ditto. Post -modernism (1950s and 60s, post-Bauhaus) was all about form follows function, not the other way around. Modern design and functionality do not havev to be in conflict, in fact good design is not gimmicky. But you will notice that good modern design blends well with traditional surroundings. A Barcelona chair (Miehs van der Rohe) would look stunning on the original wooden parquet flooring the Penthouse Suite on the Summit had....
  5. Hi, can you tell us what kind of suite on the Azamara you have booked? Thanks!
  6. Our next cruise in December will be on the Silhoutte. Very much looking forward to this 9 day cruise, our first on the S class.
  7. Chemmo said: " Some furnishings are always more about ‘the look’ than anything else the grand Pianois a good example but I do wonder if they simply purchased a warehouse full of furnishings and are now just trying to find our where to put them. " I say: The grand piano is, or better was, a Yamaha C1, that is their upper line conservatory series. This is actually a good instrument (I have the monster C7, 7'4" at home). It is not just a piece of furniture. I featured it extensively in this video I made of the Penthouse Suite last year prior to the Devolution: Oh I wish they had not ruined it! I won't go into the new suite... I refuse to!
  8. They call it "Revolution". Nice marketing, but inaccurate. The correct term is "Devolution"...
  9. Thanks, looking forward to your report back.
  10. If I want cheapo modern design, I go to Ikea, not the Summit!...
  11. They ruined the penthouse suite, in my opinion. Been in it twice, will never go in it again. That awful grey wooden flooring that replaced much better flooring, no piano, that bizarre egg shaped contraption of a chair taking its place. What were they thinking???
  12. I have been in both 6147 and 6148. Take pictures, or even better, do a video. I did one about a year ago, here is the link:
  13. No piano. No parquet flooring. I checked out the Princess Grand Suite. I now had a closer look at the new Penthouse suite on the Summit. Where they had the piano they now have a ridiculous egg shaped seating apparatus. And they tore out the beautiful parquet flooring and replaced it with some grey wood crap. What a sad sight to see. Ruined a perfectly good product... Not going into that new suite, not worth the money...
  14. Well, I have seen the first videos now, and it looks like they removed all the charm out of the Penthouse suite...
  15. Well, the first videos of the remake are out, and from what I have seen, they did ruin the Penthouse Suite. Oh well, one less potential customer....
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