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  1. Thanks for the input! I think it really is a crapshoot lol. I've actually never been to a Brazilian type steakhouse so that's why I was leaning towards keeping Moderno even though I'm sure it's nothing like what I would experience on land. My thinking with Cagney's was that I did eat at Carnival's steakhouse but wasn't really wowed, but I know this could be totally different. I appreciate all of your recommendations so far!!
  2. I have my first NCL cruise booked for January. We received the specialty dining package of 3 meals. Seeing as how I've never been on NCL before I'm having a hard time deciding which restaurants to try. Let me preface by saying I love steak, Italian food and hibachi type meals so I would love some input from anyone who has ate at these places before. We currently have Moderno, Cagney's, La Cucina and Teppanyaki booked. I need to eliminate one, which would you choose? Thanks!!
  3. Thank you. I wondered if that would be an option or if they would mostly be booked for the day if I tried that.
  4. Hi everyone! I will be going to Roatan for the first time in January. I've been contemplating going to Little French Key since I was supposed to go there in 9/17 but Hurricane Irma had other plans for me. Now that I've been reading about how great the snorkeling is in Roatan I'm thinking I'd rather do that than spend the day at LFK. There will be 4 of us and we all love snorkeling and beach time. Do I need to go out by boat to get the best snorkeling trip or could I just book a day pass at one of the resorts on West Bay? If I can have just as an amazing experience entering from the beach which resort/area do you recommend? TIA!
  5. Hi Sid! I've been following your live reviews for a while now but wondering if you have a link to any you have done on the Escape? I have my first Norwegian cruise booked for January on her and would love some insight. Thanks!
  6. Check out Royal Palms. I went there and enjoyed my day.
  7. You don't have to do them anymore.
  8. It was my very first cruise and first time snorkeling so I can't remember a whole lot. I know we had to walk down the beach just a little bit to get in to the snorkeling area. I was amazed at what I saw but that could possibly be just because I had never done it before. I'm just going off of their website and other people's pictures now but I think it's a place that will work for my family this time. I will have my aunt, uncle and grandfather with me so I think this will be a nice place for everyone. Me, my husband, aunt and uncle will enjoy the all inclusive aspect and the snorkeling and it will be an easy, relaxing day for my grandfather. I hope you find a place that works for your family and I'll be anxiously awaiting the next review!
  9. I went to Playa Uvas in 2009 and really liked it. I've been contemplating going back when we're in Cozumel in March, so for selfish reasons I'd love for you to go and give me an update in one of your awesome reviews before then 😉
  10. The passport card will work fine. I've used one to cruise the past 10 years but just upgraded to the book since my card has expired. If she is not anticipating any other cruises however, I probably would just use my birth certificate and save my money. A birth certificate and photo ID will get her on the cruise just as easily as a passport card.
  11. My husband would say I cruise solely for those!
  12. We've left from Miami x 3, Jacksonville, Port Canaveral and New Orleans. Easiest has always been Miami and our worst was Jacksonville. Jacksonville was our least favorite just because we had to stand outside in the heat for about 2 hours before getting into the terminal, this was before check in times were assigned so it could be better now. I also love leaving from New Orleans simply because it's a great city to explore prior to embarking. There's definitely a different vibe of people that left from New Orleans too, everyone was so laid back, nice and happy on that trip!
  13. Thank you for your response. I just checked and the port fees and taxes are exactly the same as they were when we booked. I assumed we'd have to pay the remaining $400 deposit too but they are only requesting $150 due by 1/27/19 which is way past what today is. Hopefully my PVP can give some insight.
  14. We submitted the price protection form earlier today because the price of the room (exact same category) had dropped $130 total. We received a booking confirmation almost immediately after showing the new balance due only $20 cheaper. It also says deposit of $150 now due 1/27/19. I knew we would have to pay the remaining balance due (we only paid $100 total at booking so we assumed $400, not $150) but none of this is making sense. I know Carnival needs to be called, just wondering if anyone has experienced a difference in price that what was anticipated?
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