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  1. Both@Willdra and@GaPearl are amazing reviewers. I would read Willdra’s grocery lists if she wrote them, she’s hilarious!
  2. The same thing happened to my husband. He kept getting credit for cruises he didn't take and couldn't figure out what was going on. One day, I got an email confirming my booking for a cruise I never booked so I logged in to my account and added it to my cruise manager just to see what was going on. It turns out there was another person with the exact same name as my husband, and when they gave their name to the agent booking their cruises they never realized that my husbands account was being selected instead of theirs. To beat it all, the person who had the same name as my husband was married to a woman with the same name as me. It was wild to find out but our PVP eventually got it all straightened out.
  3. I have an October 31st cruise booked and I’m hanging on to hope that it will be canceled. Final payment isn’t due until August 2nd, I guess I’ll start panicking then. I’m not really interested in taking this cruise with the possibility of being quarantined to my interior room or having to quarantine for 14 days once we get home. If final payment does come without a cancellation I guess I’ll decide then if it’s worth losing the $198 deposit. I have Carnival Vacation Protection, does that mean I could get 75% in a fcc if I do pay final payment? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. I believe this, it makes sense. I'm one of the ones waiting on a cancellation for October. I hate being held up because I'd like to make other plans but it is what it is.
  5. It says built in 1996, must be the Inspiration.
  6. I was hoping for a bit more information today but not surprised. I’m booked on the Fantasy 10/31 and wondering if that is a ship they are planning to dispose of within the next 90 days. Also, I wonder if when they do start sailing again if it will be only be the 8 ships that were previously mentioned. I know they are doing their best and wanting to get back to sailing ASAP but it is still frustrating for those of us with cruises booked. I’m honestly wishing they’d go ahead and cancel mine or tell us we can cancel ourselves and just put our deposit towards a future booking. My final payment isn’t due until 8/2, hopefully we’ll know more by then. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Thank you for this! It pretty much confirms my thinking that my 10/31 cruise on the Fantasy won’t be happening. I’m not terribly upset about it though, I’ve got my eye on a cruise in 2022 (hopefully we’ll be cruising again by then). Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. I have a cruise booked in October and I’m hoping it will be cancelled. It’s not that I’m afraid to catch Covid, but I don’t want to be quarantined in my room for any amount of time either. Even if the ship sails, if given the opportunity to cancel or reschedule I will. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. @grandmarnnurse I'm with you. After 10 years of sailing with Carnival, my husband and I thought we may be getting bored with them so we decided to try NCL in January. Within the first couple hours I was missing the Carnival "fun ships". Don't get me wrong, the NCL ship was beautiful (10 times more gorgeous than any Carnival ship I've been on) and the food was excellent. But who wants to schedule everything they do before the even get on board? We found that to be very aggravating. If I want to see one of Carnivals playlist productions or comedy I can just walk in, not on NCL. We weren't able to get reservations for the comedy the entire week. What was even more frustrating was the lack of open deck space, you can forget laying somewhere in peace. You'll spend an hour trying to find two spots together and by then you'll be so aggravated that you'll need a drink but you can forget seeing a roaming waiter, they are nowhere to be found. Ahhh, sorry for venting, I'm just ready to get back to Carnival lol
  10. Pretty sure it was the money aspect that kept them from going to a hospital and the passport issue was when she asked to be evacuated by the coast guard.
  11. From what I can gather on her FB post, she just wants someone other than herself to blame. I'm pretty sure she did have travel insurance and once the infection had set in she was told by a ships doctor that she should take her child to a hospital in Mexico. She was then told that Mexican hospitals will not discharge you until your bill is paid in full so she decided to stay on board and continually blame the ship at that point for not getting them home. She ended up with a $13,000 bill on board but was able to raise $9,500 from online supporters.
  12. I've been following this on FB and the amount of people blaming the cruise line was astounding.
  13. Of the 6 Carnival ships I have been on, Sunshine was my least favorite. Our biggest issue with the ship was our room. We got 8 sleepless nights due to the popping, cracking and what sounded like a marble rolling around our ceiling ALL NIGHT LONG. Our tv quit working and we also had a window leak. This trip was the only time I have ever had to visit guest services to make a complaint. With that being said, I did love the updated look of Sunshine and appreciated the specialty dining and serenity area. Some people love her, some not so much. Would I sail her again? Sure, if the price and itinerary were right, but I'd never book room 2161 again!
  14. We’re from Logan. We did a private Jeep tour of the eastern side of the island. It was a great day, Cozumel is one of my favorites too.
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