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  1. Good to see that Alaskan ports are working out emergency plans for cruise season! https://www.ktva.com/story/41774226/ketchikan-port-works-out-coronavirus-emergency-plan-ahead-of-alaska-cruise-ship-season?utm_content=buffer79fe1&utm_medium=social&utm_source=MP+facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer&fbclid=IwAR1wcDxJZw7Fo_4UzO1elu8MJ4qfaLV70YjFX2xwh69WBmYWG6smXZ9OVys
  2. My mom and I are sailing on the Oosterdam to Alaska the end of July. At booking I told our TA we could just do anytime dining because that's what I've always done with my family, but after talking with my mom and some friends that are going with us we decided to switch to early dining instead. My TA requested the change for me, but it looks like the early dining is waitlisted. My friends have early dining confirmed already and we would like to sit together each night. Does anyone know the chances of the waitlist going down or is there anything we can do once we get on board just incase the wai
  3. What a bummer it took 7 days of sub par service to discover this. [emoji35] Girl, get yourself to a cruise line that celebrates and pampers you as a solo cruiser!! Good luck on your next cruise!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Thanks gatorguy56! Great tips! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. I recently booked a cruise with my mom to Alaska on HAL the last week of July 2020. I love the beauty and cultural history of Ketchikan, but was noticing our ship will only be there from 7am-1pm! We had talked about doing the lumberjack show along with a crab feed, but the departure time is 7:45am on it. I love a good crab feed, but does anyone have any experience with this early morning trip? Are we going to be served a giant crab feed at 9am? I'm wondering if just doing the lumberjack show and then finding a good totum tour and doing crab/lunch on our own would be a better idea. Also, when i
  6. so when it says "for room consumption", are there rules about putting your wine in a glass/travel mug and leaving your room? I was thinking it would be fun for embarkation to pop open a bottle of bubbly in our room but then go check out the ship. i'd rather not chug the whole thing before we head out! 😉 I'm also a rule follower, so I don't want to break any big time rules! Thanks!
  7. our flight is short (Boise to Seattle), but we definitely will be coming in a day early and possibly staying a day after. She lived in Seattle in the 50's so it'd be fun to spend a little time exploring too! She is really healthy still, but I'm thinking getting wheelchair for embarkation might be a great idea! no one wants to start out a trip already exhausted! We are celebrating her 87th birthday on this cruise! Our TA set up a little birthday celebration for her ❤️
  8. I didn't realize this was a possibility! I love the idea of eating with new people!
  9. great idea about the hard copy map and book! Her parents explored all over Alaska in the 20's so it'll be fun to look up those places and see if we'll be close to any of them! Our booking includes one night at Pinnacle Grill yahoo!
  10. First off, thanks so much all you cruise experts for helping me decide which type of cruise to take my mom on! My dad passed away this year and my mom is 86 and has never gone on a cruise! So we are going to Alaska in July on the Oosterdam! I'm so excited for this trip, I know she is going to love cruising with Holland America, everything I read about it just sounds perfect for her. I'm looking forward to the mellowed down atmosphere also, since I've only done Carnival cruises with my husband and kids (and we haven't ever LOVED the experience.) Most of my questions have been answe
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