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  1. Thanks so much for the info!!
  2. Has anyone else noticed that the final payment dates have changed on upcoming cruises? Mine has been extended for an additional 30 days on a January 2021 Aus/NZ cruise. Thanks!!
  3. With four cruises cancelled this year - I am putting a new roof on my house!!!
  4. I am two months waiting on a FCC from a canceled cruise - anybody else waiting this long?
  5. We cancelled a sailing for April on March 11th and received our FCC within one week and shore ex refunds on April 25th. We cancelled two Alaska sailings for August on March 27th and received our deposits/shore ex refunds on April 25th. Huzzah!!! We cancelled a Japan to Singapore cruise on March 27th and are still awaiting FCC credits for the non-refundable deposit. I am thankful that Celebrity is allowing this!!! The refunds came in a variety of denominations - none of them matching the deposit amount or price I paid for shore excursions. But... it all came back in totality. Good Luck Everyone and Be Well until we Cruise Again.
  6. I am having a ton of issues with the Princess website - trying to cancel and rebook excursions on a future cruse. Frustrating.
  7. Still Waiting.... Cancelled March 12th and have received nothing in the form of refunds. Cancelled another two cruises March 27th and have received nothing in the form of refunds. Frustrated!!!
  8. Still Waiting - four cancelled cruises and nada but one FCC. Cancelled March 12th Nada. Zip. Zilch.
  9. Here's another weird point - my neighbor cancelled her Alaska cruise two days after I cancelled the same cruise - March 25th and March 27th. She got her refund on April 1st - just a few days later. I am still waiting. Same trip. Same deposit. Same excursions. All booked thru Celebrity Direct. And still waiting for a Caribbean cruise excursion refund, cancelled March 11th. Just so bizarre.
  10. I too am waiting, having cancelled one cruise + excursions on March 11th, and two cruises + excursions on March 25th. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... 🙂
  11. I cancelled on March 11th and have seen no refund to my credit card for excursions yet. We did receive the FCC last week though.
  12. We cancelled March 11th for our April 4th Silhouette/Caribbean voyage and received our FCC certificate via e-mail yesterday, March 27th. We have not been credited yet for shore excursions and such but know they are on approach!! Good luck everyone and be healthy in all your future travels.
  13. This happens to me quite frequently, actually. I try to continue my Bonine regimen for a few days after cruising and that seems to help.
  14. We've sailed the Island Princess twice to Alaska and loved her in entirety. Excellent service, good food, and a less crowded vibe for sure. Our favorite ship is the Emerald Princess - we've sailed her in the Mediterranean and a West coast repo. I can't think of any Princess ship that doesn't beat a hot humid day doing yardwork in my backyard!!
  15. What don't you do??? These ports are gorgeous with warm friendly people living in each area. The above member "KarateMom2" gave you some wonderful ideas. I will include the following: Take a parasail trip in either Maui or Kona. There is a great company there that dominates the area and it is such a fun activity that won't take up too much of your day. Sample the food - the poke is delicious, pancakes and malasadas (donuts) are ridiculously good, and a plate lunch cannot be beat. Spam musubi and/or lau-lau ... don't miss it. Great local beer is another treat. The coffee plantations are a fun visit if you have the time in Kona. Skip the zoo in Hilo _ it is depressing
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