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  1. A vote for Arcadia over Aurora for me. Have sailed on both and wouldn’t do aurora again. In terms of the cinema, yes the Aurora cinema is much better - but on our 17 night cruise on her they only showed films on port days, so it wasn’t open on sea days (which seemed odd). I didn’t like Anderson’s because it’s a closed off room, so no people watching, and the piano bar was just a dozen chairs in a small space which was just basically the entrance to Anderson’s. The pub and the casino rolled into one and the pub was full of kids (this was the year before it went adults only). I also found the crows nest oppressive and dark with a dark heavily patterned carpet and all that dark brass everywhere. Reminded me of the 1970s (although some might like that). Less of an issue in the evening. Love the Crows Nest on Arcadia, so light, and large. Thought the entertainment on Arcadia was much better (but guess that varies depending on which group of performers are on board). Love the fact the bars and lounges on Arcadia are set back from the walkways but have a pavement cafe feel, you can people watch as people go about the ship. Also like the decor, think she’s elegant, understated, all those light blues and light woods. I think Sindhu is a lot better on Arcadia (maybe we just had a poor night in Aurora). I think the buffet food on both ships is dire, but prefer restaurant on Arcadia. Lots of windows in the lounges on Aurora were blown so permanently clouded between the panes. Annoyingly so, even in the crows nest. Would be nice if Arcadia had a beach house or glass house. We’ve been on Arcadia four times and Aurora once. Be nice if Arcadia didn’t leak!
  2. From what I’ve read on TripAdvisor wasps are out in force in Greece in September. We’ve done Greece in May and it was lush. The forests smelled of honey.
  3. Not disputing that p&o isn’t a mid market cruise line... But I do find it odd that the black tie nights are one of the things that are considered keeping up standards or upmarket as all the really upmarket cruise lines (and restaurants and hotels etc) have “country club” or “evening chic” dress codes. Same for the fixed dining times...really upmarket cruises are moving/already have club dining where you can dine any time don’t they? Dont get me wrong, I totally understand that some people love the black tie nights, but I’ve long thought it a bit strange that some of the mid markets lines insist on it when really posh places don’t.
  4. Thanks for the updates folks. Personally, whether it’s a hotel or a cruise ship, I do feel buckets catching leaks all over the place lessens the experience somewhat however I booked knowing her history of leaks so I’m going into it eyes open as it were. I was hopeful when no one mentioned it in the recent online reviews that the issue had been resolved but I suspect that (like the HAL ships of the same design) plumbing is going to remain a challenge but do appreciate the updates very much.
  5. Thanks Purdey16. I was told by someone on the forum that that particular ship design/class has this Issue and that HAL ships of the same design have the leaks too. It’s a shame as it does take the shine off a bit (and being on a leaking ship can be a tad disconcerting lol) but I booked knowing it was possibly still the case so mustn’t grumble.
  6. I just edited my post above to show some screenshots (and remove my comments about a map which apparently isn’t there, don’t know where I got that from). They show 50 deluxe balcony cabins in total at the moment to choose from. There may well be more available in reality but for me that’s plenty to choose from. I can totally understand your preference for a TA esp if you want to check a particular cabin number. In this case as I was completely flexible on cabin grade I was able to see around 200 cabins. Back in the days before the internet I remember going to a TA who was able to check cabin by cabin or suggest eg “C243 is available”. That didn’t work out any more helpful as I still neeeded to look at deck plans etc. I’m sure these days they are able to be more comprehensive.
  7. I just went through as if making a booking - when I got as far as choosing my cabin I chose which grade I wanted (and in this particular case because the price for inside and balcony was so close I tried various cabin grades). The next screen that opened was “choose your cabin” or something like that and it showed a list of available cabins on eg A deck in that grade with a sort of cabin On the left of the screen was the option to click on different decks and see the cabins on those decks in the same grade. I kept a deck plan open open on another page so that as well as using the cabin map to see what cabins for each grade were available I could also see what was above and below. FWIW I also did a dummy booking on an online cruise agent website and the same options came up there too. Ive just done a dummy booking now and took some screenshots.
  8. Hi Folks Just booked an 11 nighter on Arcadia in December. Price was amazing and in the last few cruises we’ve done we really missed a crow’s nest and Arcadia has a lovely crow’s nest. We’ve been on Arcadia twice before in 2009 and 2017 and there were ceiling leaks both times (lots in 2017!! All over the place). Ive had a look at the last dozen or so reviews of the ship and no one has mentioned the leaks so just wondering...have they sorted that issue out now?
  9. That’s odd - I always book online and it allows me to go deck by deck listing all the available cabins in different categories on each deck, and I can always see what’s above and below the cabin etc etc. You have to click on each deck but they have always always been there.
  10. Yeah it is a little odd. In a roundabout way some (maybe all) of the American cruise lines have a similar (albeit not quite the same) sort of thing with the currency issue. Eg I was looking at a New England cruise on the Princess website at $900 when just generally hunting around but couldn’t actually book through the American website and got redirected to the U.K. website where the same cruise and cabin was £900 (it should have been about £650 with the currency exchange) so we were being way overcharged in the U.K. Similarly with Celebrity - on the celebrity US website they have all sorts of offers and inclusions that when you go to book on the UK website aren’t available (and you can’t even access the US website anymore it just autoredirects to UK version). Also both princess and celebrity allow you to cancel without penalty on the US website which we can’t book through. The difference of course is that those companies do have country specific websites for many different countries so we can book with them albeit it as less favourable rates and terms, whereas p&o don’t have websites in other countries. Also re:using a VPN to access different country websites, I’m sure I recall reading on one of the American cruise line forums on here that if you do use the american sites to book from another country then turn up at the dock they may refuse entry on some technicality that is fraud-related but of course don’t know whether p&o would do that.
  11. Yeah I read “trip” as “holiday/cruise” (plural just meaning “in general”) but realised later you meant excursion 👍
  12. Oh unless you mean an excursion? I assumed you meant the cruise itself. If you mean the excursion then yes you can cancel I believe.
  13. You’ll lose your deposit though and at only four weeks maybe more.
  14. You might find this post from yesterday useful https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2621153-advice-for-new-to-po-cruiser/
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