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  1. Several cards out there like the Discover it and Chase Freedom cards that are no annual fee and 5% back on rotating categories. Discover even doubles your cash back after the first year, so it's effectively 10% back the first year which is pretty great.

    There you go! I purchase everything thru credit cards as much as possible simply because of points, then pay them off each month. The points add up quickly!

  2. Yeah, I stopped using deticade credit cards since I can get higher percentage back on other cards, plus in the form of cash back toward any account to be used on any kind of vacation or purchase. There are 1.5% and 2% cash back cards that have no annual fees, plus up to 3% on select purchases, like gas or groceries, etc. Plus, if you're an Amazon Prime member with the Amazon Chase card, you get 5% Amazon rewards, which can also be used for cash back. We added a Disney World vacation before our cruise tomorrow just because we had the points, plus with the Southwest points we had, just had to pay the security fees.

  3. When is your embarkation day?


    As long as you get on the ship and set sail, you will be good. The ship will avoid the storm. The real danger is if the storm hits on your embarkation day and in your area. If it is too dangerous to board then the cruise will either be cancelled or the embarkation will be rescheduled a few days later, which means a shortened cruise. If the cruise is cancelled, Royal will probably give you future cruise credit (FCC) good for one year. If the latter happens, they will probably give you the choice to cancel for 100% back in FCC or the opportunity to board the shortened cruise with 50% FCC.


    If they reschedule the embarkation and shortened the cruise, they may still cancel the cruise if there is damage to the area or it is simply unsafe to ask passengers to enter the area. This is if there is a direct hit. You will probably get 100% FCC.


    If you have Trip Interruption Insurance and your trip is altered, you will get your money back depending on your policy. How much back is also depending on your policy. If your flight is cancelled due to the storm, but the ship sails anyway, you will get your money back, so on and so forth.


    This happened to us last year with Irma. Many cruises were cancelled or shortened because the hurricane hit on the weekend when many cruises were scheduled to set sail and hit extremely close to the ports. Because of this, many of the ships stayed out at sea because it was too dangerous to either enter the ports that day or too dangerous to unload passengers into a declared emergency zone. So some people got a 10-day cruise for the price of 7, and others got a 4-day cruise with composition or a cancelled cruise. Luckily, we has trip insurance and when Southwest automatically cancelled out flight we were able to get 100% of out money back, plus FCC toward another cruise.


    The most important thing is if you are able to set sail you should be very good! You may have changes in itinerary, but at least you will be cruising! Best of luck!


    I'm going to be in Walt Disney World during the time frame Florence is predicted to make landfall along the east coast, and even though most of the models are showing a curve up to the north, some of the models are showing a Florida path. So best to keep an eye on her.

  4. We changed our afternoon flight to a morning flight on embarkation day, which lands at 8:40am at FLL. Made that decision because of the helpful tips on these boards. But now I'm wondering what time they let people inside the cruise terminal. We don't mind waiting as long as it's inside. I think I remember reading check-in starts around 11am but is it possible they let people in sooner?

  5. Yeah, we changed out flight to morning time, landing at 8:40 at FLL.


    After thinking about driving and the added costs, we decided to just stick with the current plan of flying and having a cocktail on the flight.


    With driving it would cost us about $100 more compared to our flight, which is paid for in Southwest points and a Companion Pass of mine. I drive all the time and I would like to not have to drive a 3+ hour drive on our vacation. I'd rather put that money toward a massage on the ship for the future Mrs.

  6. We are coming from MCO because we have a week at Disney World the week before our cruise.


    Okay, I'd rather not drive and it would cost us a bit more because all of our flights are paid for with Southwest points. BUT, if you guys can work with me and entertaining me with the option to drive, I will consider the option. I do have a few questions after doing some research.


    I'm staying at Disney's Port Orleans - Riverside and it looks like one of the closest rental car facilities is Alamo, among others. It also looks like there is an Alamo near Port Everglades Terminal 18 but when I pick this location for drop-off, it gives me a price of over $180. When I pick FLL as the destination, I get way better prices of around $50. Is this normal?


    During the drive, are there any toll roads? How much are these? I ask so I know to bring the right amount on me.


    Is there an easier and closer rental car company near to the port? How do we get from the rental car facility to the terminal? I may just drop-off at airport to get a taxi.

  7. We're flying out of Orlando into Ft Lauderdale. I original booked it because at the time I was originally looking at the departing time of 4:30pm. And the website suggested arriving no later than 2 hours from that. I figured we'll probably be getting to the port between 2pm to 2:30pm. But now I am a bit confused because after looking at a Cruise Compass of another Harmony cruise the All Aboard time is 3:30pm. I don't remember seeing that anywhere other than the Cruise Compass.


    The only other flight before mine is landing at 8:40am.


    Also, our flight is a non-stop out of MCO to FLL. Our TA said we should have no problem.


    But my original question was if the Porters will still be accepting luggage curbside if we get there around 2:30. Can we also check are luggage while checking in if there are no Porters?


    We have larger pieces of luggage larger than carry-on size.

  8. When Club Orient was open before Irma hit, it was considered to be a family friendly resort, and will most likely stay the same when it returns. I'm pretty sure all of Orient Bay Beach is concerned family friendly on the beach.


    It is simply up to the parents on what they think is best for their children.


    Keep in mind, toplessness is allowed on the entire French side along the beaches, and the south portion of Orient Beach is clothing optional (full nude). Toplessness isn't permitted on the Dutch side, but from what I've read, isn't strictly enforced. People may or may not be told to cover up.

  9. I will probably do room service once or twice. I plan on parking my butt in the room to watch the Niners play on Sunday 9/16. Hopefully the Roku works on the TV, or I'll use my phone. But while I'm in my room for 3 hours I'll most likely be ordering room service. They seem to have a nice selection if gameday foods! A Wagyu beef burger, Philly cheese steak, grilled quesadilla, fried chicken wings, nachos, etc! Lots to choose from, or just order them all! All for just under $10!? If I was ordering one thing, I can see that being just blah, but just ordering two or more is a great deal and more than worth it, imo.


    I can go for just those 3 hours right now...

  10. Thanks for the replies!


    I used the phone and a laptop as an example, but plan to share my log in with a Roku, which I am not sure if you can log off. It has a hotel type of log in method but that's all I've read about and haven't used that method yet.


    I'll give it a try anyway by using the Roku at night before going to sleep, so I won't need the internet after that. I'll report back here with the results. I'll be on the Harmony 9/15.

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