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  1. I am loving your review. We did this trip in June, and had so much fun. I can't wait to read the rest. Thank you
  2. I agree on most of what you said. I have no problem with the Conquest going back to NO or the Ecstasy. I was talking about having a new ship, but can only go the same old places. Funny you should use Atlanta as your example. I grew up there, but because the military tells us where we can live, I have not been back in a long time. You know all of this talk might be for nothing. NO is still below sea level, and it is still in the path of hurricanes, and so is Galveston, so who knows what it will be like when all of this takes place. Bottom line is we would love to have different ports. I don't think any of us doesn't realize how lucky we are to have cruise ships, but in my case, I have been to these ports so many times, they are starting to know me by name.:)
  3. I am glad that the news is finally out. Mach I understand the way you feel. To those who think we Texans are just whinning. Let me try to put it a different way. You get a new car, and you are so proud of it, but the darn thing on will only go as far as Seven Eleven. We love having it, but we sure wish we could drive it some where else.:)
  4. Not sure it's the same one, but our cabin steward on the Spirit had that name. He was there two weeks ago.
  5. We could have added it to the credit card, but we told them we liked doing it ourselves, so that is what we did. We actually used my sons cell phone at the airport, which has a calcuater to figure out how much 20% would be. We were so tired, none of us could add. lol
  6. We just arrived in Seattle. Our town car said 20%, or whatever we wanted. For a 45.00 fee we gave him a ten.
  7. I have a question. We leave tomorrow for Seattle to board the Spirit. We have our e-docs that say VIP on our luggage tags but not our fun pass. Do I need to attach a copy of our luggage tags to the fun pass so we won't have any trouble? Thank you
  8. I have really enjoyed your well written review. I have learned so much about our cruise next week. I have to also tell you that although I grew up in Atlanta, I have not been back for years, thanks to the military. The whole review I was craving Varsity hot dogs, and onion rings.:eek: Thank you for taking the time to let us know what to expect. Luanne
  9. Is there a reason you walked on the ship with your luggage?
  10. I almost had a heart attack when I saw this. We have been planning this trip for almost a year, and the roll call has been up almost as long. If anyone else is going, and have not posted on our roll call, please feel free to do so.
  11. What are people wearing? Winter clothes, summer, both? Still don't know what to pack for next week. Thanks and have a great time.
  12. Carnival is not the only people that watch boards like this. Now we have people telling others how to get a liquid on a ship, and a securty person helping with what they are able to see. I find this thread to be possibly dangerous, and encouraging of misbehavior in the least. If you want to find out how serious this is, ask the next TSA person what could happen with unknown substances on a passenger vehicle, with thousands of people. We have been very lucky that the terrorists have not struck cruise ships yet, but let's not give them ideas. I love this web site, and it has been a great source of info, and aside from the attention getters, a group of wonderful people, but it is time for the mods to stop this behavior.
  13. I got mine through the mail by going on line and registering with the Vistors center. Also received all kinds of fun facts, and things to see.
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