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  1. That might be it, but they need to do better here. The e-mail to my mom says that they're emailing about her upcoming cruise, not that they're emailing about her emergency contact's upcoming cruise.
  2. Odd. Just got an e-mail from RCI about my upcoming March 6 sailing on Mariner about the increased guidelines. Fine, thanks for the heads up. But then my mother got the same email about her March 6 sailing. She most definitely is NOT going on that cruise. She just went with us on a cruise two years ago.
  3. Living in the Bible Belt, I don't get to hit up a craps table too often. Anyone been on Mariner lately that can give any intel on the tables? I would imagine for a three night weekend cruise there might be a few people wanting to roll some dice in the evenings. Every ship I've been on recently has been single odds unless you go to $25 on the pass. Still true? Any confirmation that if you go 15 on the pass they'll allow 15 on the 4/10, 20 on the 6/9, and 25 on the 6/8? Seen that a couple of places.
  4. Wife and I do. If we have the same MDR server throughout the cruise, we typically will slip then about $20 at the end of the cruise. We've done more on a couple of occasions. Pretty much always leave stateroom attendants the same. Is it required? Of course not. But these staff members don't get paid a huge amount and they're often times sending all the money they get back home to people that don't have a lot. We've been blessed and it's important to share those blessings with those that bring you joy.
  5. An update: Getting my MIL's changed on her GA driver's license was not an issue. She went by today and they changed the spelling on her first name to reflect her birth certificate. So they now match. She has a temporary ID but the permanent one should be in within two weeks, which is within our timeframe. So I think we're all set.
  6. We're aware. We haven't booked yet. We're hoping she can get the spelling on her DL to match the spelling on her BC and then just book using the matched name.
  7. Looking to go March 6. We're looking into it. As of right now the people we've spoken to at RCI say she won't be able to board. Would they even catch it at the port? Probably not. But that's one helluva risk to take. We're looking into seeing about getting the name on her driver's licensed changed. Apparently getting the name on the birth certificate amended could take up to 12 weeks.
  8. See the original post. There's an issue with my MIL's birth certificate where the first name has an erroneous "e" and thus doesn't match the way her name is spelled on the driver's license.
  9. What I was thinking as well. Like I said, I don't really "chase" points. Especially not now when there's not much difference. Bigger concern right now is we might not be able to go at all because of the mother-in-law's name issue. Getting an expedited passport isn't really worth it for the value of the cruise itself and for someone that would probably never use it again. Looking into getting the driver's license name changed to reflect the birth certificate, but if that doesn't work we might be SOL.
  10. Unfortunately not an option for us at this time.
  11. Wife has some vacation days that are set to expire. We originally had decided against a cruise, but her parents who have never cruised before have finally agreed to go on one so I'm looking to book a last minute cruise in early March. Have a couple of questions: 1) I'm currently at 26 C&A points. I don't really "chase" points, but when we hit that point my wife and I did say we would never do anything less than a 4 night cruise for our next one. Well, her parents coming have changed things and since it's last minute the only cruise that makes any sense is a 3 nighter. Which leaves us one point short of platinum. So the Q is: Since we're booking two state rooms, any chance we get credit for those state rooms on our C&A account? Can't imagine my in-laws will ever cruise enough for them to become valuable for them. I have never really done a lot of research in this area since we never imagined it would be something we would do. 2) Last minute and trying to keep price down and in-laws don't have passports. FIL should be fine. Small issue with the MIL though. For whatever reason, the first name on the birth certificate is spelled "Vickey" while her drivers license, marriage license, and virtually everything else in her life is "Vicky". Anyone know if this will cause any issues? I'm obviously going to call RCI. Wife said she had called Carnival (We were looking at some of their cruises earlier but have since decided that we just can't cheat on RCI) earlier and they said as long as the booking name matches the driver's license it won't be an issue. But I will be calling RCI and thought I'd get some thoughts here as well. I know the generic response will be "Get an expedited passport" but we're really trying to keep the cost down for the in-laws. Thanks!
  12. Never done a review before but I think I have a perspective that might be helpful to others so thought I'd do one. A little bit of a delay in posting the review but we didn't get home until Wednesday and I had to go back to work immediately - and you guys know how vacations go. You spend the first three days back at work just trying to catch up. So just able to sit down and get some writing done now. This first post will be an about us and some general quick hitter information. Throughout the coming days I'll go more in detail regarding different experiences, ports, specific details, etc. I'll post the occasional photo or four as well. I'm also *planning* on doing a YouTube video with different photos and videos we took throughout the cruise as well. Would like to get that done within the next week or so but it's going to take a lot of time since we took a lot of photos and a lot of video. About us? Bridget (my wife) and I are both 34 years old. We met in high school but didn't actually start dating until our early 20s. We've been together for 13 years now and do not have any children. We married on the second most popular wedding day in history (bonus points if you can tell us the first most popular), 07/07/07. We take vacations for our anniversary every year. I was always steadfastly against cruises as I thought they were cheesy. Then Bridget convinced me to take one five years ago for our anniversary and I realized that she's always right and we've been taking cruises every year now on our anniversary since then. We love the value we get from cruises and the opportunity to see new places of the world without having to worry about travel or scheduling. Until this cruise we had cruised exclusively on RCI. Bridget had done one cruise as a kid on Carnival but that's so long ago it doesn't count. We love RCI and have never had a bad experience there. But I'm wary of being a "Loyal to Royal" kinda person because you can't do that if you don't know what else is out there. I'm loyal to my checkbook. And since NCL was a good bit cheaper for us after combining all of the factors, we decided to take the plunge. Glad we did if for no other than to get a different experience.
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