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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I just came across a Youtube video of 1706. Downsides: it's not renovated and you can see some of the framework, structure of the ship and the lower decks below. But the view still appears quite good, and the balcony looks to huge and shaded. I cannot find videos of 1378, 1372, or 1600. I did, howeve, find a video of 1106. It looks fresh and new! Pretty wood floor on the balcony. Appears to be unobstructed. The big downside: glass above the railing as well--all the way up. I'm sure it's to block wind, but I'm not sure if that would feel like it was outside. Otherwise--this stateroom is so nice!
  2. So here are the J3s that are available on this sailing that sleep 3: there are 2 all the way forward on 11 very near the spa (Are these new cabins? Are the balconies completely enclosed?). Next, there is the lone 1600 on 10, port side. There is 1706 (aft-facing on10), and finally 1104 and 1106--Starboard side, toward the stern.
  3. Thanks much for the feedback. I am leaning toward the Independence itinerary anyhow. In part, because I like an "at sea" day. Or I won't feel like we are cruising. Also, for "selfish" reasons--there seem to be J3 junior suites for 3 available on the Independence sailing. Would rather not be cramped in a balcony with my boys. If anyone has any particular favorite J3 suites on the Independence (location-wise), please feel free to share. : )
  4. Thanks to those who answered my Symphony of the Seas questions earlier today and yesterday. I guess I posted too soon. As it turns out, the people I am traveling with (we are a multigenerational group: 2 seniors, 2 40-something moms, 2 teens, and two school-aged kids) need to switch gears and do a 4 night cruise out of South Florida instead of a 7 night. So now we are looking at either the Navigator of the Seas out of Miami (Coco Cay, Nassau, Coco Cay) or the Independence of the Seas out of Ft. Lauderdale (Nassau, at Sea, Coco Cay). Looks like the Independence was remodeled in 2018 and the Navigator in 2019. Reading some reviews that suggest that not all the staterooms were rehabbed. Any thoughts on which would be better? I have a slight preference for the itinerary with the sea day. Not sure we need Coco Cay twice. I'm a little disappointed to not be cruising for the whole week--but maybe I can do a tour of the Everglades or something else on the Florida Keys with my teen boys when we return. And they would certainly be excited about the possibility of going to Atlantis for the day! TIA for any advice you may have.
  5. Yes, I see that. But balcony size aside, how about location for 2 seniors, one who has mobility issues? And for less noise level in the stateroom?
  6. Thanks so much for the helpful and reassuring replies! I feel a lot better that there will be comfortable places to relax and not crowds everywhere. In terms of staterooms--it's a little tough to find 3 together at this point--I had better luck on a 3rd party site. Would you recommend these on 8 or these on 11 (I put little red Xs near the ones that were available). Cel_cruiser enjoyed deck 8 for a multigenerational family--but it sounds like those cabins were on port side? Are these likely to be loud due to being closer to Maltings?
  7. My step dad would like go with the family on a cruise this summer to celebrate his 80th birthday. The travelers will be: my mom, my step dad, his daughter and her two sons (ages 11 and 9), and me and my two sons (ages 18 and 16). We have zeroed in on the end of June, leaving from south Florida. The RC cruise that works with our schedule is the Symphony of the Seas, Western Caribbean. I am not crazy about the itinerary (3 full sea day, and port stops in Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Cozumel) but this is the week that will work for all. The ship looks like will be tons of fun for the 11 and 9 year-olds and probably for my teens, too. I am a little concerned about the adults, in terms of dealing with crowding and having quiet places to comfortably relax. My mom and step dad are used to more adult-focused cruising; I have cruised twice before on Norwegian, once on a medium-sized ship (had no trouble with crowding) and once on a mega-ship but in the Haven where we had use of a private sundeck with plenty of padded loungers, nice hot tubs, a courtyard, a wonderful private dining, room, and a bar without a long wait, etc. Are we going to be able to find anywhere quiet to relax on the Symphony (we are pretty much priced out of suites)? How is the Solarium? Would we expect to be able to find loungers there? I see it's for 16 and up, so it's nice that my boys could also potentially join us. Are there any other quieter/less crowded spots on the ship? Also, if my step dad needs a mobility scooter, should I be concerned about that with the crowds? And does there tend to be a lot of standing and waiting (which might be hard on them) for shows, dinners, and to embark and disembark? The younger crew can deal a little more chaos--I just want to make sure everyone will be comfortable. The only other cruise option I can come up with is a 5 day/4 night cruise on the Navigator of the Seas. Looks to be smaller but recently renovated with fun water slides, etc. The ports look fun (Nassau, Coco Cay), as we could spend a day at Atlantis (all 4 boys would love that!). To me, Coco Cay, is more appealing than Labadee. But it's shorter--and has no sea days. Any thoughts? TIA.
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