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  1. Be sure to let us know what they say. That's just wrong and is not stated in the terms and conditions.
  2. Enjoying your posts and also your LIVE posts elsewhere. Just a note, Carnival cut their network TV at the end of last year. TV is dismal now on Carnival. Princess has so much better and numerous TV offerings.
  3. Note, TNT, TBS, TCM ars not what you see in the US. They seem to be showing a packaged schedule that repeats in a loop. For example I did a 13 night cruise and TNT showed Godzilla at least 7 times that I saw. Other shows repeated too on that and the other stations. This was January and first cruise after they cut the networks .
  4. I think it's capacity controlled but not based on general booking. I think the casino offer is allowed x number of cabins on a sailing. So if the casino offer capacity on the sailing is 10 cabins and 10 people book under the offer before you, then you can't get apply it to that sailing.
  5. Really seems like the "Carnivalization" of Princess, ie no cabins till 1. Watch for being able to buy access (I know they have tested that already). Although Carnival at least lets Platinium and Diamond (Elite) have access. Things that set Princess apart are disappearing. Like this issue. Like real coffee cards where you could use punches on subsequent cruises. Happy hour. Looking into my crystal ball, watch for: No room service on embark/debark day; charging for room service after 10pm.
  6. Yes. Worked fine for Facebook. Able to post and upload pictures. Also can use imessage . So with having I phone could imessage text to anyone with an iPhone.
  7. I was on Splendor in January through the Panama Canal and internet was AWFUL!
  8. I've booked plenty of premier cruises and never had a problem printing all my docs and boarding pass way before the cruise. Check and be sure that you've completed all your check in process on line. Also make sure you've chosen a check in time.
  9. I'm sad that Dream will be leaving NOLA too. It's my favorite class ship and NOLA is the only port within a reasonable ((8hr) drive. Don't like Conquest class. If Breakaway is coming to NO, maybe time to give NCL a try
  10. I filled out my survey too - lowest scores I've ever given. Over 14 days, I walked out of Horizon several times with nothing. Saw meatloaf 3 times and it was not good meatloaf.
  11. Am doing a full transit in January on Splendor - a Premier Cruise. Is the casino closed that day? Honestly, I hope it is. LOL. Just curious.
  12. Was on CB 10/14 - 21 and Steamers/Planks pretty empty. I didn't go and would not pay extra for that. Feel that one of the consequences for those added venues was a great reduction in the variety and quality of the regular Horizon Buffet food. Felt it was worse than my other recent Princess cruises. IMHO. Hope they don't extend this to other ships.
  13. Have a great trip! I loved sailing the Grand to Hawaii last year so much that I've booked again for next October! Crew is great.
  14. Princess casinos are probably the worst as far as comping drinks while playing and lacking any sort of 'drinks on us' program. The only time you get consistently get drinks while playing is if you are lucky enough to get a VIP cruise offer. There are several cruises offer thru the year which are VIP cruises. Those include a free drink card to be used while playing in the casino. Otherwise it's up to the casino host to notice your play/points and offer you a drink now and then. Although I did hear a rumor that on Emerald there's something on the screen where you see your points while playing slot which offers/earns a drink every so often based on accumulation of points. Don't know if that's a test or what.
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