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  1. Ohh that's changed since I first read it. That 100% rules me out of being able to cruise this Summer then 😞
  2. I read you had to be fully vaccinated and at least 7 days after your 2nd dose. Judging by the online vaccine calculator that rules me out, I won't get my 2nd dose until mid-late August 😞 Assuming the cruises are only running up until August?
  3. If I'm fully vaccinated I'd take this cruise in a heartbeat. Don't get me wrong I'd choose sunny weather and calm seas anyday usually, but I've worked full time, plus overtime for 12 months now without a break, except for Christmas and bank holidays so this cruise would be a life saver for me. The ship is the destination in circumstances like this. Equally for me personally I've never been to Liverpool, Belfast or Scotland so I'd be happy. But I do understand where you're coming from, it's not a Caribbean cruise or Med cruise or even just docking at sea in a sunny location. Quite
  4. I've only ever sailed Royal. However, my parents are booked with P&O Cruises and unfortunately their sailing was cancelled. P&O have been brilliant at just getting on and sorting out refunds/ FCC... My parents have sailed with P&O many times and love them. So I'd be willing to give them a try, also much more affordable than Royal most the time.
  5. We did a sightseeing tour with beach time in March 2019 through RCCL. It was about the same time 4 hours, and we were back at the ship in plenty of time, we went to the shops afterwards with no rushing around.
  6. Definitely an option for one day in the future. Unfortunately the transatlantic cruises don't fit well at all with my work schedule and being able to get the time off at that time of year. One day hopefully!
  7. Would love longer cruises on the Oasis Class ships, especially coming from the UK a 9 night would be perfect. Indy does/ used to do 14 night from Southampton but sailing RCI from Southampton is very expensive so it's oddly cheaper for us to sail from Florida. We did a 9 night Navigator cruise and loved it! I'd be happy if they offered more longer cruises on Mariner/ Navigator to be honest as I after the amp they are great ships, a good size for me and able to get into more ports.
  8. I was on Navigator just under a year ago, I was worried I would find it too small or less things to do compared to Oasis Class, however I couldn't have been more wrong! I had the best time on Navigator and now she's been amped there is loads to do. I loved the new water slides, and the entertainment on board was excellent. I'd go back on Navigator in a heart beat if I could.
  9. The first time we did it, on Harmony (Oct time) it was the same as you. On Navigator in March it was different, felt odd not having the luggage on the same bus with us! Shame you only had 1 daytime route option, that sounds like our Harmony one, Navigator time we had 2 daytime loops and the nighttime option.
  10. We did this in March of this year. (Miami) As it's a Shore Excursion through Royal you have to disembark when they tell you too. We met in a lounge at x time, everyone got stickers to indicate which excursion they were on, then we got taken off the ship. Luggage is put onto a luggage cart and is taken to a storage facility in Bayside Market, you will get on a bus which also takes you to Bayside Market. From here you can choose which loop on the HOHO bus you want to do, we did both loops and still had time to go around the market. You can collect your luggage at any time from the sto
  11. Hopefully nobody was hurt on the carnival ship, or on any ship. I feel kind of sorry for the Captain, what a disaster to have caused that damage! Was there bad winds or literally just Captain Error?
  12. Wow, that is shocking, I can't believe I've just read that. Sorry you had to experience this, I'm glad you got refunded but that doesn't make up for the behaviour of the man and you getting hurt. Did the man apologise to you after he kicked you?
  13. That's a shame about the weather and I'm really sorry to hear how your friend was treated at the waterpark! We were on Navigator for 9 nights in March (the first sailing after the amp) and had the best time. The internet worked well for me, it was a rough start but it got better, it definitely slowed down at peak times but for the most part it worked really well. As for the Bamboo Room it was always so quiet! I hope you get to experience Navigator again with some good weather and less stress, I'm desperate to get back on her, but sadly the 3/4 nights don't really work f
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