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  1. If you think the value is there for the other benefits, then just keep it, and use the other benefits. You could always see if they let you go together, and if not, just sit with them, and go on when they do.
  2. I would say most bookings are early or super saver, meaning they are non-refundable. I do not book those unless there is no possible way we will cancel (basically already have flights purchased). I always go for the refundable, but most people are just looking for the cheapest fare.
  3. These are common at many bars, and are meant to share. If you try to just get it for the increased booze, (aka value), it will probably be watered down quite a bit by the time you finish imo. Not sure they would get rid of them, unless people stop buying the drink package and only getting them, which I doubt.
  4. I am interested as well, we go in March, like you, it is because of the itinerary. I am always interested in being as informed as possible, but don't plan to switch at this point. Following along just to hear all opinions, good or bad, and understand your frustration, but I will say that this forum is way better than some other places I go to. There are certain carnival groups will outright attack you if you even hint there may have been something less than perfect that has anything possible link to Carnival at all.
  5. We have 14 on magic in March, so basically same boat. If Southwest works for where you are coming from, their group rates are nice. You have to have 10 to get them, and you have to call. Benefits - Once you get the booking, you have 10 days to pay a $50 pp deposit. After that, the actual cost is due 45 days before the flight. You can still make changes (changing flights, days, etc) as much as you want, with no penalties. You usually get a slight (like 5%) discount off the rate you find online for it. Drawbacks - You do not get ff miles, you have to call, and there can be a long wait when flights are released. We had a group booked for our flight, but the day before the deposit was due, Delta added several flights that were perfect and were way cheaper than every other option, so we booked that through Carnival. Booking through carnival is another option, but again, you have to call. The price is about the same (within 10%) of the cost you see online, and then no payment is due until final payment for your cruise. You can use carnival gift cards to pay (saving 10%) off the cost, and they guarantee you will make it on the ship. You can all get on one group call, and get them booked one room after the other.
  6. Great to hear. We have 14 family members, and the first 12 have Anytime, while the other 2 have (so far) only been offered late. I have them set to wait list for anytime, hopefully they get it.
  7. Just confirming that yes, it can be done. I booked through a big box store, my sister and mom booked through a pvp, and the pvp linked them (I got booked quicker than her). Several months later, my other sister decided to book, and by then I was a TA, so I booked her, and once I added my confirmation number, it added all 3 of the other rooms, and put them all together automatically.
  8. I got credit for my wife and my first cruise in 1997 for our Honeymoon. I didn't need anything other than to know approximately when we sailed. I thought it was fantasy a little over a week after our wedding. The rep looked it up and found them almost immediately, and then gave us our vifp numbers to use on our second carnival cruise (still upcoming in 2020).
  9. Ah, yes. I was not sure exactly what you were saying. Some so seem to be horrible if you point out facts.
  10. I am not sure what you mean, are you saying people used to be immoral, and now they are not?
  11. You are bragging about stealing, it is between you (the theif) and carnival (the person you are stealing from) to worry about that, but trying to claim it is okay because it is for you kid sends the wrong message to your kid imo. I taught my kids that theft is theft, it doesn't matter if the theft was $0.01 or $100, if you take something that is not yours, it is wrong.
  12. Following as we have the same cruise at spring break.
  13. Thanks for the great writeup. We have this same itinerary in March over spring break, so figuring the crowds will be about the same. One question - you mentioned doing cucina del capitano for embarkation lunch. Is it only open for lunch that day, or others? Haven't been on Carnival since 1997 (our honeymoon), and have a group of 14 total going, so want to know what to plan.
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