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  1. Thanks all, you are helping me be at ease. I am the planner, and I figured it would all be okay, but always strive to get everything done to the little details. My wife is one that will know we are doing Carnival, and probably the dates, but has not clue what ship we are on or ports we are going to. I try to make it all seem really easy, but then I also obsess about the small things.
  2. I have seen conversations comparing cove to regular balconies, and have been interested. We just rebooked (4th try) for our first carnival cruise in 24 years (our honeymoon). We have our 18 and 20 yo sons that will be in the room with us, and have a couple of questions. The cove balcony are quite a but cheaper (240 for the 4 of us), so at this point that is what I picked, but I want to make sure it makes since. 1. Are cove balcony rooms the same size as a regular balcony rooms? From deck plans, it seems to be smaller, but was not sure. 2. We are currently in 2278 on hori
  3. I don't even follow this that much anymore, as it will be a long time before I need more cards, and have 300k points, but 15k is very nice. Thanks a bunch.
  4. That is all true if things are open. I am assuming they will be, however if cruises still aren't going, then you might see other things closed as well. I certainly hope things are semi-normal by then, but none of us really know at this point. I never thought we would be where we are, or that our cruise for spring break would have been cancelled after we got to florida.
  5. It really depends on what is showing for the code in the booking. I had a client that got offered a $40 upgrade from cove balcony to lido balcony, and took it. In the booking, it still showed 7c (with an arrow showing the upgrade to 8f). If yours shows that, you might have a chance (unlikely still), however if yours just shows your current category, then you would probably need to price match that new category from my experience.
  6. While you are correct, in this case, since she has overage and paid with multiple methods, they can choose up to the amount they paid using cc to get refunded. Since she applied some of the amount to a new cruise, then she should be able to say that was the GC part, and refund the rest (up to the amount paid by cc on the original) back to a cc. I am still waiting on gc for my 3/14 cruise that was cancelled, but many people got refunds to cc awhile ago. If you have until August, in theory, you should be fine, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  7. My sister just got GC from our 3/14 magic cruise that got cancelled while we were in the air. This was for for some of her excursions, but at least it means they are starting to process them.
  8. For the FCC part, there is a bit of a workaround - you can book the same people, and then switch somebody out. The FCC will stay, but the obc will probably be lost. I had a client that had me transfer her booking, knowing that the 2nd person in the room would not be going, and would be swapped. I did the move, and then once she had the replacement, just swapped out the people. She kept the FCC, but 1/2 the obc was gone.
  9. We took the fcc for our 3/14 cancelled cruise, and transferred that over, but excursions, cruise cash, and drink packages are supposed to be refunded as GC, but I have yet to see any. I am guessing it is because of the shipping involved and nobody is in the office to ship them, since they are mainly working from home.
  10. Just call in, they can reduce it right there on the phone.
  11. I was wondering the same thing, and went with the fcc so I could rebook immediately, instead of waiting for the cards to (hopefully) arrive. I figure that a reorg would leave any current bookings alone, no matter if they were from fcc or gc, or whatever, even if FCC or GC were rendered useless. Obviously a chapter 7 is a completely different thing, I highly doubt that will happen, and if it does, we are in for much more hurt in general, as it will mean a long, long lockdown.
  12. In my case, the cancellation fees would have been 100%, because they cancelled less than 12 hours before we were supposed to be onboard, so that would be the difference, I assume. In the end it does not matter. You can use the fcc (or credit, or whatever you want to call it) for a deposit, as long as you have the new booking number first. It does not matter if it is called fcc. They gave me 100% credit, I applied to a new room (5 times) including the deposit.
  13. I could have chosen a full 100% refund, deposit included, and then would have had $0 fcc. I choose to get 100% fcc, it was not just for deposit.
  14. We got an FCC for the full 100%. We did not get money back.
  15. That is different. It sounds like you cancelled versus the cruise line cancelling, which is why your FCC was only for the deposit, which makes more sense. For those of us that the cruise line cancelled we had the option of 100% refund or 100%fcc +600 OBC. We took the FCC, so we had the full amount of the cruise, and that simply transferred over to the new booking with no payment, and covered the deposit, and full fare. Since we had also prepaid grats, that got paid as well.
  16. If you are saying you can take the FCC for the non-deposit on the cancelled cruise, and use that for deposit, sure, but that doesn't matter to the user. It is just behind the scenes things. I had 5 rooms from 2 sailings that got cancelled, and all were able to get their deposit paid from their cancelled cruise fcc, but to do it, you have to have a new booking. I simply booked each of the 5 rooms, and then called in, and had them transfer one by one from the old to the new. The FCC took care of the deposit, and the full payment. Only one had any extra, the others were either mo
  17. That is not true, I did it for 5 separate rooms. No money out of pocket. Only one has a balance due, and that is because the new cruise is double the price of the original. All you need to do is put a booking on hold (no deposit paid yet), and then have your TA, PVP, or yourself call in and have them apply the fcc towards that new booking number.
  18. All of this assumes facts not in evidence. The order specifically says the first of the three conditions. Basically according to the new guideline, it will be at most 100 days. Now that could be changed, but nothing in there says it will be at least 100 days. That is like a car warranty that says 10 years/100k miles. If you go 500k miles during the 100 years, you lost coverage at 100k, even though the time is not up. We may well not be cruising (or anything) anytime soon, but getting uptight that others have hope is odd to say the least.
  19. That would just mean cruising would no longer be affordable to most people if the cruise line has to do private flights for everybody on every cruise. That is just not feasible.
  20. I could see the guidelines applying to any ship with confirmed cases and an outbreak, once they start going again.
  21. That might be tough, as there are people that cant get vaccinations (allergies, or some other condition), and then you have the religious exemptions. I agree it would be prudent, however.
  22. Not exactly the same, but our prepaid gratuities got credited to our new sailing that we used the fcc on. Our excursions and cruise cash are (supposedly) getting refunded, but will be gc, since that is what I used to pay for them.
  23. While I am not saying I would book this summer, there is some potential advantage. Once they announce, there will be a mad rush to book, and prices will probably be raised a bit before the announce (since they know this). While there will be some people that will avoid cruising, others will be ready and willing to go as soon as they are open. We rebooked our spring break for this year that got cancelled for spring break next year, as I figure once many people get refunds/fcc, things will start filling up, especially peak times. If the price goes down, you can always get that ne
  24. We were supposed to be on the 3/14 magic southern caribbean. I got the fcc and obc applied to a new cruise for next year, but still waiting on the gc for the excursions ($1100) and cruise cash ($350). I called today to confirm it was going, and the rep confirmed it was submitted on 2/20 (excursions) and 3/23 (cruise cash). Have not seen them, but I can see they may need to get many thousand more gift cards created to send out to people.
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