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  1. @Ourusualbeach Not sure if this goes with or against what you have been seeing/hearing, but today my TA did an L & S for a booking where I had a $400 casino credit, and he was able to get it moved to the new sailing. We don't have the invoice yet, and I am wondering if when we get it there with be a balance. I am fine if there is as even if I have to pay the $400 my delta between the two sailings (Oasis, moved from June '20 to June '21) is a lot more than $400. BTW, appreciate all info you have provided through this thing.
  2. Not a smoker, never have been, spend a good bit of time at the tables. Would a non-smoking casino appeal to me? Yes. 'Fine' and 'survive' don't mean the casinos do as well as they would if they allowed smoking. Anecdotally I have seen an increase in smokers at the tables the later in the evening it gets. Would it make any sense to have non-smoking hours as opposed to ending smoking all together?
  3. I would not be happy if I got in car accident on a ship.
  4. 😄 Doubt it, still sitting at $65 for my 6/14 on Oasis. More likely they are trying to entice buyers on a cruise that miiiiiiiight happen.
  5. You don't want to know what you sound like.
  6. Laser tag is available for me under Activities for a June sailing.
  7. I have seen 6. We usually have a relatively large group and take our time over dinner. The big drinkers in the group hit 6 at times. Once the waitstaff learns your preferences they often have one ready for you as you are sitting down and they keep them coming. As far as cutting people off goes, have seen that multiple times. Sometimes a bartender will tell the person in question there is a time restriction to slow them down, sometimes they will ask them to slow down a little and give a water instead of a cocktail/beer. And sometimes they will flag their account, not sure if they have to call guest services or a manager to approve the flag, but it happens.
  8. Done 'sideways' rooms twice on Grandeur, love'em. They feel more open to me.
  9. All the bartenders need to know is your room number.
  10. Been on all 3, though Indy was pre amp. My vote is for Navigator, but I don't think you can go wrong. Also, been to Coco Cay with both 1 and 2 (Mariner and Navi) ships. 2 ships did not make things seem crowded in the least.
  11. BOGO50 being $65 means the 'onboard' price is $86-$87
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