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  1. Looking forward to what you find on Navigator.
  2. I would go with 'We're tired of people ignoring our suggestions and/or complaining about them, so we no longer care.'
  3. I know reading a few sentences may seem difficult, but doing so should remove any confusion.
  4. Last cruise on Grandeur waiter asked if we were from Maryland, we said yes. He recommended NOT to order the crab cake.
  5. Would you let us know ship and length of cruise? Asking because it seems 3 and 4 day cruises have been/stayed a little higher in price.
  6. This. Can we believe this report? We were told Coco Cay was to be destroyed.
  7. I can think of one positive of smugglers. They take up less of the bartenders time and leave my favorite booze(s) for me. It's the sharers that are annoying.
  8. OP, this is not meant to be mean, but it seems you disagree with 2 + 2 = 4.
  9. Thanks for attaching that. I only did one cruise when the beer/wine package was a thing. Along with making more money it seemed to me stocking/storing the volume of beer they were going through was an issue. Bottle of booze takes up a lot less space than a case of beer.
  10. Not a fan myself, but it has been well attended the past few cruises I've been on.
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