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  1. Wouldn't believe this if I hadn't seen it for myself.
  2. Not a 'fined' scenario either, but they could have their DBP cancelled with no refund for violating the rule against sharing. The only thing I have seen related to this was what looked like parents passing drinks to their kids in Viking. I guess they thought they were being sneaky getting drinks from the bar and taking them out of sight where they were sitting and passing them off, didn't take long for security to notice and give them a talking to. No idea if there were any consequences beyond that.
  3. Brand new to NCL here. Looking for info on what higher end vodkas/gins/bourbons are available with the included booze package. TIA.
  4. Yeah, it pretty much says you must have the app if you want to use the app.
  5. This is it for me. Sleep, shower, s***. That is the only time I spend in the room.
  6. Highball is a general term, and pretty old school, IMO. Most bartenders would know what a Jim and ginger is or a bourbon and soda. Put it in a highball/Collins glass and it is a bourbon highball. In terms of now being popular, I think the 'in' drink would be a nice bourbon neat, possibly on the rocks, or an Old Fashioned or something similar.
  7. It will vary ship to ship and bar to bar, but I have seen some decent bottles. Booker's, Knob Creek, Baker's, Basil Hayden's are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Schooner and Champagne/R Bar seem to have good selections. This was pre-COVID times.
  8. My simplistic answer....If you are worried about having to drink too much to justify the package, don't buy it. If you are worried you will spend too much on drinks, buy it. Expect to pay $10-$12 per Piña Colada or glass of wine
  9. Just going by what I found online, no Pub on Mardi Gras, but it will have a RedFrog Tiki Bar. No mention of whether or not there will be Carnival brews available. https://www.carnival.com/onboard/redfrog-tiki-bar I would call those flavored water, but people drink the **** out of them.
  10. RedFrog Pub & Brewery I would enjoy a Brew Pub (or better selection on tap) on a Royal ship, but I don't think it is missed. The majority of cruisers appear to be happy with their Miller Lite/Bud/Bud Light/Heineken/Ultra/Corona/Stella/Truly. While generally more profitable, beer on tap is somewhat of a logistical PIA.
  11. Bamdoo, based on the prices I am seeing today to move this cruise out a year, you are absolutely making the correct decision.
  12. Past few cruises assistant waiter has been taking drink orders, no issues getting drinks.
  13. The on board price has been displayed in the planner for a little while now. Don't know if all sailings are showing this, and of course this price could change. To the OP, I expect to see this % off often, and would be a little surprised if we don't see better at some point.
  14. Also a non-smoker, would be happier if there was no smoking, but I don't see it changing anytime soon. Anecdotally, it seems late at night the tables are pretty much packed and many (probably slightly short of the majority) are smoking, along with boozing and betting big. Purely from what I have seen, the $$ that rolls through the casino between midnight and 4/5am, when the smokers appear to be out in force is enough to keep things as is. I do agree it would be nice to address the issue of it being a smoking lounge.
  15. Have always had a package, never paid tax on a drink on a Royal ship, have sailed out of MD, TX, FL.
  16. I see people mention this from time to time, usually it doesn't happen to me, the past day or two I have been logged out a handful of times. On Chrome as well.
  17. Anecdotal, but a buddy of mine packed booze in his checked baggage, had to go to the Naughty Room, told the guy 'I have the booze package', and they let it slide.
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