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  1. DrTee

    Flu Vaccinations

    I have had several serious illnesses, including cancer, but the worst thing I’ve ever endured was shingles. I have permanent nerve damage from it. I’ve heard of people losing their site from shingles on their face that spread to the eyes. I’m so glad there is a stronger vaccine.
  2. DrTee

    some thoughts on Symphony after the refit

    This was my first Crystal Cruise. I usually sail with HAL. I loved the fact that the elevators weren’t packed all the time. Stairs are not an option for me because of mobility impairment, so it made my life easier. In fact, I don’t recall any overcrowding anywhere. I also didn’t see any boorish behavior, though there was a large group at the Mozart tea who were acting like they hadn’t eaten in a week. I couldn’t figure out what was going on there. There wasn’t anything especially spectacular about the food. When there is a line for food, I just opt out. It’s just not worth it to me. It’s not like food is in short supply on the ship.
  3. Caroline, I’m sorry it got you too. I got sick immediately upon returning home, so I’m sure it was from the cruise. Unfortunately, my bout has been a long one. I’m just now getting rid of the cough. I’ve accomplished very little since I got home. Still, I’m glad it waited. Becky was sick the last few days of the cruise, and she was pretty miserable. I hope to see you all again.
  4. I got walloped by that upper respiratory thing when I got home. I think I’m going to die. I want to open up a discussion about how Crystal handles people with disabilities later. I have several pretty disturbing stories. I plan to contact them, not to complain, but to make some suggestions. Twice I was taken somewhere in a wheelchair and left there. It’s a good thing I can walk. Despite this, I enjoyed the cruise and the ship and hope to return. I sure miss my latte guy.
  5. I enjoyed meeting everyone. It was hard to get off the ship, and after a long day of travel, I’m back at home with a cat sleeping in my lap (the only thing I missed). I had to make my own coffee this morning. I hope to see many of you again. Lou
  6. DrTee

    Spa question:pedicures

    That should be obvious. It’s an ordeal. I do it only when I travel (once or twice a year). Most of the time I don’t wear any polish. This trip I’m skipping polish on my fingernails.
  7. DrTee

    Spa question:pedicures

    This is just for the 14-day. It is a pain to get off. I think I’ve worked out my plan.
  8. DrTee

    Spa question:pedicures

    On me the 14-day manicure is good for 13 days. I think a pedicure would last a couple of months!
  9. DrTee

    Spa question:pedicures

    I usually get the 14-day for a manicure. Otherwise I’ll be chipped by the next day.
  10. DrTee

    Spa question:pedicures

    Thanks. I know they’re higher, but I’m running out of time. I don’t like the cheapo mall places. I won’t pay someone $23 just to remove polish!
  11. DrTee

    Spa question:pedicures

    On the Symphony next week and my local pedi person is unavailable. I looked at booking while I am on the ship, but all they list is the 14-day mani and pedi. Surely the have the regular option too! Btw, they want an extra $23 just to remove polish on a 14-day!
  12. DrTee

    Scooting ashore

    I’m renting a scooter for the first time, and I’m curious about the possibilities and limitations when it comes to taking the scooter off the ship and just browsing the town for some of the ports. How far is reasonable? Do you have warning that your power is running out? What if it breaks down? Any other advice?
  13. You might want to independently research options. There are companies who specialize in accessible tours. I follow a young man on FaceBook who uses a wheelchair and travels all over the world. He’s even been to Macchu Pichu on a wheelchair tour. You can Google him to find his web site. I think it’s called Travels with Cory.
  14. Sorry if I’m being frantic, needy, and goofy. I’m really sick, seriously so, and I’m terrified.
  15. For one thing I’d like a legible print out to submit to my insurance company.