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  1. I also tried twice at the $500 amount and it wouldn't process so I tried the $1000 and it went through just fine. I realize the higher amount isn't always an option, financially, but they were available.
  2. A little off topic, we have seven of us sailing and my father has difficulty hearing with a lot of excess noises and we would like a round table so he can look at peoples mouths as they are speaking. I would like to ask John Heald to help with our request but can't figure out how, any one know the process? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the responses, I appreciate it!
  4. Has anyone experienced a situation where the Cheers package was purchased and the second person in the cabin was no show? Will Carnival refund half of the purchase price?
  5. We were on a 3 day cruise that left the day before the shutdown was announced and it was sailing at a significantly reduced capacity. I think this had to have been my least favorite cruise because with the absence of passengers was also the absence of energy and excitement. Don't get me wrong, any day on a cruise ship is pretty much the best day ever, it was just quite different.
  6. I've had 4 cruises canceled, booked through two different TA's, opted for FCC for all 4, paid with gift cards for all with the exception of down payments, have only received 665.77 of 1500.00 credit card down payments, rebooked 3 cruises, spent hours on calls with TA's trying to figure out where the money came from (which booking) and where it's going and have finally decided to just trust in Carnival that they will eventually apply all funds to my bookings and make it right in the end. I've already spent way too much time trying to make the math work!
  7. Embarkation day- Fun Ship and Guys Burger, sitting on Lido watching everybody having a great time!
  8. They did not extend the offer to us, I definitely think it's because we've booked and rebooked 3 cruises since COVID and they know I am HOOKED! 🤣 We've never bought the CHEERS package, but we do drink (300.00-400.00) between the two of us on a 7 day. I would have taken advantage if offered but sadly, no offer for us. Just a side note, I did a mock booking using my SIL's VIFP # and the exact same cruise and cabin category we had and that cruise total was just about $400.00 more!
  9. My Sister in law received this offer and has been on only one previous cruise and only spent the cost of one soda delivered by room service! Our last Panorama cruise we spent $1200.00 approx. on board!
  10. February 20, 2021 on the Panorama. We cruised on her this past February while she was still a "new" ship, she'll still be practically new!
  11. I've had two cancelled recently (submitted form for FCC and OBC) and have a third scheduled for February 2021. My February cruise is booked with a TA, am I correct that since it's booked with a TA Carnival won't/can't automatically apply FCC? If I do want it moved do I call TA or Carnival? Thank you.
  12. Thank you, MsTabbyKats, for this post! I loved reading all the responses and can't wait to be on another cruise! Sea Day, I am in my happy place any time I can just sit and look at the water and listen to the sounds of the ocean!
  13. We're looking at a 5 day cruise on the Miracle that has two days in Cabo San Lucas and I have a couple questions. Do all passengers have to be back onboard the ship in between the two port days? Does the ship stay anchored the first night in Cabo or does it cruise through the night?
  14. We are sailing on the Inspiration out of Long Beach Monday and have purchased FTTF. Our boarding passes have an arrival time of 1:30-2:00 pm, is that correct for FTTF also? I've never seen boarding beginning that late but I also see they sail later. Any info would be appreciated.
  15. My only con would have to be our MDR table was a booth. I enjoy getting dressed up and "going out" to dinner and having our family of 5 eating in a booth every evening was less than ideal for my expectations and thoughts of what dinner on a cruise ship should be. It wasn't bad enough to complain, it didn't "ruin" our cruise, it just wasn't to my liking. Enjoy your cruise if you do sail on her!
  16. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember reading somewhere they are charging for a sharps container now?? I don't know.
  17. We've done both. The first time we didn't have one and our room steward just brought one. The second time we put in a special request ahead of time and the last time we asked once onboard.
  18. We are sailing Carnival Dream on October 5th and I was wondering how the Frightfully Fun Halloween all month long works. Am I correct in thinking they will designate one day/evening as "Halloween"?
  19. I could be wrong but I thought they quit having lobster, at no charge, on cruises less than 6 days more than a year ago. Maybe they still have it on the Horizon 4 night cruise because it's the newest ship?
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